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Girls on Top (1985-86)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

'Staying Alive', originally transmitted 30/10/1985

Amanda makes a cleaning rota and attempts to explain it to Candice and Jennifer. Shelley bursts in, having failed her audition for a part in 'Cats', and the flat descends into a row. Lady Carlton enters and threatens to call the police if they do not keep quiet. Candice leaves, and the others vote on whether to throw her out. Shelley wants her out, but the others take pity on her. Shelley mentions that she pays the rent, so they give in and agree to get rid of Candice.

In a nightclub, lamenting her troubles to a friend, Candice decides to find a way to win Shelley's favour. Meanwhile, at the flat, Shelley and Jennifer are already packing her bags. Candice overhears a man in the club claiming to be a film director and, remembering Shelley's stalled acting career, steps in to lure him back to the flat.

Shelley is reluctant to believe Candice when she claims a film director called Ian is in the hall wanting to make a video in the flat, but she soon sees him for herself, and the film crew soon arrive. Amanda returns and the flatmates go into Shelley's bedroom to practice a scene from Gone With The Wind. Shelley returns wearing a white prom dress and a man called Hans arrives to play Rhett. Jennifer goes downstairs to distract Lady Carlton from the noise and bores her to sleep.

Upstairs, filming begins, but when Ian tells Shelley to remove her dress Amanda realises they are making a porn video and tries to warn Shelley. However, Shelly will not listen, so filming continues. Shelley turns to find Hans naked, and, seeing the truth, attacks Candice in a rage. Lady Carlton calls the police and the film crew makes a quick exit. Jennifer comforts the inconsolable Shelley, and Candice comes in with the film crew's tape. She keeps it, blackmailing the housemates into letting her stay.