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Johns, Mervyn (1899-1992)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
The Guv'nor / Mister Hobo / The Governor / Spike1935bank director (uncredited)
Foreign Affaires / Foreign Affairs1935court interpreter (uncredited)
Dishonour Bright1936French postcard seller (uncredited)
Pot Luck1936nightwatchman (uncredited)
Everything Is Thunder1936Waiter
In the Soup1936Meakin
Night Ride1937trapped miner (uncredited)
Storm in a Teacup1937court clerk
Almost a Gentleman1938Percival Clicker
Jamaica Inn1939Thomas
The Girl in the News1940James Fetherwood
Convoy1940His Mate
Saloon Bar1940Charlie Wickers
The Foreman Went to France / Somewhere in France1942passport official (uncredited)
The Next of Kin1942No 23, 'Mr Davis'
Went the Day Well? / 48 Hours1942-10Charlie Sims
San Demetrio London1943Greaser John Boyle
The Halfway House1943Rhys
The Saving Grace1943cast member
The Bells Go Down1943-04Sam
My Learned Friend1943-06Arthur Grimshaw
Twilight Hour1944John Smith
Dead of Night1945Walter Craig
Pink String and Sealing Wax1945Mr Sutton
They Knew Mr. Knight1945Thomas
The Captive Heart / Lovers' Meeting1946Private Dai Evans
Captain Boycott1947Watty Connell
Easy Money1947Herbert Atkins
Counterblast / Devil's Plot1948Dr Bruckner
Quartet1948Samuel Sunbury
Edward, My SonUK/US, 1948Harry Simpkin
Diamond City1949Hart
Helter Skelter1949Ernest Bennett
Tony Draws a Horse1950Alfred Parsons
The Magic Box1951pawnbroker
Scrooge / A Christmas Carol1951Bob Cratchit
Tall Headlines / The Frightened Bride1952Uncle Ted
The Oracle / Horse's Mouth / To Tell the Truth1953Mitchum
The Master of BallantraeUS/UK, 1953MacKellar
Valley of Song / Men Are Children Twice / Choir Practice1953Griffiths-Minister
Romeo and JulietUK/Italy, 1954Friar Laurence
19841955Jones the traitor
The Blue Peter / School for Adventure / Navy Heroes1955Andrew Griffin
The Intimate Stranger / Finger of Guilt1956Ernest Chaple
Moby DickUK/US, 1956Peleg
The Shield of Faith1956cast member
Find the Lady1956Mr Hurst
The Vicious Circle / The Circle1957Dr Kimber
The Surgeon's Knife1957Mr Waring
Doctor at Large1957Smith
The Counterfeit PlanUK/US, 1957Louie
Danger List / Dangerous Drug1957Mr Ellis
The Gypsy and the Gentleman1958Brook
Once More, With Feeling!US, 1959Wilbur
The Devil's Disciple1959Maindeck Parshotter
The Rebel / Call Me Genius1960London art gallery manager
No Love for Johnnie1960Charlie Young
Echo of Barbara1960Sam Roscoe
The SundownersUK/US, 1960Jack Patchogue
Never Let Go / Moment of Truth1960Alfie Barnes
Francis of AssisiUS, 1961Brother Juniper
The Day of the TriffidsUS, 1962Mr. Coker
The Old Dark HouseUS/UK, 1962Potiphar Femm
The VictorsUK/US, 1963Dennis
A Jolly Bad Fellow / Don Among the Dead Men / They all Died Laughing1963Willie Pugh-Smith
55 Days at PekingUS, 1963Reverend Michaelson
80,000 Suspects1963Buckridge
The Heroes of Telemark1965Colonel Wilkinson
Who Killed the Cat?1966Henry Fawcett
The National Health1973Rees
House of Mortal Sin / The Confessional / The Confessional Death's Door / The Confessional Murders1975Father Duggan
Television Credits
Pride and PrejudiceBBC tx 22/5/1938Sir William Lucas
The Happy Sunday AfternoonBBC tx 17/9/1950Harold Simpson
CasteBBC tx 26/3/1954Eccles
Leeks and DaffodilsBBC tx 30/3/1954on-screen participant
The Martin's NestBBC tx 27/4/1954Harold Martin
We Live To Please: An Excerpt from Shall We Join the Ladies?BBC tx 20/6/1954host
Ninety SailBBC tx 17/10/1954Samuel Pepys
The Hole in the WallBBC tx 22/9/1955Captain Nat Kemp
Television Playhouse: I Passed by Your WindowITV tx 26/11/1955Walter Turnbull
Captain CarvalloITV tx 2/1/1956Caspar Darde
Play of the Week: Come Read Me a RiddleITV tx 4/6/1956The Rev Arthur Moltram
Play of the Week: A Time to Be BornITV tx 5/12/1956Dr Evans
Sunday-Night Theatre: GaslightBBC tx 13/1/1957Rough
Television Playhouse: Saloon BarITV tx 23/5/1957Wickers (the regular)
A Tale of Two Cities BBC tx 28/7-15/9/1957 (8 pts)Mr Jarvis Lorry
Armchair Theatre: Murder StoryITV tx 2/3/1958prison officer Graves
Television Playhouse: Flowers for the QueenITV tx 21/3/1958Jan Konigsveldt
Television Playhouse: Dark PasturesITV tx 16/5/1958Jack Wilson
White Hunter: No SurvivorsITV tx 14/6/1958Mr Doak
Television Playhouse: Miss EmITV tx 11/7/1958Frank Davidson
White Hunter: One Fatal WeaknessITV tx 3/8/1958Mr Doak
Leave it to TodhunterBBC tx 29/9-3/11/1958 (6 pts)Lawrence Todhunter
Armchair Theatre: The Report on Jessie DeanITV tx 7/12/1958George Thompson
Summer Theatre: The Critical PointBBC tx 31/7/1960Dr. Andrew Mortimer
Sunday-Night Play: A Call on KuprinBBC tx 18 & 25/6/1961 (2 pts)Holloway
Television Playhouse: The Jackpot QuestionITV tx 19/10/1961Sylvan Humphreys
Drama '62: The Frightened ManITV tx 15/7/1962Charlie Dowsett
Maigret: The AmateursBBC tx 17/12/1962Inspector Fumel
The Third Man: A King's RansomBBC tx 20/4/1963Geoffrey Ormsby
Detective: The Quick OneBBC2 tx 27/7/1964Father Brown
No Hiding Place: Hanging by a ThreadITV tx 31/8/1964Alf Turnball
Danger Man: No Marks for ServilityITV tx 8/12/1964Armstrong
Pardon the Expression: The PensionerITV tx 14/7/1965Jacob Elijah Burgess
Knock on Any Door: Close SeasonITV tx 13/10/1965Mr Prubright
The Avengers: Too Many Christmas TreesITV tx 23/12/1965Brandon Storey
The Saint: House on Dragon's RockITV tx 2/10/1966Dr Davis
Kate: People Depend on YouITV tx 18/9/1972Mr Norris
Dixon of Dock Green: The FingermanBBC1 tx 7/10/1972Mr Farmer
The Strauss Family: JosefITV tx 5/12/1972Dr Sarner
Thinking Man as Hero: Towards the BeginningBBC2 tx 17/4/1973Lord Beale
Crown Court: A Message to IrelandITV tx 28-30/11/1973 (3 pts)Arthur Charles Parfitt
The Adventures of Black Beauty: The Medicine ManITV tx 4/11/1973Silas Surtees
The Adventurer: DeadlockITV tx 28/12/1973Franz Kolmar
QB VIIABC (US) tx 29 & 30/4/1974; BBC1 tx 24 & 25/4/1976 (2 pts)Mr Nevins
Beryl's Lot: Treble ChanceITV tx 17/10/1975Scrubby
Crown Court: An Englishman's HomeITV tx 12-14/11/1975 (3 pts)Edward Lumsden
Just a Nimmo: Life Begins at...BBC2 tx 17/2/1977guest
The New Avengers: MediumITV tx 22/9/1977elderly man
Kilvert's Diary: An Angel Satyr Walks These HillsBBC2 tx 21/10/1977James Jones
Shoestring: Knock for KnockBBC1 tx 7/10/1979The Rev. James Appleby