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EU Directive 92/100

European Union proposals concerning film rental rights

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Authors or performers have, pursuant to the Directive, an unwaiveable right to receive equitable remuneration. Member States are required to provide a right for performers in relation to the fixation of their performances, a right for phonogram and film producers in relation to the telegrams and first fixations of their films and a right for broadcasters in relation to the fixation of broadcasts and their broadcast and cable transmissions. Member States must also provide a 'reproduction right' giving performers, phonogram producers, film producers and broadcasting organisations the right to authorise or prohibit the direct or indirect reproduction of their copyright works. The Directive also requires Member States to provide for performers, film producers, phonogram producers and broadcasting organisations to have exclusive rights to make available their work by sale or otherwise - known as the 'distribution right'.

The full text is available on the European Union's EUROPA portal website.

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