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Ace of Wands (1970-72)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Peacock Pie', episode 1 (of 3), tx. 6/9/1972

A team of security guards arrives to deposit a large sum of money in a bank. They are watched intently by Mr Peacock, who helps Mikki pick up her purse when one of the guards bumps into her. Mr Peacock advises her to take a holiday because she looks tired, and then continues to stare at the guards.

By the time Mikki has met up with Tarot and Chas, she talks about taking a holiday, and has an image in her head of a deserted beach. Tarot is slightly concerned about her, but is interested when she mentions Mr Peacock, especially as she thinks he must be the reason she thought of the lonely place. Their speculation about Mr Peacock is interrupted by Tarot's plan for lunch at the swish restaurant where Mikki and Tarot will be performing cabaret later in the week.

As Tarot, Chas and Mikki head for the restaurant, Mr Peacock arrives at his lodgings, and playfully tells the cat that the security van will be taken the following day. At the restaurant, Mikki sees a mental picture of the beach again, and Tarot ponders just how powerful and dangerous Mr Peacock might be.

Meanwhile, Mr Peacock's landlady asks him to pay the rent with real money rather than the plain notepaper he used in one of his mind tricks. The next day the security guards take the money to a derelict house instead of the bank, because Mr Peacock is exerting his mind control over them. After they have left, Mr Peacock arrives, picks up the money, and then happily pays his rent.

When she hears about the robbery Mikki suspects that Mr Peacock could be responsible, and Tarot is intrigued enough to run an experiment to see if he can identify the stretch of beach she keeps seeing. They are all perturbed when the experiment causes Mr Peacock to contact Mikki telepathically, mockingly saying that he is coming to get Tarot and his companions.

The next day Tarot and Chas visit the derelict house, and are confronted by Mr Peacock, who exerts his mind control over both of them. Chas is convinced he is trapped in a featureless white box, while Tarot believes he is teetering on the edge of a very tall building although he is actually standing on a brick. Mr Peacock walks off laughing while the two of them shout for help.