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Barr, Robert (1909-1999)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
GERMANY UNDER CONTROLBBC tx 18/9/1946script, director
I WANT TO BE AN ACTORBBC tx 6/10/1946script
WEATHER STORYBBC tx 22/10/1946producer, script
A NIGHT AT THE INNBBC tx 11/11/1946producer
REPORT ON GERMANYBBC tx 9/7/1948producer, director (uncredited)
THE TIME MACHINEBBC tx 25/1/1949producer, adaptation
LONDON AFTER DARK: Inside Scotland YardBBC tx 7/3/1949producer, script
THE BLOCKADE ENDSBBC tx 15/5/1949producer
WAR ON CRIMEBBC tx 6/3-4/9/1950 (6 edns)adaptation, producer
THE CROSS AND THE ARROWBBC tx 6/10/1950adaptation, producer
PILGRIM STREETBBC tx 4/6-9/7/1952 (6 pts)producer
SECRET MISSIONITV tx 5/11-17/12/1956 (7 eps)script
FLYING AMBULANCEBBC tx 11/9/1958script
MEDICOBBC tx 7/1/1959script
SPYCATCHER (series 1)BBC tx 3/9-8/10/1959 (6 eps)screenplay
THE VISE: Bond of HateITV tx 16/10/1959screenplay
SPYCATCHER (series 2)BBC tx 18/2-31/3/1960 (6 eps)screenplay
SPYCATCHER (series 3)BBC tx 4/10-8/11/1960 (6 eps)screenplay
SPYCATCHER (series 4)BBC tx 16/5-13/6/1961 (6 eps)screenplay
SCOTLAND YARD: ProtectionBBC tx 5/7/1960script
SCOTLAND YARD: Robbery on the A5ITV tx 24/5/1960screenplay
EPIDEMICBBC 1961director, script
Z CARS: Stab In the DarkBBC tx 23/1/1962script
THE DARK ISLANDBBC tx 8/7-12/8/1962 (6 pts)script
Z CARS: AssaultBBC tx 17/7/1962script
MOONSTRIKE: Home by FourBBC tx 21/1/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: A Clear FieldBBC tx 28/2/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: Message ReceivedBBC tx 7/3/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: Five Hours to KillBBC tx 14/3/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: Return to DangerBBC tx 21/3/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: Unwelcome GuestBBC tx 11/4/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: No JoyBBC tx 25/4/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: A Safe HouseBBC tx 28/4/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: Sunday MorningBBC tx 2/5/1963script
MOONSTRIKE: Four to GoBBC tx 23/5/1963script
Z CARS: Wait For ItBBC tx 18/12/1963script
Z CARS: Happy-Go-LuckyBBC1 tx 8/1/1964script
Z CARS: No MaliceBBC1 tx 5/2/1964script
Z CARS: Profit By Their ExampleBBC1 tx 12/2/1964script editor
Z CARS: Straight DealBBC1 tx 11/3/1964script, script editor
Z CARS: Happy FamiliesBBC1 tx 18/3/1964script editor
Z CARS: The Whole Truth...BBC1 tx 8/4/1964script, script editor
Z CARS: CheckmateBBC1 tx 19/5/1964script
Z CARS: You Get All KindsBBC1 tx 20/5/1964script
Z CARS: Cage Until TameBBC1 tx 10/6/1964script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: It Doesn't Grow on TreesBBC1 tx 26/1/1966script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Find the LadyBBC1 tx 14/12/1966script
Z CARS: A Handful of DustBBC tx 16 & 17/10/1967 (2 pts)script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: The HuntBBC1 tx 6/12/1967script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Measure of IntoleranceBBC1 tx 13/12/1967script
Z CARS: The CollectorBBC1 tx 18 & 19/12/1967 (2 pts)script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Unfinished BusinessBBC1 tx 29/2/1968script
THE EXPERT: Here Lies...BBC2 tx 23/8/1968script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Take Them in SinglesBBC1 tx 10/10/1968script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: ObstructionBBC1 tx 12/12/1968script
Z CARS: Unidentified MarksBBC tx 6 & 7/1/1969 (2 pts)script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Run for the HillsBBC1 tx 16/1/1969script
Z CARS: Lost PropertyBBC tx 3 & 4/2/1969 (2 pts)script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Critical PathBBC1 tx 6/2/1969script
Z CARS: Fear or FavourBBC tx 10 & 11/2/1969 (2 pts)script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Right to SearchBBC1 tx 6/3/1969script
Z CARS: One End of the RoadBBC tx 17 & 18/3/1969 (2 pts)script
Z CARS: Hit and RunBBC tx 12 & 13/5/1969 (2 pts)script
THE EXPERT: The Sardonic SmileBBC2 tx 4/7/1969script
Z CARS: According to PlanBBC1 tx 4 & 5/8/1969 (2 pts)script
Z CARS: It's Been a Long TimeBBC1 tx 15 & 16/9/1969 (2 pts)script
Z CARS: No Time to ThinkBBC1 tx 22 & 23/9/1969 (2 pts)script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: In at the DeathBBC1 tx 25/9/1969script
PARKIN'S PATCH: Hoof Nor HornITV tx 26/9/1969script
PARKIN'S PATCH: The Way HomeITV tx 7/11/1969script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: DiversionBBC1 tx 4/12/1969script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Any Other NightBBC1 tx 1/1/1970script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Like Any Other Friday...BBC1 tx 12/2/1970written by
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Trust a WomanBBC1 tx 26/2/1970script
PARKIN'S PATCH: It's Got to Be LocalITV tx 6/3/1970script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Time ExpiredBBC1 tx 14/10/1970script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Who Wants Pride...?BBC1 tx 18/11/1970script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Do Me a FavourBBC1 tx 2/12/1970script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Lie DirectBBC1 tx 30/12/1970script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Something BigBBC1 tx 3/2/1971script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Held for QuestioningBBC1 tx 24/2/1971script
Z CARS: FindBBC1 tx 13/5/1971script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: HostageBBC1 tx 13/10/1971script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: The Bounty HunterBBC1 tx 17/11/1971script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: The AmateurBBC1 tx 19/1/1972script
SPY TRAP: CheckpointBBC1 tx 13-16/3/1972 (4 pts)creator, script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: The Easy JobBBC1 tx 22/3/1972script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: SurveillanceBBC1 tx 27/9/1972script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Money for SaleBBC1 tx 17/1/1973script
THE VIEW FROM DANIEL PIKE: None So BlindBBC2 tx 21/1/1973script
BARLOW AT LARGE: ReviewBBC1 tx 21/2/1973script
SPY TRAPBBC1 tx 11/9/1973creator
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: A Quiet ManBBC1 tx 26/9/1973script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Night-WatchBBC1 tx 24/10/1973script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: InterrogationBBC1 tx 14/11/1973script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: ObservationBBC1 tx 19/12/1973script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Worth a MillionBBC1 tx 18/9/1974script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Cat Among the PigeonsBBC1 tx 9/10/1974script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Talking DollBBC1 tx 1/10/1975script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Person UnknownBBC1 tx 22/10/1975script
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: TASK FORCE: Shot in the DarkBBC1 tx 1/12/1976script
THE MACKINNONS: InheritanceBBC1 tx 4/7/1977script
SECRET ARMY: Too Near HomeBBC1 tx 2/11/1977script
ENEMY AT THE DOOR: V For VictoryBBC1 tx 25/2/1978script
SECRET ARMY: Lucky PieceBBC1 tx 11/10/1978script
SECRET ARMY: Matter of Life and DeathBBC1 tx 6/12/1978script
SECRET ARMY: PrisonerBBC1 tx 27/10/1979script
AIREY NEAVE - A WILL OF STEELBBC1 tx 30/9/1980script
Film credits
THE ORACLE1953original story
THE LONG ARM1956story, screenplay