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King John: Video Materials

A detailed description of Screenonline's five video extracts

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This is an annotated list of the video clips available for Shakespeare's King John, listed in the order in which the scenes appear in the original play.

To access individual clips, select the relevant production from the sidebar - this is identified by the date after each clip number.

The cast is listed in order of speaking part.

Clip 1 (1984) - The Bastard rising (2:09)

Act I Scene 1: from "Brother, adieu: good fortune come to thee" to "For it shall strew the footsteps of my rising".

Cast: George Costigan (Philip the Bastard)

Summary: Shortly after Philip the Bastard has been accepted as a descendant of Richard the Lionheart and knighted by King John, he delivers this private soliloquy in which he reflects on his changing fortunes and hints at his future ambition.

Clip 2 (1984) - Elinor vs Constance (2:08)

Act II Scene 1: from "Come to thy grandam, child" to "It ill beseems this presence to cry aim to these ill-tuned repetitions".

Cast: Mary Morris (Queen Elinor), Claire Bloom (Constance), Luc Owen (Arthur), Leonard Rossiter (King John), Charles Kay (King Philip)

Summary: A fiery confrontation between Queen Elinor and Lady Constance, respective mothers of King John and Prince Arthur, concerning the latter's claim to the throne, during which they reveal their mutual hatred and have to be calmed by King Philip of France.

Clip 3 (1984) - Excommunication (2:48)

Act III Scene 1: from the arrival of Cardinal Pandulph to "That takes away by any secret course thy hateful life".

Cast: Charles Kay (King Philip), Richard Wordsworth (Cardinal Pandulph), Leonard Rossiter (King John)

Summary: Cardinal Pandulph arrives from Rome to officiate over the marriage of Lewis and Blanch. John challenges his authority, accuses the Vatican of corruption, and is excommunicated for his pains.

Clip 4 (1984) - Five moons (4:50)

Act IV Scene 2: from "My lord, they say five moons were seen tonight" to "I conjure thee but slowly; run more fast".

Cast: John Thaw (Hubert de Burgh), Leonard Rossiter (King John)

Summary: John's loyal right-hand man Hubert de Burgh comes to his master with a doom-laden prophecy. John is convinced that it is connected with Arthur's death, which he asked Hubert to arrange, and is overjoyed when Hubert reveals that he disobeyed his orders.

Clip 5 (1899) - King John's death (1:39)

Act V Scene 7: from "Ay, marry, now my soul hath elbow-room" to "On unreprievable condemned blood".

Cast: Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (King John)

Summary: A silent excerpt from King John's death scene.

Michael Brooke

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