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Taylor, Alma (1895-1974)


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Alma Taylor spent virtually her entire silent career, beginning in 1907, with producer Cecil Hepworth, co-starring with Chrissie White in the 'Tilly Girl' series (1910-1915) as well as 75 or more short subjects. She was the obvious favourite of the producer, who was proud that she never used make-up in any of his films, and Taylor, in return, was Hepworth's most loyal performer, starring in his last film, The House of Marney (1926).

She starred in only three non-Hepworth films: The Shadow of Egypt (d. Sidney Morgan, 1924), Quinneys (d. Maurice Elvey, 1927) and Two Little Drummer Boys (d. G.B.Samuelson, 1928). In 1924, she was named by the Daily News, along with Betty Balfour, as Britain's top star.

With the coming of sound, the actress played minor, matronly roles, in a handful of films, including Bachelor's Baby (d. Harry Hughes, 1932), Things Are Looking Up (d. Albert de Courville, 1935), Lilacs in the Spring (d. Herbert Wilcox, 1954), and Blue Murder at St. Trinian's (d. Frank Launder, 1957).

Anthony Slide, Encyclopedia of British Film

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