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Bleasdale, Alan (1946-)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
2ND HOUSE IN LIVERPOOLBBC2 tx 17/11/1973script {Scully)
SECOND CITY FIRSTS: Early to BedBBC2 tx 20/3/1975script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Scully's New YearBBC1 tx 3/1/1978script
SENSE OF PLACE: Dangerous AmbitionBBC tx 5/5/1978script
THE BLACK STUFFBBC tx 2/1/1980screenplay
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Muscle MarketBBC1 tx 13/1/1981script
TALES OF TWELVE CITIES: The Comic's TaleBBC2 tx 5/10/1981narrator
BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFFBBC2 tx 10/10-7/11/1982 (5 pts)script
WOGANBBC1 tx 12/2/1983guest
SCULLYChannel 4 tx 14/5-25/6/1984 (7 pts)original work, script
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Alan BleasdaleITV tx 13/1/1985interviewee
A PLUS 4: Alan BleasdaleChannel 4 tx 12/3/1986interviewee
THE MONOCLED MUTINEERBBC1 tx 31/8-21/9/1986 (4 pts)script
WOGANBBC1 tx 17/8/1990guest
GBHChannel 4 tx 6/6-18/7/1991 (7 pts)producer, script
JULIE WALTERS AND FRIENDSITV tx 29/12/1991script, on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Arts ReviewITV tx 29/12/1991on-screen participant
OPENING DOORS1992introduction
THIS IS YOUR LIFE: Alan BleasdaleITV tx 5/2/1992subject of film
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Willy RussellITV tx 19/9/1993interviewee
ALAN BLEASDALE PRESENTSChannel 4 tx 4-25/10/1994 (4 pts)producer
JAKE'S PROGRESSChannel 4 tx 12/10-16/11/1995 (5 pts)script, producer
MELISSAChannel 4 tx 12-20/5/1997 (5 pts)script, executive producer
SOFT SAND, BLUE SEAChannel 4 tx 25/5/1998producer
OLIVER TWISTITV tx 28/11-19/12/1999 (4 pts)adaptation, executive producer
100 GREATEST TV CHARACTERSChannel 4 tx 5/5/2001on-screen participant
FOOTBALLERS' LIVES: Greame SounessBBC1 Scotland tx 14/3/2002on-screen participant
ALAN PLATER: HEARING THE MUSIC BBC4 tx 26/3/2005on-screen participant
Film credits
NO SURRENDERUK/Canada, 1985script
THE LESSON1999executive producer