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Connor, Kenneth (1918-1993)


Main image of Connor, Kenneth (1918-1993)

A short, lugubrious-looking player whose easily stirred anxiety contributed regularly to the comedy of the Carry On series. Born in London on 6 June 1918, he had a small role in Poison Pen (d. Paul L.Stein, 1939) before war service intervened; after this, he made a name for funny voices on radio, re-entered films with Don't Say Die (d. Vivian Milroy, 1950), and appeared in such 50s TV as A Show Called Fred (ITV, 1956). Carry On took up most of the rest of his film career, but he was also briefly funny as a distraught expectant father in Make Mine a Million (d. Lance Comfort, 1959).

His 'Carry Ons' (all d. Gerald Thomas) were: ...Sergeant (1958), ...Nurse (1958), ...Teacher (1959), ...Constable (1960), ...Regardless (1961), ...Cruising (1962), ...Cabby (1963), ...Cleo (1964), ...Up the Jungle (1970), ...Henry (1971), ...Matron (1972), ...Abroad (1972), ...Girls (1973), ...Dick (1974), ...Behind (1975), ...England (1976), ...Emmanuelle (1978). He was on stage during the later '60s and TV in the '80s. His son, Jeremy Connor, is an actor.

Brian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of British Film

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Fourth in the series, welcoming Sid James to the team

Thumbnail image of Carry On Nurse (1958)Carry On Nurse (1958)

The second Carry On, with the team beginning to take shape

Thumbnail image of Carry On Sergeant (1958)Carry On Sergeant (1958)

The first Carry On comedy pokes fun at the army and National Service

Thumbnail image of Four Feather Falls (1960)Four Feather Falls (1960)

String puppet series with cowboy Tex and his talking horse and dog

Thumbnail image of Show Called Fred, A / Son of Fred (1956)Show Called Fred, A / Son of Fred (1956)

Groundbreaking post-Goons outing for Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan

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