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Camomile Lawn, The (1992)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 2, tx. 12/3/1992

Oliver walks Calypso home after their failed attempt to sleep together. He goes back to Polly's house and begins to cry. Sophy comforts him. Helena and Polly go to Max's violin recital. Polly realises that they are having an affair. She later tells them that her parents have been killed in a bombing raid.

Helena buys two houses in London to secretly establish a home for her and Max. Oliver unexpectedly meets Calypso at Polly's house while she waits for Tony, her latest boyfriend. Oliver insists on taking Calypso home. Although Calypso is nervous, the finally get to sleep together while her husband Hector is out of the house. Oliver is upset when he realises that Calypso found their lovemaking disappointing. Hector arrives unexpectedly and Oliver makes a hasty exit. Hector drunkenly tells her that he is about to be sent overseas.

Polly phones Helena to tell her that Richard has been taken ill with pneumonia. Max's wife Monica collects Helena at the train station and drives her home. She has completely reorganised Helena's house and is taking good care of Richard. Sophy tells Helena that Richard is the only one who writes to her at her boarding school, keeping her in touch with life in Cornwall. He tells Helena that they might as well make a straight swap so that Monica stays with him in Cornwall so Max can remain with her in London. Helena and Monica agree to swap husbands and remain friends.

Hector and Calypso make love while travelling on the night train back to London. She tells him that if she falls pregnant she would name their son Hamish. In the 1980s Hamish, who is the spitting image of Hector, asks Helena if his parents loved him. She says that it wasn't in Calypso's nature, but that his father certainly did. Calypso has lunch with Max, who admits that he is betraying Helena. Max gets into a ferocious argument with an American impresario who wants him to leave the UK, believing that the Germans will soon invade. Max chases him out of the restaurant. Walter takes Sophy home to Cornwall. She confesses to him that she caused the death of Penrose, who used to expose himself to her. Trying to run away, she pushed him and he fell down the cliff.