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Mortimer, Sir John (1923-2009)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits  
FERRY TO HONG KONG1959additional dialogue
THE INNOCENTS1961additional scenes / dialogue
THE DOCK BRIEF1962associate producer / original play
GUNS OF DARKNESS1962screenplay
LUNCH HOUR1962producer / screenplay / story
THE RUNNING MAN1963screenplay
A FLEA IN HER EARUS / France, 1968screenplay / adaptation
JOHN AND MARYUS, 1969screenplay
MASCHENKAWest Germany / UK / France / Finland, 1986screenplay
TEA WITH MUSSOLINIItaly / UK, 1998screenplay
Television Credits  
I SPYBBC tx 28/1/1958original radio script
DAVID AND BROCCOLIBBC tx 26/1/1960script
MONITOR 44: The Wrong Side of the ParkBBC tx 31/1/1960on-screen participant
WEDNESDAY MAGAZINE: PlaywrightsBBC tx 18/1/1961on-screen participant
THE SUNDAY-NIGHT PLAY: The Wrong Side of the ParkBBC tx 19/3/1961script
THE ENCYCLOPAEDIST: They Met in a CityBBC tx 4/4/1961script
ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: I SpyNBC (US) tx 5/12/1961original play
TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE: Collect Your Hand BaggageITV tx 29/8/1963script
THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WASBBC tx 28/9, 5 & 19/10/1963script
NOT SO MUCH A PROGRAMME, MORE A WAY OF LIFEBBC1 tx 29/11/1964 - 2/4/1965 (10 edns)script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Head WaiterBBC1 tx 9/11/1966script
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: The Exploding AzaleaITV tx 18/3/1967script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: The Other SideBBC2 tx 7/6/1967script
YOUR WITNESS: That God Does Not ExistBBC1 tx 17/6/1967on-screen participant
THE FROST PROGRAMME: Discussion on MeditationITV tx 4/10/1967on-screen participant
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Infidelity Took PlaceBBC1 tx 8/5/1968script
ONE PAIR OF EYES: John Mortimer, It's A Two-Faced WorldBBC2 tx 6/7/1968on-screen participant
PLAYS OF TODAY: A Voyage Round My FatherBBC2 tx 18/10/1969script
SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE: Married AliveITV tx 6/6/1970script
COVER TO COVER: Revised EditionITV tx 26/3/1972on-screen participant
MEASURE OF CONSCIENCE: Oh WestminsterBBC tx 12/4/1972on-screen participant
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: Mill HillBBC2 tx 22/5/1972script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: King's Cross, Lunch HourBBC2 tx 29/5/1972script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: Swiss CottageBBC2 tx 5/6/1972script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: KnightsbridgeBBC2 tx 12/6/1972script
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: BermondseyBBC2 tx 19/6/1972script
SUMMER TALK: MoralityBBC tx 18/8/1972on-screen participant
A TRIBUTE TO THE MASTER, SIR NO√čL COWARDBBC tx 27/3/1973on-screen participant
ON REFLECTION: John Mortimer on Oscar WildeITV tx 2/2/1975presenter
SHADES OF GREENE: The Invisible Japanese GentlemanITV tx 23/9/1975adaptation
SHADES OF GREENE: Special DutiesITV tx 23/9/1975adaptation
SHADES OF GREENE: The Blue FilmITV tx 14/10/1975adaptation
SHADES OF GREENE: A Little Place Off The Edgware RoadITV tx 14/10/1975adaptation
SHADES OF GREENE: The DestructorsITV tx 21/10/1975adaptation
PLAY FOR TODAY: Rumpole of the BaileyBBC1 tx 16/12/1975script
SHADES OF GREENE: The Case for the DefenceITV tx 6/1/1976adaptation
SHADES OF GREENE: Chagrin in Three PartsITV tx 6/1/1976adaptation
SHADES OF GREENE: MortmainITV tx 20/1/1976adaptation
HEAVEN AND HELLITV tx 27/5/1976interviewee
THESE TWENTY-FIVE YEARS: Sex and MoralsBBC1 tx 12/7/1977on-screen participant
MAVIS: John MortimerITV tx 27/7/1977interviewee
BERYL REIDBBC2 tx 12/12/1977script
READ ALL ABOUT ITBBC1 tx 22/1/1978interviewee
THE MAN ALIVE REPORT: Justice, A Lady Too Pricey For SomeBBC2 tx 14/3/1978on-screen participant
RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY (series 1)ITV tx 3/4 - 15/5/1978 (6 eps)script
WILL SHAKESPEAREITV tx 13/6 - 18/7/1978 (6 pts)script
SHAKESPEARE IN PERSPECTIVE: Measure For MeasureBBC2 tx 18/2/1979presenter
RUSSELL HARTYITV tx 2/6/1979guest
RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY (series 2)ITV tx 29/5 - 3/7/1979 (6 eps)script
MIAMI CIRCUIT ELEVEN: A Summing UpBBC2 tx 5/11/1979on-screen participant
FRIDAY NIGHT... SATURDAY MORNINGBBC2 tx 8/2/1980interviewee
THE TRIAL OF LADY CHATTERLEYBBC2 tx 25/10/1980interviewee
A PANORAMA SPECIAL: Thank You 1980, and GoodbyeBBC1 tx 29/12/1980on-screen participant
RUMPOLE'S RETURNITV tx 30/12/1980script
PLAYHOUSE: UnityBBC2 tx 20/3/1981script
BRIDESHEAD REVISITEDITV TX 12/10 - 22/12/1981 (11 pts)adaptation
A VOYAGE ROUND MY FATHERITV tx 2/3/1982script / original play
THE OTHER SIDE OF ME: John MortimerITV tx 15/8/1982presenter
BOOKSHOW: Who's Reading What and With WhomBBC2 tx 21/10/1982on-screen participant
FAVOURITE THINGS: John MortimerBBC2 tx 30/8/1983interviewee
OPERA NIGHT: ErnaniBBC2 tx 1/10/1983on-screen participant
RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY (series 3)ITV tx 11/10 - 15/11/1983 (6 eps)script
OUT OF COURTBBC2 tx 22/11/1983on-screen participant
WOGANBBC1 tx 25/2/1984guest
EDWINChannel 4 tx 3/5/1984script
THE EBONY TOWERITV tx 9/12/1984script
THE HOLLYWOOD GREATS: David NivenBBC1 tx 27/1/1985interviewee
OLIVIER: A Kingdom for a StageBBC1 tx 22/2/1985interviewee
DER ROSENKAVALIERBBC2 tx 30/3/1985presenter
THE ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY DEBATE: This House Believes That The BBC Should Accept AdvertisingBBC1 tx 19/9/1985on-screen participant
WOGANBBC1 tx 23/9/1985guest
PLEASE GOD: Steering ClearBBC2 tx 12/6/1986on-screen participant
ISSUES OF LAW: The ProfessionalsBBC2 tx 30/9/1986interviewee
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: John MortimerITV tx 5/10/1986subject of programme / interviewee
ISSUES OF LAW: A Change for the BetterBBC2 tx 28/10/1986interviewee
PARADISE POSTPONEDITV tx 15/9 - 24/11/1986 (11 pts)script / original novel
THE LIFE AND LOVES OF A SHE-DEVILBBC2 tx 22/10/1986himself
LONDON PLUS: Men of the YearBBC1 tx 5/11/1986on-screen participant
RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY (series 4)ITV tx 19/1 - 23/2/1987 (6 eps)script
ARENA: The Waugh TrilogyBBC2 tx 18 - 20/4/1987 (3 pts) interviewee
THE MODERN WORLD - TEN GREAT WRITERS: Henrik IbsenChannel 4 tx 14/2/1988interviewee
WOGANBBC1 tx 20/4/1988guest
REVIEW: True to TypeBBC2 tx 29/4/1988interviewee
POINTS WESTBBC1 tx 5/5/1988on-screen participant
MORTIMER IN TUSCANYBBC2 tx 17/5/1988presenter
THE TELEVISION REVOLUTION: THE CHANNEL FOUR DEBATEChannel 4 tx 13/11/1988on-screen participant
RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY (series 5)ITV tx 23/11 - 28/12/1988 (6 eps)script
OMNIBUS: Laurence Olivier 1907-1989 - A TributeBBC1 tx 14/7/1989interviewee
OPEN SPACE: Wake Up, Slop Out, Banged Away AgainBBC2 tx 18/8/1989interviewee
PORTRAIT: John MortimerBBC2 tx 23/10/1989interviewee
SUMMER'S LEASEBBC2 tx 1 - 22/11/1989 (4 pts)script / original novel
SMITH AND JONES IN SMALL DOSES: The Waiting RoomBBC2 tx 9/11/1989script
SUNDAY SUNDAYITV tx 12/11/1989interviewee
WOGANBBC1 tx 7/3/1990guest
DIE FLEDERMAUSBBC2 tx 31/12/1990translation
DAYTIME UKBBC1 tx 12/2/1991interviewee
FIRST REACTION: John MortimerChannel 4 tx 10/5/1991on-screen participant
THAMES SPECIAL: The ArtsITV tx 17/6/1991on-screen participant
THE GARDEN PARTYBBC1 tx 19/8/1991on-screen participant
TITMUSS REGAINEDITV tx 3 - 17/9/1991 (3 pts)script / original novel
RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY (series 6)ITV tx 28/10 - 2/12/1991 (6 eps)script
OMNIBUS: Benny Hill - Clown ImperialBBC1 tx 20/12/1991interviewee
BOOKMARK: Day JobsBBC2 tx 22/1/1992interviewee
PANDORA'S BOX: The League of GentlemenBBC2 tx 25/2/1992on-screen participant
IN WITH MAVIS: John MortimerChannel 4 tx 21/8/1992interviewee
OMNIBUS: The Piero TrailBBC1 tx 29/9/1992on-screen participant
RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY (series 7)ITV tx 29/10 - 3/12/1992 (6 eps)script
POETRY IN MOTION: Vice and VillainyChannel 4 tx 13/12/1992presenter
AFTER MARGARET: Without HerBBC2 tx 24/10/1993on-screen participant
UNDER THE HAMMERITV tx 10/1 - 21/2/1994 (7 pts)script
OMNIBUS: Gielgud - Scenes from Nine DecadesBBC1 tx 12/4/1994interviewee
THE ABC OF DEMOCRACYChannel 4 tx 30/4/1994on-screen participant
PEBBLE MILLBBC1 tx 17/11/1994interviewee
HUMAN RIGHTS, HUMAN WRONGS: Death Penalty/Capital Punishment?BBC2 tx 15/12/1994presenter
SUNDAY BRUNCHITV tx 19/3/1995interviewee
GOOD MORNING WITH ANNE AND NICKBBC1 tx 31/10/1995interviewee
COMIC RELIEFBBC1 tx 14/3/1997on-screen participant
VOTERS CAN'T BE CHOOSERSChannel 4 tx 17/4/1997on-screen participant
BOOKWORMBBC2 tx 28/10/1998on-screen participant
OMNIBUS: The Whirl of Vanity FairBBC1 tx 25/11/1998on-screen participant
DEAR JOHN - A TRIBUTE TO JOHN WELLSBBC2 tx 24/12/1998on-screen participant
CIDER WITH ROSIEITV tx 27/12/1998script
DON QUIXOTETNT (US) tx 9/4/2000script
OPEN HOUSE WITH GLORIA HUNNIFORDChannel 5 tx 22/11/2001interviewee
HALLMARK HALL OF FAME: In Love and WarCBS (US) tx 30/11/2000script
OPEN HOUSE WITH GLORIA HUNNIFORDChannel 5 tx 22/11/2001interviewee
BEST OF BRITISH: Leslie PhillipsBBC2 tx 24/2/2002interviewee
P.G.WODEHOUSE - THE LONG EXILEBBC2 tx 28/12/2002interviewee
LIVING FAMOUSLY: David NivenBBC2 tx 13/1/2003interviewee
IMAGINE...: Sir John Mortimer, Owning Up at EightyBBC1 tx 30/7/2003subject of programme / interviewee
DEE CONSTRUCTION: THE SIMON DEE STORYChannel 4 tx 29/12/2003interviewee
WHAT I WISH I'D KNOWN WHEN I WAS 20BBC2 tx 5/8/2004interviewee
THE SECRET LIFE OF BRIANChannel 4 tx 1/1/2007on-screen participant
TRULY, MADLY, CHEAPLY! - BRITISH B MOVIESBBC4 tx 21/6/2008interviewee