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Shaw, Robert (1927-1978)

Actor, Writer

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RADA-trained Robert Shaw earned a reputation for playing menacing, violent characters, notably as steely-eyed killer Grant in From Russia with Love (d. Terence Young, 1963), a type he returned to frequently throughout his career, both in Britain and America. He showed versatility in playing historical characters, receiving an Oscar nomination (supporting actor) as Henry VIII in A Man For All Seasons (d. Fred Zinnemann, 1966).

Other striking roles included Lord Randolph Churchill in Young Winston (d. Richard Attenborough, 1972) and appearances in adaptations of two Harold Pinter plays, The Birthday Party (d. William Friedkin, 1968) and The Caretaker (d. Clive Donner, 1963), though he may now be most famous for his role as Quint in Jaws (US, d. Steven Spielberg, 1975).

He also wrote the successful play, The Man in the Glass Booth, filmed in 1975 (US, d. Arthur Hiller). His novel, The Hiding Place, was filmed as Situation Hopeless - But Not Serious in 1965 (US/West Germany, d. Gottfried Reinhardt). His second wife was Mary Ure.

Matthew Caterson, Encyclopedia of British Film

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