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Walbrook, Anton (1896-1967)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
MarionettenGermany, 1915circus director (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Martin LutherGermany, 1923cast member (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Mater dolorosaGermany, 1924cast member (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Das Geheimnis von Schloss Elmshöh / Ihr Sohn Axel Germany, 1925(as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Musketier Diestelbeck der Stolz der 3 Kompanie / Der Stolz der 3 KompanieGermany, 1931Prinz Willibald (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Salto Mortale / Trapeze / The Circus of SinGermany, 1931Robby, gennant Studienrat (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Drei von der StempelstelleGermany, 1932Max Binder (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Die fünf verfluchten Gentlemen France/Germany, 1932Petersen (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Melodie Der Liebe / Right to HappinessGermany, 1932Kapellmeister (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
BabyGermany, 1932Lord Cecil (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Keine Angst vor Liebe / Don't Be Afraid of LoveGermany, 1933Helmut Höfert (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Walzerkrieg / The Court WaltzesGermany, 1933Johann Strauss (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Viktor und ViktoriaGermany, 1933Robert (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Georges et GeorgetteGermany/France, 1933Robert (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
RegineGermany, 1934Frank Reynold (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Maskerade / Masquerade in ViennaAustria, 1934Heidenick (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Die vertauschte BrautGermany, 1934Charles (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Eine Frau, die weiss, was sie will / A Woman Who Knows What She WantsGermany, 1934Axel Basse (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Ich war Jack MortimerGermany, 1935Ferdinand Sponer (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Die Englische Heirat / The English MarriageGermany, 1934Warwick Brent (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Der Student Von Prag / The Student of PragueGermany, 1935Balduin (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Zigeunerbaron / The Gypsy BaronGermany, 1935Sandor Barinkay (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Le baron tziganeGermany, 1935Sandor Barinkay (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Hokum / AllotriaGermany, 1936Philip (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Port-Arthur / I Give My Life / Orders from TokyoFrance/Germany/Czechoslovakia, 1936Boris Ranewsky (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Port ArthurGermany/Czechoslovakia/France, 1936Boris Ranewsky (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Der Kurier des ZarenGermany/France, 1936Michael Strogoff (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Michel StrogoffFrance/Germany, 1935Michel Strogoff (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
The Soldier and the Lady / The Bandit and the Lady / Michael Strogoff / The Adventures of Michael StrogoffUS, 1937Michael Strogoff (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
The Rat1937Jean Boucheron
Victoria the Great1937Prince Albert
Sixty Glorious Years / Queen of DestinyUK/US, 1938Prince Albert
Gaslight / A Strange Case of Murder / Angel Street1940Paul Mallen
Dangerous Moonlight / Suicide Squadron1941Stefan Radetzky
49th Parallel / The Invaders24/11/1941Peter
Queen Victoria1942Prince Albert
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp / Colonel Blimp1943Theo Kretschmar-Schuldorff
Information Please1944German major
The Man from Morocco1945Karel Langer
The Red Shoes22/7/1948Boris Lermontov
The Queen of Spades1949Herman
König für eine Nacht / Liebes-ManöverW. Germany, 1950Graf Lerchenbach (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
La RondeFrance, 1950M Poldy, the game leader
Wiener Walzer / Vienna WaltzesAustria/Liechtenstein, 1951Johann Strauss (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Le Plaisir / House of PleasureFrance, 1951Voice of Guy de Maupassant (German Version)
L'Affaire Maurizius / On Trial / Il caso MauriziusFrance/Italy, 1954Grégoire Waremme
Lola Montès / The Sins of Lola Montes / Lola Montez / The Fall of Lola MontesFrance/W.Germany, 1955Ludwig I, King of Bavaria
Oh... Rosalinda!! / Die Fledermaus 1955Dr Falke (The Fledermaus)
Saint Joan / St. Joan / Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan1957Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais
I Accuse!1957Major Esterhazy
Television Credits
Venus im LichtARD (W. Germany), tx 4/10/1960Herzog von Altair (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
LauraW. Germany, tx 26/7/1962Waldo Lydecker (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Der Arzt am ScheidewegBR (W. Germany), tx 11/7/1963Ridgeon (as Adolf Wohlbrück)
Robert und ElisabethZDF (W. Germany), tx 8/12/1966cast member (as Adolf Wohlbrück)