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Ferman, James (1930-2002)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
THE TRUTH ABOUT MELANDRINOS: Small London MysteryITV tx 26/4/1958director
THE TRUTH ABOUT MELANDRINOS: The House in Camden TownITV tx 10/5/1958director
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: The Witching HourITV tx 2/11/1958director
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: The CriminalsITV tx 28/12/1958director
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: Till Death Do Us PartITV tx 10/5/1959director
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: The Model MarriageITV tx 21/6/1959director
ARMCHAIR SUMMER THEATRE: Double ExitITV tx 21/8/1959director
GET THIS!ITV tx 3/10/1959producer
SEND FOR SAUNDERSITV tx 18/10/1959producer
SEND FOR SAUNDERSITV tx 8/11/1959producer
SEND FOR SAUNDERSITV tx 29/11/1959producer
GET THIS!ITV tx 12/12/1959producer
SEND FOR SAUNDERSITV tx 2/1/1960producer
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 8/3/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 29/3/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 1/4/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 15/4/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 19/4/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 22/4/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 10/5/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 13/5/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 31/5/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 3/6/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 12/6/1960director
ABOUT RELIGION: Minister of GraceITV tx 12/6/1960producer
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 21/6/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 24/6/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 5/7/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 8/7/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 2/8/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 5/8/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 23/8/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 26/8/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 13/9/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 16/9/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 8/11/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 11/11/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 25/11/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 29/11/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 16/12/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 20/12/1960director
EMERGENCY - WARD 10ITV tx 13/1/1961director
PROBATION OFFICERITV tx 6/2/1961director
PROBATION OFFICERITV tx 27/2/1961director
DEADLINE MIDNIGHT: Murder StoryITV tx 25/3/1961director
DEADLINE MIDNIGHT: It's a Free CountryITV tx 6/5/1961director
FREE SPEECHITV tx 21/5/1961producer
RIGHT TO REPLYITV tx 28/5/1961producer
FREE SPEECHITV tx 4/6/1961producer
RIGHT TO REPLYITV tx 11/6/1961producer
FREE SPEECHITV tx 18/6/1961producer
FORUMITV tx 25/6/1961producer
DECISIONS OF OUR TIMEITV tx 25/6-6/8/1961 (6 edns)producer
DEADLINE MIDNIGHT: DoggoITV tx 1/7/1961director
FORUMITV tx 2/7/1961producer
FORUMITV tx 9/7/1961producer
FORUMITV tx 16/7/1961producer
FORUMITV tx 23/7/1961producer
FORUMITV tx 23/7/1961producer
THE WARNING VOICE: Road AccidentsITV tx 29/9/1961producer
THE FOUR FREEDOMS: The Freedom To WorshipITV tx 18/2/1962producer
PROBATION OFFICERITV tx 21/5/1962director
PROBATION OFFICERITV tx 11/6/1962director
ABOUT RELIGION: By Royal WarrantITV tx 8/7/1962producer
I AM GOING TO BE: A DraughtsmanITV tx 22/8/1962producer
HARPERS WEST ONEITV tx 24/9/1962director
GHOST SQUAD: Death of a SportsmanITV tx 12/1/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: Always Another SundayITV tx 11/2/1963director
GHOST SQUAD: The Magic BulletITV tx 23/2/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: The Silent and the DamnedITV tx 4/3/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: Lover Come BackITV tx 1/4/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: Who Goes First?ITV tx 6/5/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: A Good Night's WorkITV tx 27/5/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: No Man's LandITV tx 23/9/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: All Part of the JobITV tx 7/10/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: Any More for the Skylark?ITV tx 28/10/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: The Best of FriendsITV tx 10/12/1963director
THE PLANE MAKERS: A Bunch of FivesITV tx 7/1/1964director
THE PLANE MAKERS: A Condition of SaleITV tx 4/2/1964director
LOVE STORY: The End of the LineITV tx 12/5/1964director
LOVE STORY: Divorce, DivorceITV tx 19/5/1964director
PLAY OF THE WEEK: Goodnight to HeroesITV tx 5/10/1964director
DRAMA '64: The Trouble with EnglandITV tx 1/11/1964director
DRAMA '64: Miss HanagoITV tx 22/11/1964director
THE PLANE MAKERS: The Golden SilenceITV tx 10/11/1964director
THE PLANE MAKERS: The SalesmenITV tx 22/12/1964director
THE PLANE MAKERS: The Firing LineITV tx 12/1/1965director
FRONT PAGE STORY: Official OpeningITV tx 16/2/1965director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Interior DecoratorBBC1 tx 14/4/1965director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The PistolBBC1 tx 16/6/1965director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Tomorrow, Just You WaitBBC1 tx 24/11/1965director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Who's a Good Boy Then? I AmBBC1 tx 9/2/1966director
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: Magnolia SummerBBC1 tx 28/3/1966director
THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE: The LodgerBBC1 tx 19/6/1966director
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: The ExcavationBBC2 tx 31/10/1966director; script
THEATRE 625: AmerikaBBC2 tx 6/11/1966director
THEATRE 625: The MemorandumBBC2 tx 24/9/1967director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Death of a PrivateBBC1 tx 13/12/1967director
THE GAMBLERS: Lily Jumps and Jim LosesITV tx 14/12/1967director
LOVE STORY: S... for Sugar, A... for Apple, M... for MissingITV tx 3/7/1968director
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM: Before the PartyBBC1 tx 26/8/1969director
PLAYS OF TODAY: Beyond the SunriseBBC2 tx 11/9/1969director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: It Wasn't MeBBC1 tx 17/12/1969director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Chariot of FireBBC1 tx 20/5/1970director
PLAY FOR TODAY: A Distant ThunderBBC1 tx 26/11/1970director
PLAY FOR TODAY: Alma MaterBBC1 tx 7/1/1971director
PLAY FOR TODAY: When the Bough BreaksBBC1 tx 6/5/1971director
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Pigeon FancierBBC1 tx 9/12/1971director
THE SEXTET: A Question of DegreeBBC2 tx 28/6/1972director
PLAY FOR TODAY: Edward G - Like The FilmstarBBC1 tx 11/6/1973director
BLINKERSITV tx 22/7/1973director
ZODIAC: The Strength of the GeminiITV tx 11/3/1974director
FALL OF EAGLES: Requiem for a Crown PrinceBBC1 tx 5/4/1974director
CENTRE PLAY: Albert and the Mayor's TreeBBC2 tx 8/7/1974director
ORSON WELLES GREAT MYSTERIES: Battle Of WitsITV tx (London) 24/8/1974director
TONIGHTBBC1 tx 12/10/1976interviewee
NEWSROOM SOUTH EASTBBC1 (South East) tx 19/3/1977interviewee
BREAKFAST TIMEBBC1 tx 21/6/1983interviewee
WOGANBBC1 tx 31/8/1988guest
NEWSNIGHTBBC2 tx 26/8/1988interviewee
NEWSROOM SOUTH EASTBBC1 (South East) tx 23/3/1990interviewee
THE MEDIA SHOW: Sex and the CinemaChannel 4 tx 4/11/1990on-screen participant
SEX AND THE CENSORSChannel 4 tx 21/4/1991interviewee
FILM 92BBC1 tx 18/2/1992interviewee
CHECK OUT 92Channel 4 tx 3/9/1992interviewee
NORTH WEST TONIGHTBBC1 (North West) tx 7/12/1993interviewee
NEWSNIGHTBBC2 tx 12/4/1994interviewee
THE LATE SHOW: The Debate Over Video ViolenceBBC2 tx 17/5/1994on-screen participant
WESTMINSTER DAILYBBC2 tx 23/6/1994interviewee
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 18/1/1995on-screen participant
PANORAMA: The Killing ScreensBBC2 tx 27/2/1995interviewee
EMPIRE OF THE CENSORSBBC2 tx 28 & 29/5/1995 (2 pts)on-screen participant
NEWSNIGHTBBC2 tx 18/3/1996interviewee
THE MIDNIGHT HOURBBC2 tx 13/1/1998on-screen participant
THE FEAR OF GOD: 25 YEARS OF 'THE EXORCIST'BBC2 tx 13/6/1998interviewee
PANORAMA: Porn WarsBBC2 tx 2/11/1998interviewee
CENSORED: The Last Days of the BoardChannel 4 tx 20/2/1999on-screen participant
TABOO: Looks That Kill5/12/2001interviewee
Film credits
A SHIFT OF OPINION1969director
MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES: Defining the Manager's Job1970director
MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES: Management Training1971director
FOCUS THE FUTURE: Introducing Long Range Planning1971director
DRUGS AND SCHOOLCHILDREN1973 (5 pts)director
Video releases