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Fortunes of War (1987)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Part 2: 'Romania - 1940' BBC1, tx. 18/10/1987

Harriet is left alone while Guy goes to a meeting with a British secret service representative. She finds a companion in a lost kitten. Yakimov steals into the hotel room of the journalist Galpin. Galpin is furious when he finds him there and throws him out. Yakimov is told by Dobson at the British Legation that he cannot return to the hotel as he has no more money. He offers to help him, however, since he wants the use of Yakimov's car, which has been impounded on the Yugoslav border.

Guy goes for a meeting with the secret service Commander and asks Clarence to have lunch with Harriet in his place. Clarence is gloomy, saying he cannot help anyone, even himself. They go to meet Guy at the Hotel but cannot find him. Harriet becomes concerned when she hears the rumour that Germany has invaded Hungary. She meets Guy's boss, Inchcape, who reassures her that Guy will turn up eventually as always. She lets slip about the Commander's secret sabotage plans. Inchcape is unhappy when he hears the news. Guy returns home late and tells Harriet that the rumours about the Hungarian invasion are untrue. She is furious when she discovers that she has worried unnecessarily, as Guy has actually spent the afternoon at the cinema.

Inchcape tells Guy that he cannot take part in any sabotage activities. Guy is furious with Harriet for telling Inchcape about his secret plans. He meets Yakimov, who has been thrown out of his lodgings again and invites him to stay for the weekend while he and Harriet are away. Guy tells Harriet that he plans to put on a stage production of 'Troilus and Cressida' and that he wants her to play the female lead. They return to find Yakimov still in their apartment and that he let the kitten die. Harriet sobs.

Guy asks all his acquaintances to take part in the production but asks Harriet to do the costumes, as he wants to offer the role of Cressida to his friend Sofia. The performance goes very well. At the cast party Clarence asks Harriet to go back to Britain with him, but she refuses. Spirits are dampened when news arrives that Paris has fallen to the Nazis. On the way home, Harriet and Guy meet his Jewish ex-student Sasha, who has been in hiding. They take him home with them.