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Rosenthal, Jack (1931-2004)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
THE LOVERS!1972screenplay
THE LUCKY STARCanada, 1980adaptation / dialogue
THE FIRST DAY1981screenplay
CONTINENTAL DIVIDEUS, 1981associate producer
THE CHAIN1984screenplay
CAPTAIN JACK1997screenplay
CHICKEN RUNUS / UK, 2000screenplay (uncredited)
Television Credits
CORONATION STREETITV tx 27/3, 2/10, 16/10, 27/10/1961 (4 eps)script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 8/1, 24/1, 31/1, 12/2, 14/2, 28/2, 7/3, 21/3, 14/4, 13/6, 9/7, 6/8, 15/8, 29/8/1962 (14 eps)script
THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS: Series 1BBC tx 24/11/1962 - 27/4/1963 (23 edns)
CORONATION STREETITV tx 2/1, 7/1, 15/7, 17/7, 31/7/1963 (5 eps)script
BOOTSIE AND SNUDGE: Being Nice to BootsieITV tx 7/3/1963script
TAXI!BBC tx 10/7 - 28/9/1963 (13 eps)script
THE ODD MAN: The Saga of Johnny MacITV tx 26/7/1963script
COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: On the KnockerBBC tx 28/9/1963script
FRIDAY NIGHT: Pie in the SkyITV tx 8/11/1963script
COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: Picture of InnocenceBBC tx 9/11/1963script
FRIDAY NIGHT: Green RubITV tx 22/11/1963script
COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: The CharsBBC tx 23/11/1963script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 1/1, 25/5, 15/7, 20/7, 22/7, 29/8, 2/9, 9/9/1964 (8 eps)script
THE VILLAINS: I Love YouITV tx 26/6/1964script
TAXI!: Series 227/6/1964 (13 eps)script
THE VILLAINS: BentITV tx 11/12/1964script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 11/1, 13/1, 22/1, 1/2, 10/3, 29/3, 23/6, 26/7, 28/7, 16/8, 6/9, 13/9, 10/11, 29/11, 22/12/1965 (15 eps)script
PARDON THE EXPRESSIONITV tx 2-23/6/1965 (4 eps)script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 10/1, 27/4, 4/7, 20/7/1966 (4 eps)script
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: The Night Before The Morning AfterITV tx 2/4/1966script
MRS THURSDAYITV tx 5/4/1966script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 9/1, 1/2, 15/2, 20/3, 5/4, 3/5, 31/5/1967 (7 eps)script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 5/6 - 22/11/1967 (50 eps)producer
CORONATION STREETITV tx 14/6, 30/8/1967 (2 eps)producer / script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 24/4, 27/5, 29/5, 3/7, 31/7, 21/8/1968 (6 eps)script
PLAYHOUSE: There's A Hole In Your Dustbin, DelilahITV tx 30/9/1968script
PLAYHOUSE: Your Name's Not God, It's EdgarITV tx 9/12/1968script
CHRISTMAS IN THE STREETITV tx 28/12/1968script
CORONATION STREETITV tx 23/4/1969script
THE DUSTBINMEN: Series 1ITV tx 23/9 - 28/10/1969 (6 eps)producer / script
THE DUSTBINMEN: Christmas SpecialITV tx 24/12/1969producer / script
ALL-STAR COMEDY CARNIVAL: The DustbinmenITV tx 25/12/1969producer / script
THE DUSTBINMEN: Series 2ITV tx 24/3 - 5/5/1970 (6 eps)producer / script
THE DUSTBINMEN: Series 3ITV tx 20/7 - 31/8/1970 (3 eps)producer / script
THE LOVERS: Series 1ITV tx 27/10 - 1/12/1970 (6 eps)producer / script
THE LOVERS: Series 2ITV tx 7/10 - 25/11/1971 (7 eps)series creator
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: And For My Next TrickBBC2 tx 3/4/1972script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Hot FatBBC1 tx 21/2/1974script
SEVEN FACES OF WOMAN: Polly Put the Kettle OnITV tx 23/6/1974script
VILLAGE HALL: Mr Ellis Versus the PeopleITV tx 16/7/1974script
VILLAGE HALL: There'll Almost Always Be An EnglandITV tx 30/7/1974script
VILLAGE HALL: Distant IslandsITV tx 27/8/1974script
NIGHTINGALE'S BOYS: Big SidITV tx 18/1/1975script
PLAY FOR TODAY: The EvacueesBBC1 tx 5/3/1975script
SADIE, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE: Series 1ITV tx 21/4 - 25/6/1975 (6 eps)script
RED LETTER DAY: Ready When You Are, Mr. McGillITV tx 11/1/1976script
RED LETTER DAY: Well, Thank You, ThursdayITV tx 25/1/1976script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Bar Mitzvah BoyBBC1 tx 14/9/1976script
THE DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET: The BargainBBC1 tx 25/9/1976script
HINDLE WAKESITV tx 19/12/1976script
SPAGHETTI TWO-STEPITV tx 18/1/1977script
THE VELVET GLOVE: Auntie's NieceBBC1 tx 2/3/1977script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Spend, Spend, SpendBBC1 tx 15/3/1977script
THE KNOWLEDGEITV tx 27/12/1979script / song lyrics
FIRST LOVE: P'Tang Yang KipperbangChannel 4 tx 3/11/1982script
FIRST LOVE: Those Glory Glory DaysChannel 4 tx 17/11/1983script editor
THE DEVIL'S LIEUTENANTChannel 4 tx 11/1/1984script
FIRST LOVE: Forever YoungChannel 4 tx 6/6/1985script editor
STAR QUALITY: Mrs Capper's BirthdayBBC tx 17/11/1985script
FOOLS ON THE HILLBBC tx 27/10/1986script
LONDON'S BURNINGITV tx 7/12/1986script
A DAY TO REMEMBERChannel 4 tx 21/12/1986script
FIRST LOVE: Experience Preferred, But Not EssentialChannel 4 tx 30/7/1987script editor
AND A NIGHTINGALE SANGITV tx 17/4/1989script
ABOUT FACE: Bag LadyITV tx 11/12/1989script
ABOUT FACE: Sleeping SicknessITV tx 11/2/1991script
BYE, BYE, BABYChannel 4 tx 3/11/1992script
GRANADALAND: From the NorthBBC2 tx 28/12/1992on-screen participant
THE ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY HALL OF FAMEITV tx 21/7/1993on-screen participant
SCREEN ONE: Wide-Eyed and LeglessBBC1 tx 5/9/1993script
MOVING STORYITV tx 26/5/1994script
MOVING STORY: Series 1ITV tx 26/5 - 7/7/1994 (6 eps)script
MOVING STORY: Series 2ITV tx 18/7 - 29/8/1995 (7 eps)creator
ESKIMO DAYBBC1 tx 5/4/1996script
OMNIBUS: Jack, The LadBBC1 tx 23/6/1997subject of programme / on-screen participant
COLD ENOUGH FOR SNOWBBC1 tx 31/12/1997script
BEST OF BRITISH: Maureen LipmanBBC1 tx 29/10/1999on-screen participant
LUCKY JIMITV tx 11/4/2003script
JACK ROSENTHALBBC3 tx 30/9/04subject of programme
READY WHEN YOU ARE, MR McGILLITV tx 26/12/2005script
Other Credits