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Fowler, Harry (1926-2012)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
Salute John Citizen1942office boy (uncredited)
Those Kids from Town1942Ern
Another Little Drop...1942Oswald
Went the Day Well?1942young George Truscott
The Demi-Paradise1943evacuee (uncredited)
Give Us the Moon1944bellboy (uncredited)
Don't Take it to Heart!1944telegraph boy
Bell-Bottom George1944delivery boy (uncredited)
Champagne Charlie1944'Orace
Painted Boats1945Alf, his brother
Hue and Cry1947Joe Kirby
A Piece of Cake1948head spiv
Landfall1949orderly (uncredited)
For Them That Trespass1949Dave
Now Barabbas Was a Robber...1949Smith
Dance Hall1950New Year congratulator (uncredited)
She Shall Have Murder1950Albert Oates
Trio1950cast member (uncredited)
Once a Sinner1950Bill James
High Treason1951street photographer
Mister Drake's DuckUS, 1951corporal
I Believe in You1951Hooker
Scarlet Thread1951Sam
There Is Another Sun1951young rider
Introducing the New Worker1951editor / cast member
Madame Louise1951Trout's clerk
The Pickwick Papers1952Sam Weller
The Promise1952cast member
The Last Page1952Joe
Top of the Form1953Albert
A Day to Remember1953Stan Harvey
Don't Blame the Stork1953Harry Fenn
Conflict of Wings1954LAC Buster
Up to His Neck1954Smudge Smith
The Blue Peter1955Charlie Barton
Stock Car1955Monty Albright
Home and Away1956Syd
Jack Frost Strikes Again1956cast member
Town on Trial1956Leslie, dance band leader
Behind the Headlines1956Alfie
Fire Maidens from Outer Space1956Anderson
Soapbox Derby1957barrow boy
Booby Trap1957Sammy
West of Suez1957Tommy
The Birthday Present1957Charlie
Time We Woke Up!1957cast member
Lucky Jim1957taxi driver (uncredited)
The Supreme Secret1957Bluey
The Diplomatic Corpse1958Knocker Parsons
I Was Monty's Double1958civilian (end scene)
Don't Panic Chaps1959Ackroyd
The Heart of a Man1959Razor
Idle on Parade1959Ron
Crooks Anonymous1962Woods
Lawrence of Arabia1962Corporal William Potter, map room (uncredited)
Flight from Singapore1962Sgt. Brooks
Just for Fun!1963interviewer
Ladies Who Do1963Driller
Seventy Deadly Pills19631st Covent Garden porter
Clash by Night1963Doug Roberts
Tomorrow at Ten1963Smiley
Father Came Too!1964archer, at pageant
Life at the Top1965Magic Bean Man
The Nanny1965milkman
Doctor in Clover1966Grafton
Secrets of a Windmill Girl1966Harry
The Stable Door1966cast member
Start the Revolution without MeUS, 1969Marcel, Jacques' Lieutenant
Lease of Life1972commentator
Sundae Best1975presenter; cast member
The Prince and the PauperPanama, 1977Nipper
High Rise Donkey1980Bernie, crook
George and Mildred1980Fisher
Sir Henry at Rawlinson End1980Buller Bullethead
Fanny Hill Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure19831st Beggar
Just a Walk in the Dark1983cast member
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl1989Morry
Television Credits
Christmas Party Editiontx 17/12/1952guest
The Pay Offtx 25/10/1955Stan Faber
Last PageITV tx 17/4/1957Joe
Alfred Marks TimeITV tx 12/9/1957performer
See You in SohoITV tx 19/12/1957performer
Doomsday for DysonITV tx 10/3/1958Porson
The April 8th Show (Seven Days Early) BBC tx 1/4/1958cast member
Martin Kane, Private Investigator: The HeiressITV tx 28/5/1958Mickey
On With the Show...ITV tx 5/6/1958performer
On With the Show...ITV tx 31/8/1958performer
Dial 999: Barge BurglarsITV tx 17/1/1959Sandy
TV Playhouse: A Guardsman's Cup of TeaITV tx 23/1/1959Victor
The Anne Shelton ShowITV tx 9/2/1959on-screen participant
The Anne Shelton ShowITV tx 6/4/1959on-screen participant
Soccer: TV Stars v. Ex-Arsenal StarsITV tx 26/4/1959player
The Army Game (series 3)ITV tx 9/10/1959-17/6/1960 (37 eps)Corporal (Flogger) Hoskins
Life with the Lyons: Teddy Boys' PicnicITV tx 22/1/1960cast member
Alfred Marks TimeITV tx 29/6/1960performer
White Hunter: Run to Earthtx 24/7/1960Tim Wallington
The Army Game (series 4)ITV tx 27/9/1960-20/6/1961 (39 eps)Corporal (Flogger) Hoskins (13 eps)
Saturday Playhouse: The Shop at Sly CornerBBC tx 27/8/1960Archie Fellowes
Chelsea at Nine ITV tx 7/1/1960guest
The Vice: The Killer and the KidITV tx 1961Bill Masters
No Hiding Place: With Intent to KillITV tx 7/7/1961Ned Smith
Tales from Dickens: Mr. Pickwick's DilemmaITV tx 24/12/1961Sam Weller
Tales from Dickens: Sam Weller and His Fathertx 3/6/1962Sam Weller
Tales from Dickens: Bardell versus Pickwicktx 24/6/1962Sam Weller
No Hiding Place: 100,000 HalfpenniesITV tx 25/12/1962Wise
No Hiding Place: Beware of the WeepersITV tx 22/1/1963Gent
Z Cars: The PetermanBBC tx 10/4/1963Toff
The Human Jungle: Run with the DevilITV tx 13/4/1963the heckler
Comedy Four: A Little Big BusinessITV tx 25/6/1963Max
Don't Say a Word (series 1)ITV tx 13/6-5/9/1963 (13 edns)team member
Home from HomeITV tx 27/6/1963Max
Don't Say a WordITV tx 25/12/1963team member
Festival: StalingradBBC tx 4/12/1963Gnotke
Emergency - Ward 10ITV tx 10/4/1964Perry Davis
Emergency - Ward 10ITV tx 14/4/1964Perry Davis
Emergency - Ward 10ITV tx 24/4/1964Perry Davis
Emergency - Ward 10ITV tx 28/4/1964Perry Davis
Our Man at St Mark'sITV tx 9/7/1964Harry Danvers
Don't Say a Word (series 2)ITV tx 11/6- 10/9/1964 (14 edns)team member
The Celebrity GameITV tx 24/7/1964guest
Don't Say a WordITV tx 25/12/1964team member
Gideon's Way: The HousekeeperITV tx 2/1/1965Ralph Maricut
Play of the Week: I Remember the BattleITV tx 22/3/1965Private Giles
Our Man at St. Mark's (series 3)ITV tx 26/4-2/8/1965 (13 eps)Harry
A Slight Case Of...: IdentityBBC1 tx 3/10/1965guest
Ready, Steady, Go!: The New Year Starts HereITV tx 31/12/1965guest
The Wednesday Play: Death of a PrivateBBC1 tx 13/12/1967the comedian
Z Cars: Strictly CashBBC1 tx 7&8/12/1970 (2 pts)Billy Carrick
Jackanory: Ginger over the WallBBC1 tx 4-8/1/1971 (5 pts)storyteller
Jackanory: Mortimer Alsotx 12- 16/7/1971 (5 pts)storyteller
Get This! (series 1)ITV tx 12/1-5/4/1972 (12 edns)presenter
Z Cars: The TeamBBC tx 18/9/1972Tony
Get This! (series 2)ITV tx 10/1-4/4/1973 (13 edns)presenter
Crown Court: Persimmons and Dishwashers: Regina v. Curl ITV tx 24- 26/1/1973George Curl
Looks FamiliarITV tx 13/8/1973on-screen participant
Going a Bundle (series 1)ITV tx 2/10-6/11/1974 (4 edns)presenter
Charles Dickens' World of ChristmasITV tx 25/12/1974cast member
The Melting PotBBC1 tx 11/6/1975Eric Lee Fung
Going a Bundle (series 2)ITV tx 23/7-27/8/1975 (6 edns)presenter
Going a Bundle (series 3)ITV tx 8/6-13/7/1976 (6 edns)presenter
London SceneITV tx 19/8/1976presenter
London SceneITV tx 29/9/1976-9/3/1977 (37 edns)presenter (occasional edns)
The Flockton Flyer: Ready When You Are Mr. CutleyITV tx 16/1/1978Nolan Cutley
Give Us a ClueITV tx 24/11/1980on-screen participant
Night of One Hundred StarsITV tx 21/12/1980on-screen participant
The Little World of Don CamilloBBC1 tx 8/1-26/3/1981 (12 pts)Bilo
World's EndBBC2 tx 15/10/1981Andy
Minder: Dead Men Do Tell TalesITV tx 13/1/1982Monty Wiseman
Dead ErnestITV tx 15/2-29/3/1982 (7 eps)Cherub Fred
Q.E.D.: How to Pick up Girls, Win Arguments and Influence PeopleBBC2 tx 6/4/1982cast member
The Pyramid GameITV tx 26/12/1982guest
The Lady Is a TrampChannel 4 tx 12/2/1983old tramp
Morecambe and Wise ShowITV tx 19/10/1983on-screen participant
Mike Reid's Mates and MusicITV tx 20/6-11/7/1984 (4 edns)guest
Mitch: Fit UpITV tx 28/9/1984Ronnie Clayton
Dramarama: A Proper Little NooryeffITV tx 3/6/1985Mr Carr
Big Deal: The Rabbit and the HareBBC1 tx 22/10/1985Alf
Me and the GirlsBBC tx 1/12/1985Ted Bentley
Body ContactBBC 6/12/1987Herbert
Supergran and the School for ScoundrelsITV tx 26/4/1987Sid Scoundrel
Harry's KingdomBBC2 tx 27/9/1987Lou Jacobs
Room at the Bottom: The Opera SingerITV tx 19/6/1988commissionaire
Remembrance of the DaleksBBC1 tx 5-26/10/1988Harry (2 eps)
Davro's Sketch PadITV tx 8/4-13/5/1989 (6 pts)on-screen participant
Gone FishingITV tx 30/11/1989Pat Fitzgerald
In Sickness and in HealthITV tx tx 3/11/1990Harry
In Sickness and in HealthITV tx tx 30/12/1990Harry
The Bill: Sympathy for the DevilITV tx 17/9/1992Robber
Love Hurts: For a Few Dollars MoreBBC1 tx 26/2/1993George Kelsey
Southern GoldITV tx 1/3/1994guest
Heroes of Comedy: Sid JamesITV tx 23/2/2002on-screen participant
Legends: Joan CollinsITV tx 13/8/2002on-screen participant
The Impressionable Jon CulshawITV tx 10/3/2004guest