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Suschitzky, Wolfgang (1912-)


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Wolfgang Suschitzky came to England in 1934 after training in photography in Vienna, and worked in various capacities before becoming cameraman for Paul Rotha, first on his documentaries such as Life Begins Again (1942) and Hello! West Indies (1943, co-c), later on his features, contributing a notable visual eloquence to the picaresque melodrama of No Resting Place (1951).

His subsequent credits are eclectic indeed, embracing the arthouse daring of Ulysses (UK/US, d. Joseph Strick, 1967), the animal films, Ring of Bright Water (d. Jack Couffer, 1969) and Living Free (d. Couffer, 1972) (Rotha had found him 'a gifted photographer, especially of animals and children'), and the harsh gangster classic, Get Carter (d. Mike Hodges, 1971), whose bleak images of northern life stay in the mind.

He is the father of Peter Suschitzky, also a cinematographer.

Brian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of British Film

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