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Pulman, Jack (1925-1979)

Film & TV credits

Television Credits
Dial 999: Night MailBBC tx 21/6/1959script
Sunday-night Theatre: All You Young LoversBBC tx 21/6/1959script
Sunday-night Theatre: Echo from AfarBBC tx 13/12/1959script
The Sunday-night Play: Nearer to HeavenBBC tx 1/1/1961script
A Book with Chapters in ItBBC tx 8/12/1961script
A Little Big BusinessITV tx 8/8/1963script (as Paul Jackman)
A Little Big BusinessITV tx 25/2/1964script
A Little Big Business: Dear DinosaurITV tx 2/4/1964script
A Little Big Business: Funny Things - PeopleITV tx 14/1/1965script
A Little Big Business: A Short but Bloody Trip to ParnassusITV tx 21/1/1965script
A Little Big Business: Ends and MeansITV tx 4/2/1965script
A Little Big Business: The Merry WidowITV tx 4/3/1965script
A Little Big Business: Mixed FeelingsITV tx 11/3/1965script
BuddenbrooksBBC2 tx 30/10-11/12/1965 (7 pts)script
Boy Meets GirlBBC tx 1967/8/9script
The Portrait of a LadyBBC2 tx 6/1-10/2/1968 (6 pts)script
Out of the Unknown: Immortality Inc.BBC2 tx 7/1/1969script
Christ RecrucifiedBBC2 tx 16/8-20/9/1969 (6 pts)script
David CopperfieldNBC (US) tx 15/3/1970script
Jane EyreNBC (US) tx 24/3/1971screenplay
Au théâtre ce soir: Joyeuse pomme [The Happy Apple]TF1 (France) tx 12/8/1971original play
The Golden BowlBBC2 tx 4/5-8/6/1972 (6 pts)script
War & PeaceBBC2 tx 28/9/1972-8/2/1973script
Fall of Eagles: Dearest NickyBBC1 tx 26/4/1974script
Fall of Eagles: Dress RehearsalBBC1 tx 10/5/1974script
Looking for ClancyBBC2 tx 24/5/1975script
Ten from the Twenties: Fanny and AnnieBBC2 tx 11/7/1975script
PoldarkBBC1 tx 5/10/1975script
PoldarkBBC1 tx 12/10/1975script
PoldarkBBC1 tx 19/10/1975script
PoldarkBBC1 tx 26/10/1975script
I, ClaudiusBBC2 tx 20/9-6/12/1976 (12 pts)script
Crime and PunishmentBBC1 tx 22/5-5/6/1979 (3 pts)script
Private SchulzBBC2 tx 6/5-10/6/1981 (6 eps)script
The Happy AppleITV tx 4/7/1983original play
Film Credits
Quiet Waters1957cast member (as Paul Jackman)
I due nemici / The Best of EnemiesItaly, 1961screenplay
MatchlessItaly, 1966screenplay
Se tutte le donne del mondo... / Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die / Operation ParadiseItaly/US, 1966screenplay
The ExecutionerUK/US, 1970screenplay