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Nyman, Michael (1944-)


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A prolific and highly respected composer, Michael Nyman studied at London's Royal Academy of Music and at first wrote about music for journals such as The Spectator and The New Statesman.

He wrote the musical scores for Peter Greenaway's early films, including such obscurities as A Walk Through H (1978), and his career took off in 1982 with his dazzling, darting score for The Draughtsman's Contract and on subsequent Greenaway films critics gave the soundtrack a more than cursory listen.

Nyman's technique usually involved taking simple classical pieces and expanding on them to create highly textured, emotive sounds.

His work with other British directors such as Michael Winterbottom (Wonderland (1999); The Claim (UK/Canada/France, 2001)) and Neil Jordan (The End of The Affair (UK/Germany/US, 1999)) has flourished as his relationship with Greenaway has declined.

Tim Roman, Encyclopedia of British Cinema

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