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One Summer (1983)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Episode 4, tx. 28/8/1983

Kidder tries to teach Icky how to recognise the letters of the alphabet written on cards, but with little success. Kidder catches Billy helping Icky and chases him out of the house. While they are out, Icky makes up several words with the cards, laughing as he puts them together to read 'twat'. Icky is upset when Kidder tells him to stay behind while he goes to the market with Billy. On the way, Billy tells Kidder that he hates his mother for not looking after him, and even thought of killing her.

Icky steals some of Kidder's money and hitches a ride into town, but the shops are shut. He eventually finds Rabbit and his gang at the school campsite. Rabbit is the new leader as Louie has gone to prison. They all go back to the house, and soon the boys are drinking Kidder's wine, making a mess of the allotment and throwing eggs at each other. Rabbit steals all of Kidder's money.

At the market, Billy chases one of the boys that beat him up. He doesn't hurt him, but makes sure he understands that he plans to stay around even if it isn't his patch. At the market stall Billy meets Jo, a young woman starting university in the autumn. Billy comes back to find the house a shambles and goes to the campsite with Icky. They get the money back from Rabbit and Billy threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave them alone. Billy and Icky arrive back thinking the house is empty but Kidder is already there. Billy is astonished when he realises that Kidder was more worried about what had happened to them than the missing money. Icky cleans the place up and then Kidder surprises them with a handmade book entitled 'One Summer', an illustrated story of their time in Wales.

Kidder takes the boys to a harvest dance where Billy meets Jo again. Icky dances with George's domineering wife Irene. Kidder admits to George that Billy isn't his nephew but that he wants to help the two boys since they have nothing else to go home to in Liverpool. A policeman accosts Billy and Jo while they are kissing. The boys are initially reluctant to dance, but eventually join in with everyone else.