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Kingsley, Sir Ben (1942-)


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Of Anglo-Indian parentage Ben Kingsley (real name Krishna Bhanji) joined the RSC in 1967 and spent the next 15 years appearing mainly on stage. He made his film debut as Royale in Fear is the Key (d. Michael Tuchner, 1972) and appeared briefly in Hard Labour (d. Mike Leigh, 1973).

After almost a decade he returned to film when he was cast in the title role in Gandhi (UK/India, d. Richard Attenborough, 1982), winning an Oscar and BAFTA for his subtle and compelling performance.

He demonstrated his versatility in a variety of roles since, including Shostakovich in Testimony (d. Tony Palmer, 1987), clever Dr Watson in Without a Clue (1988, UK/US), Itzhak Stern in Schindler's List (US, d. Steven Spielberg, 1993), Dr Roberto Miranda meeting his nemesis in Death and the Maiden (UK/France/US, d. Roman Polanski, 1994), a very intelligent Feste in Twelfth Night (UK/US, d. Trevor Nunn, 1996), and terrifying as the gangster bent on recruiting former colleague Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast (UK/Spain/US, d. Jonathan Glazer, 2000).

He has also worked extensively in international films, including Bugsy (US, d. Warren Beatty, 1991) and on TV, including Silas Marner (BBC, 1985). He was knighted in 2002.

Anne-Marie Thomas, Encyclopedia of British Cinema

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