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Pinter, Harold (1930-2008)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
THE CARETAKER1963screenplay / original play
THE SERVANT1963screenplay / society man
THE PUMPKIN EATER1964screenplay
ALFIE1965friend / family visitor
THE HEROES OF TELEMARK1965script collaborator (uncredited)
ACCIDENT1967screenplay / Mr Bell
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY1968screenplay / original play
APPLICANTCanada, 1969original play
THE BLACK AND WHITECanada, 1969original play
PINTER PEOPLECanada, 1969interviewee / voice
REQUEST STOPCanada, 1969screenplay
THE GO-BETWEENUK / US, 1971screenplay
THE HOMECOMINGUS / UK, 1973screenplay / original play
BUTLEYUS / UK / Canada, 1973director
THE LAST TYCOONUS, 1976screenplay
LANDSCAPE1976screenplay / original play
ROGUE MALE1976Saul Abrahams
BETRAYAL1983screenplay / original play
TURTLE DIARY1985screenplay / man in bookshop
REUNIONFrance / West Germany / UK, 1989screenplay
THE HANDMAID'S TALEUS / West Germany, 1990screenplay
THE COMFORT OF STRANGERSItaly / UK, 1990screenplay
MOJO1997Sam Ross
MANSFIELD PARKUS / UK, 1999Sir Thomas Bertram
WITUS, 2000cast member
THE TAILOR OF PANAMAUS / Ireland, 2001Uncle Benny
SLEUTHUS / UK, 2007screenplay / Man on TV
Television Credits
PLAY OF THE WEEK: The Birthday PartyITV tx 22/3/1960script
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: A Night OutITV tx 24/4/1960script
TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE: The Dumb WaiterITV tx 10/8/1961script
THE ROOMITV tx 5/10/1961script
NO EXITBBC tx 1962cast member
THE LOVERITV tx 28/3/1963script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: In CameraBBC1 tx 4/11/1964Garcin
THE LARGEST THEATRE IN THE WORLD: The Tea PartyBBC1 tx 25/3/1965script
TEMPO: Profile No. 1 Harold PinterITV tx 3/10/1965subject of programme / on-screen participant
THE CARETAKERITV tx 25/10/1966script
THEATRE 625: A Slight AcheBBC2 tx 6/2/1967script
THEATRE 625: A Night OutBBC2 tx 13/2/1967script
THEATRE 625: The BasementBBC2 tx 20/2/1967script / Stott
BERYL REID SAYS... GOOD EVENINGBBC1 tx 11/3/1968sketches written by
AQUARIUSITV tx 5/6/1971subject of programme
MONOLOGUEBBC2 tx 13/4/1973original play
OLD TIMESBBC tx 1975original play
LAURENCE OLIVIER PRESENTS: The CollectionITV tx 5/12/1976script
THE LOVERITV tx 9/1/1977script
DIE GEBURTSTAGSFEIERZDF (West Germany) tx 4/9/1978original play
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Harold PinterITV tx 22/4/1978interviewee
DO YOU REMEMBER?: Night SchoolITV tx 14/5/1978script
PLAY OF THE WEEK: Langrishe, Go DownBBC2 tx 20/9/1978script
NO MAN'S LANDITV tx 3/10/1978script
FESTIVAL: The Rear ColumnBBC1 tx 13/4/1980director
THE CARETAKERBBC1 tx 7/6/1981original play
THE HOTHOUSEBBC tx 27/3/1982director / script
LANDSCAPEBBC tx 4/2/1983original play
NOEL COWARD: A PRIVATE LIFEBBC1 tx 25/3/1983on-screen participant
ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE: Admit Me, Chorus To This HistoryBBC2 tx 22/4/1984interviewee
A KIND OF ALASKAITV tx 16/12/1984script
SUMMER SEASON: One for the RoadBBC2 tx 25/7/1985original play
THE DUMB WAITERABC (US) tx 12/5/1987script
THEATRE NIGHT: The Birthday PartyBBC2 tx 21/6/1987original play / cast member
THE ROOMABC (US) tx 26/12/1987script
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Nicaragua - Poets as PoliticiansITV tx 27/3/1988on-screen participant
OMNIBUS: Harold PinterBBC1 tx 21/10/1988subject of programme / on-screen participant
MOUNTAIN LANGUAGEBBC2 tx 11/12/1988script / director
SIGNALS: Two Dogs and Freedom - A Concert for the Children of South AfricaChannel 4 tx 4/1/1989on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: ABC of the South Bank ShowITV tx 30/7/1989on-screen participant
OPINIONS: Oh, SupermanChannel 4 tx 14/9/1989presenter
THE HEAT OF THE DAYITV tx 30/12/1989script
THE LATE SHOW: Is Nothing Sacred?BBC2 tx 6/2/1990reader
A WAKE FOR SAMBBC2 tx 8/2/1990presenter
GRAHAM GREENE 1904-1991Channel 4 tx 7/4/1991on-screen participant
PERFORMANCE: Old TimesBBC2 tx 26/10/1991script
WITHOUT WALLS: Party TimeChannel 4 tx 17/11/1992script / director
WITHOUT WALLS: Every Time I Cross The Tamar I Get Into TroubleChannel 4 tx 16/3/1993on-screen participant
HOLLYWOOD U.K. - BRITISH CINEMA IN THE SIXTIES: A Very British PictureBBC2 tx 19/9/1993interviewee
MARQUEE: Elspeth BarkerITV tx 8/11/1993on-screen participant
SCREEN TWO: The TrialBBC2 tx 19/12/1993script
OMNIBUS: Gielgud - Scenes from Nine DecadesBBC1 tx 12/4/1994interviewee
LONDON STAGE 95ITV tx 8/10/1995on-screen participant
PERFORMANCE: LandscapeBBC2 tx 21/10/1995script / director
FACE TO FACE: Harold PinterBBC2 tx 21/01/1997interviewee
COUNT ME IN: Breaking the CodeBBC1 tx 5/2/1997John Smith
OMNIBUS: Michael Redgrave My FatherBBC1 tx 13/7/1997on-screen participant
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Harold PinterITV tx 29/11/1998subject of programme / on-screen participant
DEADLINEChannel 4 tx 6/12/1998cast member
BECKETT ON FILM: CatastropheChannel 4 tx 28/6/2001Director
CHANGING STAGES: Between Brecht and BeckettBBC2 tx 3/12/2000interviewee
ARENA: Harold PinterBBC2 tx 26/10/2002subject of programme / on-screen participant
ARENA: One For The RoadBBC2 tx 26/10/2002script / Nicolas
THE DWARFSBBC4 tx 7/11/2002original novel
STRANGE WORLD OF BARRY WHO?BBC4 tx 10/3/2004on-screen participant
BRITISH FILM FOREVER: Loving, Longing and Legovers - The Story of British RomanceBBC2 tx 4/8/2007interviewee
Other Credits
THIS WEEK IN BRITAIN: The Caretaker1962interviewee
THE CARETAKER DISCUSSED BY DONNER1970author of the original work
POETS AGAINST THE BOMB1981on-screen participant
WRITERS IN CONVERSATION: Harold Pinter with Benedict Nightingale1985on-screen participant
THE GUARDIAN INTERVIEW: Harold Pinter1991interviewee
RITRATTO DI HAROLD PINTERItaly, 1998subject of film
NATIONAL FILM THEATRE EVENTS: Karel Reisz Tribute2003participant