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EU Directive 89/552

European Union proposals concerning 'television without frontiers'

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The objective of the Directive is to eliminate the barriers which divide Europe with a view to permitting and assuring the transition from national programme markets to a common programme production and distribution market. It also aims to establish conditions affecting competition without prejudice to the public interest role which falls to be discharged by television broadcasting services in the EC.

The laws of all Member States relating to television broadcasting and cable operations contain disparities which may impede the free movement of broadcasts within the EC and may distort competition. All such restrictions are required to be abolished.

Member States are free to specify detailed criteria relating to language etc. Additionally, Member States are permitted to lay down different conditions relating to the insertion of advertising programmes within the limits set out in the Directive. Member States are required to provide where practicable that broadcasters reserve a proportion of their transmission time to European works created by independent producers. The amount of advertising is not to exceed 15% of daily transmission time and the support advertising within a given one-hour period shall not exceed 20%.

The full text is available on the European Union's EUROPA portal website.

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