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Griffiths, Trevor (1935- )

Film & TV credits

Television credits
DETECTIVE: Put Out the LightBBC1 tx 28/9/1969director
ADAM SMITHITV tx 23/1-9/4/1972 (9 pts)script
BETWEEN THE WARS: The Silver MaskITV tx 15/6/1973script
2ND HOUSE: Some Views of the British TheatreBBC2 tx 15/12/1973interviewee
PLAY FOR TODAY: All Good MenBBC1 tx 31/1/1974script
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS: Fall of EaglesBBC1 tx 19/4/1974script
OCCUPATIONSITV tx 1/9/1974script
THE ELEVENTH HOURBBC1 tx 31/5/1975script
ARENA: THEATREBBC2 tx 12/11/1975interviewee
PLAY FOR TODAY: Through the Night02/12/1975script
BILL BRANDITV tx 7/6-6/8/1976 (11 pts)script
THE PLAYWRIGHTS: Trevor GriffithsITV tx 13/9/1976interviewee
READ ALL ABOUT ITBBC1 tx 8/5/1977interviewee
ARENA: THEATRE: Playwrights of the 70sBBC2 tx 15/6/1977interviewee
ARENA: THEATRE: But Please,This is a Farce!: The Cherry OrchardBBC2 tx 1/2/1978interviewee
PLAY FOR TODAY: ComediansBBC1 tx 25/10/1979script; original play
SONS AND LOVERSBBC2 tx 14/1-25/2/1981 (7 pts)adaptation
THE CHERRY ORCHARDBBC1 tx 13/10/1981english version
PLAY FOR TODAY: CountryBBC1 tx 20/10/1981script
FRIDAY NIGHT...SATURDAY MORNINGBBC2 tx 5/2/1982interviewee
OI FOR ENGLANDITV tx 17/4/1982script
NEWSNIGHTBBC2 tx 7/10/1982interviewee
VOICES: A SLOW CATASTROPHEChannel 4 tx 17/11/1982on-screen participant
INDIAN VOICESChannel 4 tx 24/1/1983on-screen participant
THE LAST PLACE ON EARTHITV tx 18/2-27/3/1985 (7 pts)script
SATURDAY REVIEWBBC2 tx 28/3/1987interviewee
OFF THE PAGE: Trevor GriffithsITV tx 12/10/1987interviewee
PLAY ON ONE: The PartyBBC1 tx 8/3/1988script
SHOWREEL 88BBC1 tx 26-30/12/1988 (5 pts)judge
OMNIBUS: Laurence Olivier 1907-1989: A TributeBBC1 tx 14/7/1989script
THE LATE SHOW: Theatre, Theatre & More TheatreBBC2 tx 2/5/1990on-screen participant
SMALL STAGES: Saint OscarChannel 4 tx 12/1/1991stage director
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 11/3/1991interviewee
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 15/1/1992interviewee
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 10/6/1993on-screen participant
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 27/10/1993on-screen participant
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 10/5/1994interviewee
SCREEN TWO: Hope in the Year TwoBBC2 tx 11/5/1994script
DENNIS POTTER - A LIFE IN TELEVISIONBBC2 tx 7/6/1994on-screen participant
FOOD FOR RAVENSBBC2 tx 16/11/1997director; script
TIME SHIFT: Left of Frame, The Rise and Fall of Radical TV DramaBBC Four tx 7/2/2006interviewee
Film credits
REDSUS, 1981screenplay
OEROEG / GOING HOMENetherlands, 1993screenplay
FATHERLANDUK/Germany/France, 1986screenplay