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Hynes, Jessica (1972-)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
Credited as Jessica Hynes except where stated
THE BABY OF MÂCONUK/Netherlands/France/Germany, 1993midwife [as Jessica Stevenson]
SWING KIDSUS, 1993Helga [as Jessica Stevenson]
BORN ROMANTIC2000Libby [as Jessica Stevenson]
PURE2002paramedic [as Jessica Stevenson]
SHAUN OF THE DEADUK/US/France, 2004Yvonne [as Jessica Stevenson]
BRIDGET JONES - THE EDGE OF REASONUS/France/UK/Ireland, 2005Magda [as Jessica Stevenson]
CONFETTIUK/US, 2006Sam [as Jessica Stevenson]
MAGICIANSUK/US, 2007Linda [as Jessica Stevenson]
SON OF RAMBOWUK/France, 2007Mary Proudfoot [as Jessica Stevenson]
HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIXUS/UK, 2007Mafalda Hopkirk [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE FOUR LAST SONGSSpain/UK, 2007Miranda [as Jessica Stevenson]
BURKE & HARE2010Lucky
CHALET GIRLUK/Germany, 2010interviewer 2
THE LOST EXPLORER2010Denise Piker-Smith
Television Credits
Credited as Jessica Stevenson except where stated
THE HOUSE OF ELIOTTBBC tx 14/9/1991Charlotte Parker [as Jessica Stevenson]
TEARS BEFORE BEDTIMEBBC1 tx 8-29/1/1995 (4 pts)Maggie [as Jessica Stevenson]
CROWN PROSECUTORBBC1 tx 23/2-27/4/1995 (9 pts)Jackie South [as Jessica Stevenson]
SIX PAIRS OF PANTSITV tx 13/10-17/11/1995 (6 edns)cast member
MASH AND PEASParamount, 1996cast member [as Jessica Stevenson]
ASYLUMParamount, 1996Martha [as Jessica Stevenson]
STAYING ALIVE (series 1)ITV tx 1/11-6/12/1996 (6 pts)Alice Timpson [as Jessica Stevenson]
MIDSOMER MURDERS: The Killings at Badger's DriftITV tx 23/3/1997Judith Lessiter [as Jessica Stevenson]
STAYING ALIVE (series 2)ITV tx 29/6-3/8/1997 (6 pts)Alice Timpson [as Jessica Stevenson]
ARMSTRONG AND MILLER (series 1)Channel 4 tx 10/11/1997-5/1/1998 (7 edns)cast member [as Jessica Stevenson]
(UN)NATURAL ACTSParamount Comedy, 1998cast member [as Jessica Stevenson]
ALEXEI SAYLE'S MERRY-GO-ROUNDBBC2 tx 8/5/1998Alice, the Ayatollah's Assistant [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE ROYLE FAMILY (series 1)BBC2 tx 14/9-19/10/1998 (6 eps)Cheryl Carroll [as Jessica Stevenson]
HARRY ENFIELD AND HIS YULE LOG CHUMSBBC1 tx 28/12/1998cast member [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE ARMSTRONG AND MILLER SHOW (series 2)Channel 4 tx 13/8-17/9/1999 (6 edns)cast member [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE ROYLE FAMILY (series 2)BBC1 tx 23/9-28/10/1999 (6 eps)Cheryl Carroll [as Jessica Stevenson]
SPACED (series 1)Channel 4 tx 24/9-5/11/1999 (7 eps)script / Daisy Steiner [as Jessica Stevenson]
PEOPLE LIKE US: The Estate AgentBBC2 tx 27/9/1999cast member [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE ROYLE FAMILY AT CHRISTMASBBC1 tx 5/12/1999Cheryl Carroll [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE JOHNNY VAUGHAN FILM SHOWChannel 4 tx 11/12/1999on-screen participant [as Jessica Stevenson]
ARMSTRONG AND MILLER'S FESTIVE HIGHLIGHTSChannel 4 tx 22/12/1999cast member [as Jessica Stevenson]
RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED): Drop DeadBBC1 tx 18/3/2000Felia Siderova [as Jessica Stevenson]
RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED): Mental Apparition DisorderBBC1 tx 25/3/2000Felia Siderova [as Jessica Stevenson]
RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED): The Best Years of Your DeathBBC1 tx 1/4/2000Felia Siderova [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE ROYLE FAMILY (series 3)BBC1 tx 16/10-27/11/2000 (6 eps)Cheryl Carroll [as Jessica Stevenson]
SPACED (series 2)Channel 4 tx 23/2-13/4/2001 (7 eps)script / Daisy Steiner [as Jessica Stevenson]
BOB AND ROSEITV tx 10/9-15/10/2001 (6 pts)Holly Vance [as Jessica Stevenson]
OUR TOON: Jessica Stevenson's Favourite AnimationChannel 4 tx 21/11/2001on-screen participant [as Jessica Stevenson]
COMEDY LAB: Knife and WifeChannel 4 tx 6/12/2001Janine [as Jessica Stevenson] (voice)
DICK WHITTINGTONITV tx 1/1/2002Good Fairy [as Jessica Stevenson]
BLACK BOOKS: Hello SunChannel 4 tx 29/3/2002Eva [as Jessica Stevenson]
TOMORROW LA SCALA!BBC2 tx 10/12/2002Victoria [as Jessica Stevenson]
BOSOM PALSBBC1 tx 26/1 & 2/2/2004Marie [as Jessica Stevenson] (voice)
ACCORDING TO BEXBBC tx 7/1-25/2/2005 (7 eps)Bex Atwell [as Jessica Stevenson]
AGATHA CHRISTIE MARPLE: The Moving FingerITV tx 12/2/2006Aimee Griffith [as Jessica Stevenson]
PINOCHET IN SUBURBIABBC2 tx 26/3/2006police guard [as Jessica Stevenson]
THE ROYLE FAMILY: The Queen of ShebaBBC1 tx 29/10/2006Cheryl Carroll [as Jessica Stevenson]
8 OUT OF 10 CATSChannel 4 tx 24/5/2006on-screen participant [as Jessica Stevenson]
DOCTOR WHO: Human NatureBBC1 tx 26/5/2007Joan Redfern
DOCTOR WHO: The Family of BloodBBC1 tx 2/6/2007Joan Redfern
BRITISH FILM FOREVER: Guns, Gangsters and Getaways The Story of the British ThrillerBBC2 tx 28/7/2007narrator
LEARNERSBBC1 tx 11/11/2007Beverley
PHOO ACTIONBBC Three tx 12/2/2008script
FRESHLY SQUEEZEDChannel 4 tx 4/4/2008interviewee
GORDON RAMSAY'S F WORDChannel 4 tx 15/7/2008on-screen participant
LOOSE WOMENITV1 tx 21/9/2009guest
THE ROYLE FAMILY: The Golden Egg CupBBC1 tx 25/12/2009Cheryl
DOCTOR WHO: The End of Time Part TwoBBC1 tx 1/1/2010Verity Newman
LIZZIE AND SARAHBBC2 tx 20/3/2010script / Sarah; Ellie
LITTLE CRACKERS: Julian Barratt's Little CrackerSky 1 tx 20/12/2010Gerrard's mum
JUSTIN LEE COLLINS: GOOD TIMESFive tx 14/6/2010on-screen participant
TWENTY TWELVEBBC2 tx 14/3-18/4/2011Siobhan Sharpe
DICK AND DOM'S FUNNY BUSINESS: In It to Win It with Jessica HynesBBC2 tx 26/2/2011guest
SKINSChannel 4 tx 17/3/2011Crystal
THE HOURBBC2 tx 9/8/2011Jane Kish