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Morris, Oswald (1915-)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
BORN LUCKY1932clapper boy
AFTER DARK1932clapper boy
MONEY FOR SPEED1933clapper boy
FOLLOW THE LADY1933clapper boy
TWO WIVES FOR HENRY1933clapper boy
HIS MAJESTY AND CO.1934clapper boy
JOSSER ON THE FARM1934clapper boy
ROLLING IN MONEY1934clapper boy
THE THIRD CLUE1934clapper boy
BLOSSOM TIME1934clapper boy
MISTER CINDERS1934clapper boy (uncredited)
BLUE SMOKE1935assistant camera
LATE EXTRA1935assistant camera
WHITE LILAC1935assistant camera
ABDUL THE DAMNED1935clapper boy
SMITH'S WIVES1935assistant camera
OLD ROSES1935assistant camera
ALL AT SEA1935assistant camera
THE BIG NOISE1936assistant camera
BLIND MAN'S BUFF1936assistant camera
CAFÉ MASCOT1936assistant camera
THE END OF THE ROAD1936assistant camera
TROUBLED WATERS1936assistant camera
WEDDING GROUP1936assistant camera
HIGHLAND FLING1936assistant camera
CONCERNING MR. MARTIN1937assistant camera
AGAINST THE TIDE1937assistant camera
CATCH AS CATCH CAN1937assistant camera
£5 MAN1937assistant camera
STRANGE EXPERIMENT1937assistant camera (uncredited)
THE BLACK TULIP1937assistant camera
CALLING ALL MA'S1937assistant camera
VARIETY HOUR1937assistant camera
MURDER IN THE FAMILY1938assistant camera
SECOND THOUGHTS1938assistant camera
WHO GOES NEXT?1938camera operator
LONDONDERRY AIR1938assistant camera
I MET A MURDERER1939camera operator
GREEN FOR DANGER1946cameraman
CAPTAIN BOYCOTT1947cameraman
BLANCHE FURY1947camera operator
THE PASSIONATE FRIENDS1948camera operator
OLIVER TWIST1948camera operator
FOOLS RUSH IN1949camera operator
THE ADVENTURERS1950director of photography
CIRCLE OF DANGER1950director of photography
GOLDEN SALAMANDER1950lighting cameraman
CAIRO ROAD1950director of photography
THE CARD1952director of photography
SO LITTLE TIME1952director of photography
SATURDAY ISLAND1952director of photography
SOUTH OF ALGIERS1952director of photography
MOULIN ROUGE1953director of photography
INDISCRETION OF AN AMERICAN WIFE / STAZIONE TERMINIItaly / US, 1953director of photography (uncredited)
BEAT THE DEVILUS / UK / Italy, 1953director of photography
BEAU BRUMMELL1954director of photography
MONSIEUR RIPOIS1954director of photography
THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS1955director of photography
MOBY DICKUK / US, 1956director of photography / colour style creation
A FAREWELL TO ARMSUS, 1957director of photography
HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISONUK / US, 1957director of photography
THE KEYUK / US, 1958director of photography
THE ROOTS OF HEAVENUS, 1958director of photography
LOOK BACK IN ANGER1959director of photography
THE ENTERTAINER1960director of photography
OUR MAN IN HAVANAUK / US, 1960director of photography
THE GUNS OF NAVARONEUK / US, 1961director of photography
SATAN NEVER SLEEPSUS / UK, 1962director of photography
TERM OF TRIAL1962director of photography
COME FLY WITH ME1962director of photography
LOLITAUK / US, 1962director of photography
FACING THE FACTSUK / US, 1963director of photography
THE CEREMONYUS / Spain, 1963director of photography
THE PUMPKIN EATER1964director of photography
OF HUMAN BONDAGE1964director of photography
MISTER MOSES1965director of photography
THE HILL1965director of photography
THE BATTLE OF THE VILLA FIORITAUS / UK, 1965director of photography
THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLDUK / US, 1965director of photography
LIFE AT THE TOP1965director of photography
STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF1966director of photography
THE TAMING OF THE SHREWUS / Italy, 1966director of photography
THE GREAT CATHERINE1967director of photography
REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYEUK / US, 1967director of photography (uncredited)
THE WINTER'S TALE1968director of photography
OLIVER!UK / US, 1968director of photography
GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS1969director of photography
FRAGMENT OF FEAR1970director of photography
SCROOGE1970director of photography
FIDDLER ON THE ROOFUS, 1971director of photography
LADY CAROLINE LAMB1972director of photography
SLEUTHUS, 1972director of photography
THE MACKINTOSH MANUS, 1973director of photography
THE ODESSA FILEUK / West Germany / Netherlands, 1974director of photography
THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN1974director of photography
THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KINGUS, 1975director of photography
THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTIONUS, 1976director of photography
EQUUS1977director of photography
THE WIZUS, 1978director of photography
JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANTUS, 1980director of photography
THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER1981director of photography
THE DARK CRYSTALUK / US, 1982director of photography
JOHN HUSTONUS, 1988on-screen participant
Film Credits
CINEMA: Oswald MorrisITV tx 23/3/1972interviewee
DRACULAUS tx 8/2/1974; ITV tx 19/10/1981director of photography