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Bamforth, James (1842-?)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits  
(all films produced by the Bamforth Company)
WEARY WILLIE1898production company
KISS IN THE TUNNEL1899production company
CATCHING THE MILK THIEF1899production company
WOMEN'S RIGHTS1899production company
The TRAMP AND THE BABY'S BOTTLE1899production company
BOYS' CRICKET MATCH AND FIGHT1900production company
BOYS SLIDING1900production company
BOYS PLAYING IN SNOW1900production company
ROUGH SEA1900production company
LEAP FROG1900production company
The WOULD-BE CONJURER1900production company
LOVER KISSES HUSBAND1900production company
The BITER BIT1900production company
RUGBY FOOTBALL MATCH1901production company
WINKY AS A SUFFRAGETTE1914production company
WINKY - BIGAMIST1914production company
WINKY DIDDLES THE HAWKER1914production company
WINKY GETS "PUFFED UP"1914production company
WINKY GOES CAMPING1914production company
WINKY GOES TO THE FRONT1914production company
WINKY'S CARVING KNIFE1914production company
WINKY'S FIREWORKS1914production company
WINKY'S INVISIBLE INK1914production company
WINKY'S LIFEBOAT1914production company
WINKY'S NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR1914production company
WINKY TAKES TO FARMING1914production company
WINKY, THE PARK POLICEMAN1914production company
WINKY WAGGLES THE WICKED WIDOW1914production company
WINKY'S "WEEK-END"1914production company
WINKY AND THE "DWARF (?)"1914production company
FINDING HIS COUNTERPART1914production company
The MIGHTY ATOM1914production company
WINKY LEARNS A LESSON IN HONESTY1914production company
WINKY'S RUSE1914production company
JESSIE1914production company
The MYSTIC GLOVE1914production company
ITCHING POWDER1914production company
BIRDS OF A FEATHER PLOT TOGETHER1914production company
HOW WINKY FOUGHT FOR A BRIDE1914production company
KILL THAT FLY!1914production company
The MUDDLETOWN FIRE BRIGADE1914production company
PEPPERING HIS OWN PORRIDGE1914production company
PAPA'S LITTLE WEAKNESS1914production company
WHO'S WHICH?1914production company
WINKY AND THE CANNIBAL CHIEF1914production company
WINKY AND THE LEOPARD1914production company
WINKY BECOMES A FAMILY MAN1914production company
WINKY CAUSES A SMALL-POX PANIC1914production company
WINKY DONS THE PETTICOATS1914production company
WINKY GETS SPOTTED1914production company
WINKY GOES SPY CATCHING1914production company
WINKY'S CAT1914production company
WINKY'S GUILTY CONSCIENCE1914production company
WINKY'S JEALOUSY1914production company
WINKY'S MOTHER-IN-LAW1914production company
WINKY'S STRATEGEM1914production company
WINKY TRIES CHICKEN RAISING1914production company
WINKY WINS1914production company
WAR CARTOONS1914production company
SHARPS AND FLATS1915production company
ALWAYS TELL YOUR HUSBAND1915production company
AND THAT'S HOW THE ROW BEGAN1915production company
ARTFUL, NOT 'ALF1915production company
A BACHELOR'S BABIES1915production company
BERTIE'S HOLIDAY1915production company
A BID FOR A BOUNTY1915production company
BUMBLE'S BLUNDER1915production company
COD-FISH AND ALOES1915production company
A COMEDY OF ERRORS1915production company
The COUNTERFEIT COWBOY1915production company
CULTURE AND KULTUR IN BELGIUM1915production company
DR. VIOLET DEARING1915production company
DON'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS1915production company
EVER BEEN HAD?1915production company
FOUL PLAY1915production company
GETTING ON HIS NERVES1915production company
A GOOD LITTLE PAL1915production company
The GREEN-EYED MONSTER1915production company
HAVE SOME MORE MEAT?1915production company
HILDA ROUTS THE ENEMY1915production company
HILDA'S BUSY DAY1915production company
IGH ART1915production company
IS AMERICA READY1915production company
LILY'S BIRTHDAY1915production company
LILY, TOMBOY1915production company
LOVE AND A LEGACY1915production company
LOVE AND CAMERAS1915production company
MAMMA'S D.E.A.R.1915production company
The MAN IN POSSESSION1915production company
MONTY'S MONOCLE1915production company
MOONSTRUCK1915production company
A MUSHROOM STEW1915production company
NEVER DESPAIR1915production company
NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL1915production company
OH! MY!1915production company
ONCE UPON A TIME1915production company
ONE ON IREY1915production company
A PAIR OF DUMMIES1915production company
A PAIR OF STARS1915production company
PEACE AT ANY PRICE1915production company
PIN PRICKS1915production company
PUTTING ON THE FLUENCE1915production company
PAPA SCORES1915production company
SCOTTIE AND THE FROGS1915production company
SCOTTIE LOVES ICE CREAM1915production company
SCOTTIE'S DAY OUT1915production company
SCOTTIE TURNS THE HANDLE1915production company
The TELL-TALE CRYSTAL GLOBE1915production company
THAT'S DONE IT !1915production company
TOMMY'S FREEZING SPRAY1915production company
TROUBLES OF A HYPOCHRONDIAC1915production company
VENUS AND THE KNUTS1915production company
WHAT A FIND1915production company
WHAT A PICNIC1915production company
WHAT SCOTTIE HEARD1915production company
WHAT'S IN A NAME1915production company
WHAT THE - ?1915production company
The WHITE HAND1915production company
WHITE STAR1915production company
WHO WERE YOU WITH LAST NIGHT1915production company
WINKY: PHOTOGRAPHER1915production company
WINKY'S BLUE DIAMOND1915production company
WINKY, THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT1915production company
WON BY A FLUKE1915production company
THERE'S HAIR !1915production company
PAULA1915production company