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Walker, Rudolph (1939-)


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Rudolph Walker was born in 1939. He has worked extensively in theatre and television. In 1967 he starred Obi Egbuna's play Wind Versus Polygamy (BBC, tx.15/7/1968) with Earl Cameron and Lionel Ngakane, but it was the popular though controversial comedy series Love Thy Neighbour (1972-76) that made him famous.

Other television parts followed through the 1970s and 1980s- Sebastian Moses in drama series Empire Road (1979), the lead role in drama series Black Silk (1985), roles in Big George Is Dead (1987) written by Michael Abbensetts and the feature film Elphida (1987), written and directed by Tunde Ikoli. In 1989 he played Harry Cartwright in the cold-war thriller series Rules of Engagement.

He worked regularly in the 1990s, including the comedy series The Thin Blue Line (1995-96) as PC Gladstone and the drama series A Perfect State (1997). He appeared in television films Smack and Thistle (1991), written and directed by Tunde Ikoli, Bitter Harvest (1992) written by Winsome Pinnock and the feature films Bhaji on The Beach (d. Gurinder Chadha, 1993) and Ali G Indahouse (d. Mark Mylod, 2002).

Since 2002 he has appeared regularly on the BBC television soap opera, EastEnders.

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