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Mycroft, Walter (1890-1959)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
Champagne1928Original Story
The Yellow Mask1930Adaptation
Murder! / Enter Sir John1930Adaptation
Elstree Calling / London Calling1930Scenario (uncredited)
Almost a Honeymoon1930Adaptation; Scenario
Men Like These / Trapped in a Submarine1931Script; Original Story
Keepers of Youth1931Screenplay
Let's Love and Laugh / The Bridegroom's Widow / Bridegroom for TwoAdaptation
Dreyfus / The Dreyfus Case1931Adaptation; Dialogue
Money for Nothing1932Screenplay
Gipsy Blood / Bizet's Carmen1932Screenplay
Sleepless Nights / Good Night, Darling1932Producer (uncredited)
Facing the Music / The Jewel Song1933Producer (uncredited)
I Spy / The Morning After1933Producer
A Political Party1934Producer
The OutcastProducer (uncredited)
Lost in the Legion1934Producer
Red Wagon1934Producer (uncredited)
The Scotland Yard Mystery / The Living Dead1934Producer
Master and Man1934Producer
The Great Defender1934Producer
The Warren Case1934Producer
Blossom Time A Romance to the Music of Franz Schubert / April Blossoms1934Producer (uncredited)
Bagged1934Producer (uncredited)
Those Were the Days / The Magistrate1934Producer
Mister Cinders1934Producer
The Luck of a Sailor / Contraband1934Producer
Freedom of the Seas1934Producer
Girls Will Be Boys1934Producer
The Return of Bulldog Drummond1934Producer
Doctor's Orders / The Medicine Man1934Producer
What Happened Then1934Producer (uncredited)
Give Her a Ring / Giving You the Stars1934Producer
Over the Garden Wall1934Producer
The Old Curiosity Shop1934Producer (uncredited)
Radio Parade of 19351935Producer
It's a Bet / Safe Bet1935Producer
Dandy Dick1935Producer (uncredited)
Drake of England / Drake / Drake the Pirate1935Producer
Royal Cavalcade / Regal Cavalcade / Jubilee Cavalcade 1935Executive Producer
Mimi / La Boheme / La Vie BohemeProducer
Dance Band1935Producer
The Student's Romance / I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg / Old Heidelberg1935Producer (uncredited)
McGlusky the Sea Rover / Hell's Cargo1935Producer
Heart's Desire / My Heart's Delight1935Producer
Honours Easy1935Producer
I Give My Heart / The Dubarry1935Producer
Invitation to the Waltz1935Producer
Living Dangerously1936Producer
Once in a Million / Weekend Millionaire1936Producer
Someone at the Door1936Producer
Ourselves Alone / River of Unrest1936Producer
A Star Fell from Heaven / A Star Falls from Heaven1936Producer (uncredited)
Music Hath Charms1936Producer
The Tenth Man1936Producer
Aren't Men Beasts!1937Producer
The Dominant Sex1937Producer
Please Teacher1937Producer
Bulldog Drummond at Bay1937Producer
Spring Handicap1937Producer
Let's Make a Night of It1937Producer
Over She Goes1937Executive Producer
Just Like a Woman! / Sweet Racket1938Producer
Oh, Boy!1938Producer
Star of the Circus / Hidden Menace1938Executive Producer
The Terror1938Producer
Yellow Sands1938Producer
Luck of the Navy / North Sea Patrol1938Producer
Yes, Madam?1938Producer
Premiere / One Night in Paris1938Executive Producer
Murder in Soho / Murder in the Night1939Executive Producer
The Gang's all Here / The Amazing Mr. Forrest1939Producer
The Outsider1939Producer
Black Limelight / Footsteps in the Sand1939Executive Producer
Dead Man's Shoes1939Producer
At the Villa Rose / House of Mystery1939Director of Photography
Just - William1939Producer
Poison Pen1939Producer
Hell's Cargo / Dangerous Cargo1939Producer
She Couldn't Say No / Runaway Romance1939Producer
Lucky to Me1940Executive Producer
The Middle Watch1940Executive Producer
Mein Kampf, My Crimes1940Producer
Bulldog Sees it Through1940Producer
The Flying Squad1940-Producer
The House of the Arrow / Castle of Crimes 1940Producer
Spring Meeting1941Director; Producer
My Wife's Family1941Director; Producer
The Farmer's Wife1941Executive Producer
Banana Ridge1941Director; Producer; Script
East of Piccadilly / The Strangler1941Producer
The Phantom ShotScreenplay by
Comin' Thro' The Rye1947Director; Associate Producer / cast member
The Woman's Angle1952Producer
Ice Cold in Alex / 1958Script Editor