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La Plante, Lynda (1943-)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
CORONATION STREETITV tx 25/8/1965Victoria (as Lynda Marchal)
Z CARS: The Nesbitts Are BackBBC1 tx 1& 2/5/1967 (2 pts)Marlene Nesbitt (as Lynda Marchal)
Z CARS: SheenaBBC1 tx 29 & 30/5/1967 (2 pts)Rita (as Lynda Marchal)
SHOW OF THE WEEK: Simply SheilaBBC2 tx 7/7/1968cast member (as Lynda Marchal)
OUT OF THE UNKNOWN: 1 + 1 = 1.5BBC2 tx 4/3/1969Miss Harvey (as Lynda Marchal)
THE DOCTORSBBC1 tx 1969-1971Molly (as Lynda Marchal; various episodes 19/11/1969-14/10/1970)
ALL OUR SATURDAYS: 100 Years of Outstanding UnderthingsITV tx 28/2/1973Rita da Costa (as Lynda Marchal)
HEY BRIAN!ITV tx 5/6/1973on-screen participant (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: The Final DemandITV tx 13/6/1973script (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: The TruantITV tx 27/6/1973script (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: The MeetingITV tx 8/8/1973script (as Lynda Marchal)
BERYL'S LOT: Backs to the WallITV tx 17/1/1974Joyce (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: CinderellaITV tx 20/2/1974script (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: The Guiding LightITV tx 20/3/1974script (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: Honesty is the Best PolicyITV tx 17/4/1974script (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: Binny's BoyfriendITV tx 21/8/1974script (as Lynda Marchal)
THE KIDS FROM 47A: The RowITV tx 11/0/1974script (as Lynda Marchal)
BEASTS: Special OfferITV tx 16/10/1976young woman (as Lynda Marchal)
OUR YOUNG MR. WIGNALLITV tx 17/11/1976Vera (as Lynda Marchal)
SHE: Anxious AnneITV tx 15/5/1977Fritzie Ritz (as Lynda Marchal)
SEND IN THE GIRLS: GoosepimplesITV tx 12/4/1978Vera (as Lynda Marchal)
OUT: A Little Heart to Heart with Miss BangorITV tx 14/8/1978Angela (as Lynda Marchal)
THE SWEENEY: VictimsITV tx 14/12/1978Eve Fisher (as Lynda Marchal)
HORSE IN THE HOUSE: StranglesITV tx 26/2 & 5/3/1979 (2 pts)Anya (as Lynda Marchal)
HORSE IN THE HOUSE: Stable GirlITV tx 12/3/1979Anya (as Lynda Marchal)
PLAY FOR TODAY: Coming OutBBC1 tx 10/4/1979Cecilia Plasche (as Lynda Marchal)
GRANDADBBC1 tx 17/10/1979Jeanette (as Lynda Marchal)
RENTAGHOSTBBC1 tx 11/3/1980Tamara Novek (as Lynda Marchal)
RENTAGHOSTBBC1 tx 18/3/1980Tamara Novek (as Lynda Marchal)
WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK EVANS?ITV tx 30/3/1980Mrs Roberts (as Lynda Marchal)
FESTIVAL: SheppeyBBC1 tx 1/6/1980Bessie Legros (as Lynda Marchal)
THE GENTLE TOUCH: Something BlueITV tx 5/9/1980Mrs Juanita Shervington (as Lynda Marchal)
THE PROFESSIONALS: The Acorn SyndromeITV tx 7/9/1980Viv Copeland (as Lynda Marchal)
COMING HOMEBBC1 tx 27/2-3/4/1981 (6 eps)Muriel (as Lynda Marchal)
THEATRE BOX: Marmalade Atkins in SpaceITV tx 2/11/1981Mrs Atkins (as Lynda Marchal)
BERGERAC: Relative ValuesBBC1 tx 13/12/1981Lisa Reynolds (as Lynda Marchal)
BOGNOR: Just DessertsITV tx 9-23/3/1982 (3 pts)Lady Aubergine (as Lynda Marchal)
CROWN COURT: PeanutsITV tx 27-29/4/1982 (3 pts)Felicity Carline (as Lynda Marchal)
EDUCATING MARMALADEITV tx 25/10/1982-3/1/1983 (10 eps)Mrs Atkins (as Lynda Marchal)
CROWN COURT: A Proper ManITV tx 22-24/2/1983 (3 pts)Bel Heaton
WIDOWS (series 1)ITV tx 16/3/1983 (6 pts)script
WIDOWS (series 2)ITV tx 3/4-8/5/1985 (6 pts)script
BULMAN: Death Of A Hit ManITV tx 26/6/1985Colonel Hernandez (as Lynda Marchal)
UNNATURAL CAUSES: Hidden TalentsITV tx 15/11/1986script
ONCE IN A LIFETIMEBBC2 tx 25/12/1988Helen (as Lynda Marchal)
PRIME SUSPECTITV tx 7 & 8/4/1991 (2 pts)script
WITHOUT WALLSChannel 4 tx 16/7/1991guest
THE TRUTH ABOUT WOMEN: The MenopauseITV tx 21/2/1992on-screen participant
CIVVIESBBC1 tx 22/9-27/10/1992 (6 pts)script
SCREEN ONE: Seconds OutBBC1 tx 4/10/1992script
FRAMEDITV tx 27/11-18/12/1992 (4 pts)script
SEEKERSITV tx 25 & 28/04/1993 (2 pts)script
COMICSChannel 4 tx 6 & 7/6/1993 (2 pts)script
ASPEL & COMPANYITV tx 6/6/1993on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Lynda La PlanteITV tx 14/11/1993on-screen participant
PRIME SUSPECT 3ITV tx 19 & 20/12/1993 (2 pts)script
THE LIFEBOAT: Troubled WatersBBC1 tx 27/4/1994script
THE LIFEBOATBBC1 tx 27/04-29/06/1994 (9 pts)executive producer
MEN ONLY: In the Firing LineChannel 4 tx 23/5/1994presenter
SHE'S OUTITV tx 6/3-10/4/1995 (5 pts)script
CLOSE UPBBC2 tx 19/4/1995on-screen participant
THE GOVERNOR (series 1)ITV tx 14/5-18/6/1995 (6 eps)producer; script
AN AUDIENCE WITH...FREDDIE STARRITV tx 2/3/1996on-screen participant
THE GOVERNOR (series 2)ITV tx 23/3-26/4/1996 (6 eps)producer; script
THE PROSECUTORSNBC (US) 2/12/1996; BBC1 tx 30/1/2001executive producer
SUPPLY AND DEMANDITV tx 5/2/1997producer; script
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTIONITV tx 19 & 20/10/1997 (2 pts)producer; script
BELLA MAFIACBS (US) tx 16 & 18/11/1997; Channel 5 23 & 26/6/1998 (2 pts)script
THE JACK DOCHERTY SHOWChannel 5 tx 15/4/1998guest
MARIELLA FROSTRUP'S BRUNCHChannel 5 tx 19/4/1998interviewee
KILLER NETChannel 4 tx 5/5-26/5/1998 (4 pts)producer; script
SUPPLY AND DEMANDITV tx 1/9-6/10/1998 (6 eps)producer; script
THIS MORNINGChannel 4 tx 16/10/1998interviewee
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION IIITV tx 18 &: 19/10/1998 (2 pts)producer; script
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW AWARDSITV tx 24/1/1999award presenter (TV Drama)
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION IIIITV tx 7 & 14/10/1999 (2 pts)producer; script
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION IVITV tx 4 & 5/10/2000 (2 pts)producer
MIND GAMESITV tx 6/1/2001producer; script
TAKE TIME...WITH TWIGGYITV tx 8/7/2001interviewee
OPEN HOUSE WITH GLORIA HUNNIFORDChannel 5 tx 11/6/2002interviewee
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION VITV1 tx 19 & 20/6/2002 (2 pts)producer
WIDOWSABC (US) 6-27/8/2002 (4 pts)executive producer; script
RICHARD AND JUDYChannel 4 tx 3/10/2002on-screen participant
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION VIITV1 tx 6 & 7/10/2002 (2 pts)producer
THE COMMANDERITV1 tx 16 & 17/2/2003 (2 pts)producer; script
FRAMEDTNT (US) tx 13/4/2003; BBC1 tx 1/3/2005executive producer; original novel
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: SuspicionITV1 tx 1 & 2/9/2003 (2 pts)script
THIS MORNINGITV1 tx 4/10/2004interviewee
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: Blue EiderdownITV1 tx 11 & 12/10/2004 (2 pts)producer; script
THE COMMANDER: VirusITV1 tx 10 & 11/1/2005 (2 pts)producer; script
THE COMMANDER: BlackdogITV1 tx 17 & 18/1/2005 (2 pts)script
TODAY WITH DES AND MELITV1 tx 17/1/2005guest
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: The LoversITV1 tx 7 & 8/11/2005 (2 pts)producer; script
THE COMMANDER: BlacklightITV1 tx 27/3 & 3/4/2006 (2 pts)script
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION X: The Sins of the FatherITV1 tx 14 & 15/1/2007 (2 pts)executive producer; producer; script
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION XI: ClosureITV1 tx 21 & 22/1/2007 (2 pts)executive producer; producer; script
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION XII: Paradise LostITV1 tx 28 & 29/1/2007 (2 pts)executive producer; producer
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION XIII: Curriculum VitaeITV1 tx 4 & 5/2/2007 (2 pts)executive producer; producer; script
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION XIV: Mirror ImageITV1 tx 12 & 13/2/2007 (2 pts)executive producer; producer; script
THE COMMANDER: The Devil You Know ITV1 tx 8 & 15/7/2007 (2 pts)producer; script
THE COMMANDER: The FraudsterITV1 tx 22 & 29/7/2007 (2 pts)producer; script
THE COMMANDER: Windows of the SoulITV1 tx 5 & 12/8/2007 (2 pts)producer
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: Rules of the GameITV1 tx 17 & 24/1/2008 (2 pts)executive producer
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: Kill the KingITV1 tx 31/1 & 7/2/2008 (2 pts)executive producer
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: The BoxITV1 tx 28/2 & 13/3/2008 (2 pts)executive producer; script
TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: TracksITV1 tx 20 & 27/3/2008 (2 pts)executive producer
VERITY LAMBERT DRAMA QUEENBBC Four tx 5/4/2008interviewee
Film credits
THE DRAUGHTSMAN'S CONTRACT1982Mrs Clement (as Lynda Marchal)
HIGH ROAD TO CHINAUS/Hong Kong, 1983Lina (as Lynda Marchal)
SONG FOR A RAGGY BOYEire/Denmark/UK, 2003thanks to
MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS2004executive producer
IMAGINE ME AND YOUUK/Germany, 2005executive producer