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Joffé, Roland (1945-)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
CORONATION STREETITV tx 26/11/1973director
CORONATION STREETITV tx 17/12/1973director
CORONATION STREETITV tx 14/1/1974director
CORONATION STREETITV tx 4/2/1974director
CORONATION STREETITV tx 6/2/1974director
SAM: CreditITV tx 27/6/1974director
SAM: LandITV tx 18/7/1974director
SAM: Moving OnITV tx 8/8/1974director
SAM: Ends And MeansITV tx 25/8/1975director
THE STARS LOOK DOWN: Daily BreadITV tx 4/9/1975director
ANNITV tx 9/9/1975director
THE STARS LOOK DOWN: LoveITV tx 18/9/1975director
THE STARS LOOK DOWN: Useful EmploymentITV tx 25/9/1975director
THE STARS LOOK DOWN: HeroesITV tx 16/10/1975director
THE STARS LOOK DOWN: RebuildingITV tx 6/11/1975director
THE STARS LOOK DOWN: MarrersITV tx 27/11/1975director
CROWN COURT: Crime and PassionITV tx 7-9/1/1976 (3 pts)director
CROWN COURT: Tell the Truth and Shame the DevilITV tx 25-27/2/1976 (3 pts)director
CROWN COURT: Ends and MeansITV tx 10-12/3/1976 (3 pts)director
BILL BRAND: You Wanna Be a Hero, Get Yourself a White HorseITV tx 14/6/1976director
BILL BRAND: August for the PartyITV tx 5/7/1976director
BILL BRAND: Tranquillity of the RealmITV tx 19/7/1976director
BILL BRAND: Anybody'sITV tx 9/8/1976director
BILL BRAND: It Is the People Who CreateITV tx 16/8/1976director
HEADMASTER: First DayBBC2 tx 7/2/1977director
HEADMASTER: AllowancesBBC2 tx 7/3/1977director
HEADMASTER: StephenBBC2 tx 14/3/1977director
SECOND CITY FIRSTS: Twelve off the BeltBBC2 tx 3/5/1977director
PLAY FOR TODAY: The SpongersBBC1 tx 24/1/1978director
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Legion Hall BombingBBC1 tx 22/8/1978director
PLAYHOUSE: No Mama NoITV tx 27/3/1979director
'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHOREBBC2 tx 7/5/1980director; adaptation
PLAY FOR TODAY: United KingdomBBC1 tx 8/12/1981director
BRITISH CINEMA PERSONAL VIEW: A Marriage of ConvenienceITV tx 26/3/1986on-screen participant
OMNIBUS: The MissionBBC1 tx 17/10/1986on-screen participant
A TASTE OF FREEDOMTNT (US) 7/1/1991executive producer
REAR WINDOW: Phantom of JoyChannel 4 tx 13/1/1991on-screen participant
UNDRESSEDMTV (US) tx 26/7-3/9/1999 (30 eps)executive producer
Film credits
THE MISSION1986director
FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOYUS, 1989director; screenplay
CITY OF JOYUK/France, 1992director; producer
ENTERTAINMENT UKITV tx 6/10/1992interviewee
SUPER MARIO BROS.US, 1993producer
THE SCARLET LETTERUS, 1995director; producer
FEMALE PERVERSIONSUS/Germany, 1996thanks to
GOODBYE LOVERUS/Germany, 1998director
WATERPROOFUS, 2000executive producer
VATELFrance/US, 2000director; producer
SHABANAIndia, 2002on-screen participant
CAPTIVITYUS/Russia, 2006director
HILTON HOTELdate unknowndirector