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De Marney, Derrick (1906-1978)

Actor, Producer, Director

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Handsome, vigorous leading man of Irish and French ancestry, on the London stage from 1926 and in films from 1928 (The Valley of Ghosts, Two Little Drummer Boys, both d. G.B.Samuelson). With brother Terence De Marney, he formed Concanen Productions (named for their mother) and produced wartime shorts, such as Diary of a Polish Airman (d. Eugeniusz Cekalski, 1942), and several features, including Leslie Howard's The Gentle Sex (1943) and She Shall Have Murder (d. Daniel Birt, 1950).

As actor, his best-known roles include Hitchcock's man-on-the-run in Young and Innocent (1937), the sculptor hero in the long-unseen grand Guignol, Latin Quarter (d. Vernon Sewell, 1946), the dangerous Uncle Silas (d. Charles Frank, 1947) and Peter Cheyney's detective in Meet Mr Callaghan (d. Charles Saunders, 1954), a role he had created on stage (1952).

Brian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of British Film

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