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Peck, Bob (1945-1999)


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Much respected for his work in all the media, Bob Peck's untimely death from cancer robbed them of a powerful, authoritative presence, equally at home as Macbeth (Stratford, 1982-83) or the detective whose family life is threatened in TV's Edge of Darkness (BBC, 1985), perhaps the role for which he is most widely known, or the puritanical Welsh farmer in On the Black Hill (d. Andrew Grieve, 1987). More actor than star, despite his easy command, his versatility was a byword.

Tall, rather sombrely good-looking, he was in demand for international films, including Jurassic Park (US, d. Steven Spielberg, 1993) as game warden Muldoon, but film perhaps used him least well of the media. A graduate of the Leeds College of Art, he was a keen amateur actor before auditioning for the Royal Court and, in 1975, joining the RSC for nine years. He was married to TV actress Jill Baker, who appeared in the film, Hope and Glory (d. John Boorman, 1987).

Brian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of British Film

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Adaptation of Bruce Chatwin's novel set in the Welsh border country

Thumbnail image of Edge of Darkness (1985)Edge of Darkness (1985)

Masterly anti-nuclear drama by Troy Kennedy Martin

Thumbnail image of Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (1982)Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (1982)

Televisation of the RSC's acclaimed Dickens production

Thumbnail image of Macbeth (1979)Macbeth (1979)

Riveting RSC-sourced production starring Ian McKellen and Judi Dench

Thumbnail image of Natural Lies (1992)Natural Lies (1992)

Bob Peck stars in a tense thriller inspired by the BSE scandal

Thumbnail image of Sunset Across the Bay (1975)Sunset Across the Bay (1975)

Poignant Alan Bennett play about an elderly couple retiring to the seaside

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