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Secret Army (1977-79)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Lisa-Codename Yvette'
Written by Willis Hall, directed by Kenneth Ives

Major Brandt leads a search team to a farmhouse, looking for RAF evaders. He leaves the children and arrests the farmer and his wife, secretly watched by Natalie. After they leave, she tries to reassure the children and returns to the 'Candide' café and reports to Albert. His bed-ridden wife won't eat her supper because it was made by Monique, the barmaid and Albert's mistress. Natalie tells him that Yvette must have seen the Germans arrive at the farmhouse as she never arrived with the three RAF men she was supposed to bring.

Two British soldiers see tracking dogs and make a run for it, but are soon caught. They are on an exercise somewhere in England and are reprimanded by Curtis for having wasted time. He speaks from personal experience as he spent weeks getting out of occupied Europe after being shot down. At a meeting, he warns the RAF men that many of them are likely to be shot while on bombing raids over Europe and that they must stick to their plans, remembering that most of the civilians will be on their side. Back in Belgium, two of the missing RAF men are caught by the Germans. Curtis is recalled to London and given a new assignment. He is to return to Brussels and help co-ordinate the various evasion lines, starting with 'Lifeline', the group, run by Lisa Colbert under the codename 'Yvette', which helped him escape a few months before.

Lisa's uncle warns her to be careful as security is going to be increased with the arrival of Kessler, who is taking over anti-evasion operations in Brussels. Kessler is soon in conflict with Brandt for his harsh treatment of the farmers he had previously arrested. Kessler has sent the entire family, including the children, to a labour camp in Germany, insisting on instantaneous results.

Curtis arrives at the Candide and is met with great suspicion by Albert and Lisa, as many of the people who helped him escape the first time have since gone missing. Natalie helps a group of RAF men escape by train. Albert locks up the café just as an air raid begins.