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Lane, Carla (1937-)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
THE LIVER BIRDSBBC1 tx 14/4/1969script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 1)BBC1 tx 25/7-15/8/1969 (4 eps)script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 2)BBC1 tx 7/1-25/3/1971 (12 eps)script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: A Woman's PlaceITV tx 16/3/1971script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Make Love...Not WarITV tx 30/3/1971script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: If the Dog Collar Fits...ITV tx 13/4/1971script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: The Morning After the Night BeforeITV tx 20/4/1971script
...AND MOTHER MAKES THREE: The MatchmakersITV tx 9/12/1971 (12 eps)script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 3)BBC1 tx 11/2-12/5/1972 (13 eps)script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Two Heads Are Better Than OneITV tx 21/2/1972script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Love Me, Love My TreeITV tx 28/2/1972script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Another Lost WeekendITV tx 13/3/1972script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Parents Should Be Seen and Not HeardITV tx 20/3/1972script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Get Me to the Match On TimeITV tx 10/4/1972script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Wives and LoversITV tx 17/4/1972script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: People in Glass HousesITV tx 1/5/1972script
CHRISTMAS NIGHT WITH THE STARS: The Liver BirdsBBC1 tx 25/12/1972script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Tea For Two and Four For TeaITV tx 5/2/1973script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: To Tell or Not to TellITV tx 12/2/1973script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: One Good Turn Deserves a BotherITV tx 26/2/1973script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: The Loneliness of the Short Distance WalkerITV tx 5/3/1973script
BLESS THIS HOUSE: Atishoo! Atishoo! We All Fall DownITV tx 7/5/1973script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 4)BBC1 tx 2/1-3/4/1974 (13 eps)script
COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: No StringsBBC1 tx 16/4/1974script
NO STRINGSBBC1 tx 4/10-8/11/1974 (6 eps)script
GOING, GOING, GONE... FREE?BBC1 tx 9/7/1975script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 5)BBC1 tx 5/9-17/10/1975 (7 eps)script
THE LIVER BIRDSBBC1 tx 23/12/1975script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 6)BBC1 tx 13/2-12/3/1976 (5 eps)script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 7)BBC1 tx 17/10-5/12/1976 (8 eps)script
THE LIVER BIRDSBBC1 tx 22/12/1976script
THREE PIECE SUITEBBC1 tx 5/4/1977script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 8)BBC1 tx 23/9-4/11/1977 (7 eps)script
THE LIVER BIRDSBBC1 tx 23/12/1977script
BUTTERFLIES (series 1)BBC2 tx 10/11-15/12/1978 (6 eps)script
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 9)BBC1 tx 24/11/1978-5/1/1979 (6 eps)script
BUTTERFLIES (series 2)BBC2 tx 29/10-10/12/1979 (7 eps)script
BUTTERFLIES (series 3)BBC2 tx 9/9-21/10/1980 (7 eps)script
SOLO (series 1)BBC1 tx 11/1-15/2/1981 (6 eps)script
THE LAST SONG (series 1)BBC2 tx 3/11-8/12/1981 (6 eps)script
SOLO (series 2)BBC1 tx 5/9-17/10/1982 (7 eps)script
THE FUNNY SIDE OF CHRISTMAS: ButterfliesBBC1 tx 27/12/1982script
THE LAST SONG (series 2)BBC2 tx 18/2-1/4/1983 (7 eps)script
BUTTERFLIES (series 4)BBC2 tx 7/9-19/10/1983 (7 eps)script
LEAVING (series 1)BBC2 tx 20/6-25/7/1984 (6 eps)script
THE MISTRESS (series 1)BBC2 tx 17/1-18/2/1985 (6 eps)script
I WOKE UP ONE MORNING (series 1)BBC1 tx 21/3-25/4/1985 (6 eps)script
LEAVING (series 2)BBC2 tx 2/5-13/6/1985 (6 eps)script
HARTY GOES TO... LIVERPOOLBBC1 tx 1985on-screen participant
I WOKE UP ONE MORNING (series 2)BBC1 tx 6/3-17/4/1986 (6 eps)script
BREAD (series 1)BBC1 tx 1/5-5/6/1986 (6 eps)script
BREAD (series 2)BBC1 tx 8/1-19/2/1987 (6 eps)script
THE MISTRESS (series 2)BBC2 tx 22/1-26/2/1987 (6 eps)script
BREAKFAST TIMEBBC1 tx 16/3/1987interviewee
THE ANIMALS ROADSHOWBBC1 tx 7/6/1987interviewee
BREAD (series 3)BBC1 tx 6/9-29/11/1987 (13 eps)script
BREAD (series 4)BBC1 tx 18/9-11/12/1988 (13 eps)script
GOING LIVE!BBC1 tx 3/12/1988guest
BREADBBC1 tx 25/12/1988script
A NIGHT OF COMIC RELIEF 2: The Last WaltzBBC1 tx 10/3/1989script
BREAD (series 5)BBC1 tx 10/9-3/12/1989 (13 eps)script
BEHIND THE SCREENBBC2 tx 6/11/1989interviewee
OPEN AIRBBC1 tx 13/11/1989interviewee
HAPPY CHRISTMAS - I LOVE YOUBBC2 tx 21/12/1989script
BREADBBC1 tx 25/12/1989script
PLUNDER: Carla LaneBBC2 tx 14/3/1990guest
THE GARDEN PARTYBBC1 (Scotland) tx 24/7/1990interviewee
BREAD (series 6)BBC1 tx 9/9-4/11/1990 (10 eps)script
SINGLE VOICES: The Last SupperBBC1 tx 13/5/1990guest
BREADBBC1 tx 25/12/1990script
BREAD (series 7)BBC1 tx 1/9-3/11/1991 (10 eps)script
SCREAMINGBBC1 tx 15/3-3/5/1992 (8 eps)script
LUV (series 1)BBC1 tx 9/3-11/5/1993 (10 eps)script; producer
ANIMAL COUNTRYITV tx 30/1/1994on-screen participant
LUV (series 2)BBC1 tx 2/3-20/4/1994 (8 eps)script; producer
THAT'S LIFEBBC1 tx 28/5/1994interviewee
HERE AND NOWBBC1 tx 3/8/1994interviewee
NEWSNIGHTBBC2 tx 7/2/1995interviewee
CLOSE UP: Carla LaneBBC2 tx 3/4/1995on-screen participant
SEARCHINGITV tx 8/6-20/7/1995 (7 eps)script; producer
RIGHT TO REPLY: Sit-Coms, Sit GoesChannel 4 tx 18/11/1995on-screen participant
THE LIVER BIRDS (series 10)BBC1 tx 6/5-24/6/1996 (7 eps)script; executive producer
THE PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENTChannel 4 tx 26/10/1996on-screen participant
HOMEGROUND: Animal InstinctsBBC2 tx 5/12/1996on-screen participant
BRASS EYEChannel 4 tx 21/1/1997interviewee
NEWSNIGHTBBC2 tx 22/4/1997interviewee
PLAYING MUMBBC1 tx 22/3/1998interviewee
PET RESCUERSChannel 4 tx 3/8/1998on-screen participant
PET RESCUERSChannel 4 tx 10/8/1998interviewee
MASTER CLASS: Carla LaneITV tx 19/11/1998on-screen participant
TRULY MADLY SINGLEBBC2 tx 17/10/1998interviewee
OMNIBUS: LAUGHTER IN THE HOUSE THE STORY OF BRITISH SITCOM: The Sensational SeventiesBBC1 tx 31/3/1999interviewee
THROUGH THE KEYHOLEBBC1 tx 12/4/1999on-screen participant
THE VANESSA SHOWBBC1 tx 15/4/1999interviewee
THE VANESSA SHOWBBC1 tx 4/6/1999interviewee
CHILDREN IN NEED: ButterfliesBBC1 tx 17/11/2000script
THE HEAVEN AND EARTH SHOWBBC1 tx 22/7/2001interviewee
FELICITY KENDAL: A PASSAGE FROM INDIABBC1 tx 29/7/2001on-screen participant
HEROES OF COMEDY: Sid JamesChannel 4 tx 23/2/2002interviewee
THERE'S ONLY ONE PAUL McCARTNEYBBC1 tx 2/6/2002on-screen participant
COMEDY CONNECTIONS: ButterfliesBBC1 tx 7/7/2003interviewee
STARS REUNITED: BreadBBC1 tx 6/1/2004on-screen participant
THE LAST LAUGHBBC Three tx 19/2/2006on-screen participant
WHO KILLED THE SITCOM?Channel 4 tx 2/1/2006interviewee
THE WRIGHT STUFFFive tx 25/6/2007guest
COMEDY CONNECTIONS: The Liver BirdsBBC1 tx 1/8/2008interviewee