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Bux, Ishaq (1917-2000)


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Born in Kanpur, India in 1917, Ishaq Bux made his first UK television appearance at the age of 40 in The English Family Robinson (BBC, 1957). His last ever performance was in 1987 in Sherlock Holmes (ITV, 1987-93) at the age of 70.

Bux's small feature film roles include Nine Hours to Rama (d. Mark Robson, 1962), Inadmissible Evidence (d. Anthony Page, 1968), Leo the Last (US/UK, d. John Boorman, 1969), Raging Moon (d. Bryan Forbes, 1970) and The Vault of Horror (UK/US, d. Roy Ward Baker, 1973). Most of these roles were caricatures; an Arab in one film, a Fakir in the next. More memorable appearances included The Horsemen (US, d. John Frankenheimer, 1970), alongside Omar Sharif, The Missionary (d. Richard Loncraine, 1981) and A Passage to India (d. David Lean, 1984).

Television credits include Six Days of Justice (ITV, 1972-75), The Jewel in the Crown (ITV, 1984), King of the Ghetto (BBC, 1986) and Tandoori Nights (Channel 4, 1985-87) .

Tejinder Jouhal

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Gentle Michael Palin comedy about a missionary amongst 'fallen women'

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Long-running afternoon court room drama series with a real-life jury

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Coming of age story about a middle aged Asian woman

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Acclaimed drama series set in the 1940s Indian Raj

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The first screen adaptation of E.M. Forster's classic novel

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Convincing drama about a magistrates' court

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Sitcom set in an Indian restaurant in East London's Brick Lane

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