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Allen, Jim (1926-99)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
CORONATION STREETITV tx 6/1/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 8/2/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 8/3/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 22/3/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 17/5/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 21/6/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 12/7/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 11/8/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 23/8/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 17/11/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 15/12/1965script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 12/1/1966script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 18/4/1966script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: The Hard WordBBC2 tx 16/5/1966script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 12/9/1966script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 25/7/1966script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 4/1/1967script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The LumpBBC1 tx 1/2/1967script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 15/5/1967script
THE GAMBLERS: The Man BeneathITV tx 7/12/1967script
HALF-HOUR STORY: The Pub FighterITV tx 27/2/1968script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Big FlameBBC1 tx 19/2/1969screenplay
SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE: The Talking HeadITV tx 30/8/1969script
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Rank and FileBBC1 tx 20/5/1971script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: Walt, King of the DumperBBC2 tx 20/9/1971script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: Punch and the FairyBBC2 tx 10/1/1973script
IN THE HEEL OF THE HUNTITV tx 16/12/1973script
DAYS OF HOPEBBC1 tx 11/9-2/10/1975 (4 pts)script
CROWN COURT: The ExtremistITV tx 3-5/12/1975 (3 pts)script
CROWN COURT: Tell the Truth and Shame the DevilITV tx 25-26-27/2/1976 (3 pts)script
CROWN COURT: Ends and MeansITV tx 10-11-12/3/1976 (3 pts)script
CROWN COURT: Incorrigible RogueITV tx 17-18-19/3/1976 (3 pts)script
CROWN COURT: Those in PerilITV tx 13-14-15/10/1976 (3 pts)script
PLAY FOR TODAY: A Choice of EvilsBBC1 tx 7/4/1977script
PLAY FOR TODAY: The SpongersBBC1 tx 24/1/1978script
ARENA: TELEVISION: When Is a Play Not a Play?BBC2 tx 17/4/1978on-screen participant
PLAY FOR TODAY: United KingdomBBC1 tx 8/12/1981script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Willie's Last StandBBC1 tx 23/2/1982script
THE GATHERING SEEDBBC2 tx 7/9-12/10/1983 (6 pts)script
THE MEDIA SHOWChannel 4 tx 6/5/1990on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Ken LoachITV tx 3/10/1993Interviewee
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 15/5/1995on-screen participant
Film credits
HIDDEN AGENDA1990screenplay
RAINING STONES1993screenplay
LAND AND FREEDOM1995screenplay