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Bannen, Ian (1928-1999)


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Ian Bannen (born in Airdrie, Scotland on 29 June 1928) made an easy transformation from handsome young leading man to character player of screen and TV (e.g., curmudgeonly Dr Cameron in Dr Finlay, 1993-95). He made his stage debut at the Gate Theatre, Dublin, in 1947, and was much praised for his London performance as Jamie in Long Day's Journey into Night (1958).

He entered films in 1956, starring for the Boultings as the young prince in Carlton-Browne of the FO (d. Jeffrey Dell, 1958), the romantic lead in A French Mistress (d. Roy Boulting, 1960), and an embittered Korean war veteran in Suspect (d. John Boulting, 1960).

Notable character roles included the irascible grandfather in Hope and Glory (d. John Boorman, 1987) and the conniving Jackie in Waking Ned (UK/France/US, d. Kirk Jones, 1999. In recent decades, much in TV and international films, garnering an Oscar nomination (Supporting Actor) in The Flight of the Phoenix (US, d. Robert Aldrich, 1965). He died in a car crash on 3 November 1999.

Brian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of British Film

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