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Russell, Ken (1927-2011)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
KNIGHTS ON BIKES1956director
AMELIA AND THE ANGEL1958director / script / photography
PEEP SHOW1958director
WOMEN IN LOVE1969director
THE MUSIC LOVERS1970director
THE DEVILS1971director / producer / screenplay
THE BOY FRIEND1971director / producer / screenplay
SAVAGE MESSIAH1972director / producer
MAHLER1974director / screenplay
TOMMY1975director / producer / screenplay
LISZTOMANIA1975director / screenplay / lyrics
VALENTINO1977director / screenplay / Rex Ingram (uncredited)
THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHTUS, 1979guest (uncredited)
ALTERED STATESUS, 1980director
ARIA: Nessun Dorma1987director / screenplay
LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM1988director / producer / screenplay
SALOME'S LAST DANCEUK / US, 1988director / screenplay
THE RAINBOW1989director / producer / screenplay
WHOREUS, 1991director / screenplay
MINDBENDERIsrael / France / Canada / US, 1995director / screenplay
THE FALL OF THE LOUSE OF USHER2001director / producer / screenplay / editor / cast member
COLOUR ME KUBRICKUK / France, 2005man in a nightgown
TRAPPED ASHES: Girl with the Golden BreastsUS, 2006director
Television Credits
MONITOR 25: John Betjeman - A Poet in LondonBBC tx 1/3/1959director
MONITOR 27: Gordon JacobBBC tx 29/3/1959director
MONITOR 32: Guitar CrazeBBC tx 7/6/1959director
MONITOR 36: Variations on a Mechanical ThemeBBC tx 27/9/1959director
MONITOR 38: Scottish PaintersBBC tx 25/10/1959director
MONITOR 41: Portrait of a GoonBBC tx 16/12/1959director
MONITOR 43: Marie RambertBBC tx 17/1/1960director
MONITOR 46: Journey into a Lost WorldBBC tx 28/3/1960director
MONITOR 49: Cranks At WorkBBC tx 24/4/1960director
MONITOR 54: Miners' PicnicBBC tx 3/7/1960director
A HOUSE IN BAYSWATERBBC tx 26/8/1960director / producer / script
MONITOR 56: Shelagh Delaney's SalfordBBC tx 25/9/1960director
MONITOR 62: The Light FantasticBBC tx 18/12/1960director
MONITOR 69: Lotte Lenya Sings Kurt WeillBBC tx 26/3/1961director
MONITOR 74: Old Battersea HouseBBC tx 4/6/1961director
MONITOR 75: Prokofiev - Portrait of a Soviet ComposerBBC tx 18/6/1961director
MONITOR 80: London MoodsBBC tx 5/11/1961director
MONITOR 82: Antonio GaudiBBC tx 3/12/1961director
MONITOR 84: Lonely ShoreBBC tx 14/1/1962director
MONITOR 89: Pop Goes the EaselBBC tx 25/3/1962director
MONITOR 92: Preservation ManBBC tx 20/5/1962director
MONITOR 95: Mr Chesher's Traction EnginesBBC tx 1/7/1962director
MONITOR 100: ElgarBBC tx 11/11/1962director / script
MONITOR 115: Watch the BirdieBBC tx 9/6/1963director
MONITOR 135: Bela BartokBBC tx 24/5/1964director / script
MONITOR 137: The Dotty World of James LloydBBC tx 5/7/1964director
SIX: Diary of a NobodyBBC tx 12/12/1964director / script
MONITOR SPECIAL: The Debussy FilmBBC tx 18/5/1965director / producer / script
MONITOR 154: Always On SundayBBC tx 29/6/1965director / producer / script
SUNDAY NIGHT: Don't Shoot the ComposerBBC tx 29/1/1966director
OMNIBUS: Isadora Duncan - The Biggest Dancer in the WorldBBC tx 22/9/1966director / producer / script
OMNIBUS: Dante's InfernoBBC tx 22/12/1967director / producer / script
THE KEN RUSSELL FESTIVALBBC tx 25/6/1968subject of programme
OMNIBUS: Song of SummerBBC tx 15/9/1968director / producer / script
OMNIBUS: Dance of the Seven VeilsBBC tx 15/2/1970director / producer / script
OMNIBUS: Russell's ProgressBBC tx 25/7/1971subject of programme / interviewee
2ND HOUSEBBC2 tx 5/1/1974interviewee
RUSSELL HARTY PLUSITV tx 5/4/1974guest
ANDRE PREVIN MEETS...: Ken RussellBBC1 tx 18/8/1974guest
COUNTRY CONCERNSBBC tx 1975director of location sequences (unconfirmed)
READ ALL ABOUT ITBBC1 tx 29/2/1976on-screen participant
THE ELSTREE STORYBBC1 tx 10/10/1976on-screen participant
CLOUDS OF GLORY: William and DorothyITV tx 9/7/1978director / script
CLOUDS OF GLORY: The Rime of the Ancient MarinerITV tx 16/7/1978director / script
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Ken Russell's View of 'The Planets'ITV tx 12/6/1983director
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Vaughan WilliamsITV tx 8/4/1984director / producer
OMNIBUS: Huw Wheldon - By His FriendsBBC1 tx 11/4/1986on-screen participant
VIDEO JUKEBOXBBC1 tx 9/5/1986interviewee
IN AT THE DEEP END: Rock Video DirectorBBC tx 10/2/1987on-screen participant
THE LAST RESORT WITH JONATHAN ROSSChannel 4 tx 27/3/1987guest
ARENA: Your Honour, I Object! - Guccione v RussellBBC2 tx 27/11/1987on-screen participant
A SOUTH BANK SHOW SPECIAL: Ken Russell's ABC of British MusicITV tx 2/4/1988director / producer / presenter
THE LAST RESORT WITH JONATHAN ROSSChannel 4 tx 1/7/1988guest
KEN RUSSELL AND SALOMEITV tx 9/12/1988subject of programme
STAR TEST: Ken RussellChannel 4 tx 5/9/1989interviewee
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Ken Russell - A British PictureITV tx 15/10/1989director / subject of programme
SUNDAY SUNDAYITV tx 22/10/1989interviewee
ASPEL & COMPANYITV tx 10/12/1990guest
PLUNDER: Ken RussellBBC tx 6/3/1990on-screen participant
ANGELS AND DEVILSChannel 4 tx 20/5/1990subject of programme
WOMEN & MEN - STORIES OF SEDUCTION: Dusk Before FireworksHBO (US) tx 19/8/1990; Channel 4 tx 29/10/1992director
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: The Strange Affliction of Anton BrucknerITV tx 14/10/1990director
THE ASTROLOGY SHOWChannel 4 tx 14/10/1990on-screen participant
THE MEDIA SHOW: Sex and the CinemaChannel 4 tx 4/11/1990on-screen participant
HOME SWEET HOME: The Road to MandalayTVS tx 1991director / on-screen participant
SEX AND THE CENSORSChannel 4 tx 21/4/1991on-screen participant
WITHOUT WALLS: J'Accuse - Citizen KaneChannel 4 tx 8/10/1991on-screen participant
PRISONERS OF HONORHBO (US) tx 2/11/1991; ITV tx 1/8/1998director
WITHOUT WALLS: The Obituary Show - Ken RussellChannel 4 tx 17/12/1991subject of programme / on-screen participant
MAHLER'S FIFTH SYMPHONYBBC2 tx 22/12/1991presenter
THE MYSTERY OF DR MARTINUBBC2 tx 16/5/1992director
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: The Secret Life of Arnold BaxITV tx 22/11/1992director / script / Arnold Bax
ENTERTAINMENT UKITV tx 24/11/1992interviewee
MOMENTOUS EVENTS - RUSSIA IN THE 1990s: Alice in RussialandChannel 4 tx 1993director / script
ENTERTAINMENT UKITV tx 15/4/1993interviewee
LADY CHATTERLEYBBC1 tx 6 - 27/6/1993 (4 pts)director / script / Sir Michael Reid
FRANK STUBBS PROMOTES: StarletITV tx 2/8/1993Himself
THE COUNTRY SET: Ken RussellITV tx 18/1/1995on-screen participant
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 25/1/1995on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Classic WidowsITV tx 5/2/1995director
CLOSE UP: MetropolisBBC2 tx 6/4/1995on-screen participant
WAGNER'S WOMENChannel 4 tx 16/4/1995on-screen participant
I CAMCORDER: BeachChannel 4 tx 17/5/1995on-screen participant
I CAMCORDER: WeddingChannel 4 tx 24/5/1995on-screen participant
EMPIRE OF THE CENSORSBBC2 tx 28/5/1995on-screen participant
MONDO ROSSO: Reefer MadnessBBC2 tx 13/10/1995on-screen participant
KEN RUSSELL'S TREASURE ISLANDChannel 4 tx 24/12/1995director / script
EROTIC TALES: The Insatiable Mrs Kirsch / Die Unersättliche Mrs. KirschARD (Germany) tx 26/1/1996; Channel 4 tx 13/10/1996director / script / Mr Kirsch (uncredited)
THE HISTORY OF BRITISH ART: Dreams and HammersBBC2 tx 21/4/1996on-screen participant
IN SEARCH OF DRACULA WITH JONATHAN ROSSITV tx 26/10/1996on-screen participant
DOGBOYSMovie Channel (US) tx 4/4/1998; Channel 5 tx 20/7/1998director
MUSIC JOURNEYS: Ken Russell In Search of the English Folk SongChannel 4 tx 31/8/1998director / presenter
4 GOES TO GLYNDEBOURNE: Pelléas et MélisandeChannel 4 tx 6/6/1999interval discussion
FROSTRUP ON SUNDAYChannel 5 tx 20/6/1999guest
FOR THE LOVE OF...: The 60sChannel 4 tx 8/8/1999guest
OPEN HOUSE WITH GLORIA HUNNIFORDChannel 5 tx 8 & 16/12/1999 (2 edns)interviewee
TURNING POINTS: Ken RussellBBC2 tx 7/4/2000on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Ken RussellITV tx 11/2/2001subject of programme / interviewee
OPEN HOUSE WITH GLORIA HUNNIFORDChannel 5 tx 14/2/2001interviewee
STARS AND THEIR LIVES: TwiggyITV tx 3/8/2001on-screen participant
LEGENDS: Oliver ReedITV tx 21/8/2001on-screen participant
TAKE TIME... WITH TWIGGY: Ken RussellITV1 tx 9/9/2001guest
CYBER CAFÉITV1 tx 25/10/2001on-screen participant
MY FAVOURITE HYMNS: Ken RussellITV1 tx 14/7/2002on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Elgar - Fantasy of a Composer on a BicycleITV1 tx 22/9/2002director / producer / script
HELL ON EARTHChannel 4 tx 25/11/2002on-screen participant
CELEBRITY NAKED AMBITIONFive tx 1/9/2003interviewee
WAKING THE DEAD: Final CutBBC1 tx 6/10/2003Gerry Raistrick
BRITS GO TO HOLLYWOOD: Hugh GrantChannel 4 tx 8/11/2003on-screen participant
X-RATED - THE SCENES THEY TRIED TO BANFive tx 16/12/2004on-screen participant
A SOUTH BANK SHOW SPECIAL: Little BritainITV1 tx 25/12/2005on-screen participant
AGATHA CHRISTIE MARPLE: The Moving FingerITV1 tx 12/2/2006Reverend Caleb Dane Calthrop
THE MINERS' PICNIC BY KEN RUSSELLBBC4 tx 15/3/2006on-screen participant
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHERChannel 4 tx 3 - 8/1/2007on-screen participant