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Hawtrey, Charles (1914-1988)


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On stage from 1925 and in London from 1927, in children's plays, the paper-thin, twittery Charles Hawtrey (real name Hartree) became famous for his participation in the Carry On series, where his camp behaviour and pursuit of the opposite sex lent sexual ambiguity to his persona.

His morning-dressed, mother-ridden traveller will clearly find Spain a liberating experience in Carry On Abroad (d. Gerald Thomas, 1972), though he is funnier in ...Constable (d. Thomas, 1960), as Constable Gorse.

In films since the early 1930s, he cut his teeth on several Will Hay comedies, including Good Morning Boys! (d. Marcel Varnel, 1937) and had made about 30 films, supporting other comedians, such as Benny Hill in Who Done It? (d. Basil Dearden, 1956), before finding his Carry On niche, which he finally deserted as a result of a row over billing.

In 2000, his blue-plaqued house in Deal was in the news when it came up for sale.

He is not to be confused with stage actor Charles Hawtrey who appeared in several silent films, including A Message from Mars (d. J.Wallett Waller, 1913).

Biography: Charles Hawtrey 1914-1988: The Man Who Was Private Widdle by Roger Lewis (2001).

Brian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of British Cinema

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