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Potter, Dennis (1935-1994)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
BETWEEN TWO RIVERSBBC tx 3/6/1960script / presenter
THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WASBBC2 tx 19/1/1963script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Confidence CourseBBC1 tx 24/2/1965script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: AliceBBC1 tx 13/10/1965script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Stand Up, Nigel BartonBBC1 tx 8/12/1965script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Vote, Vote, Vote, For Nigel BartonBBC1 tx 15/12/1965script
THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: Emergency - Ward 9BBC2 tx 11/4/1966By
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Where The Buffalo RoamBBC1 tx 2/11/1966script
PLAYHOUSE: The BonegrinderITV tx 13/5/1968script
THE COMPANY OF FIVE: Shaggy DogITV tx 10/11/1968script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: A Beast With Two BacksBBC1 tx 20/11/1968script
SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE: Moonlight on the HighwayITV tx 12/4/1969script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Son Of ManBBC1 tx 16/4/1969script
SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE: Lay Down Your ArmsITV tx 23/5/1970script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Angels Are So FewBBC1 tx 5/11/1970script
PAPER ROSESITV tx 13/6/1971script
PLAY FOR TODAY: TraitorBBC1 tx 14/10/1971script
CASANOVA BBC2 tx 16/11-21/12/1971 (6 pts)script
THE SEXTET: Follow the Yellow Brick Road BBC2 tx 4/7/1972script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Only Make BelieveBBC1 tx 12/2/1973script
WESSEX TALES: A Tragedy of Two AmbitionsBBC2 tx 21/11/1973script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Joe's ArkBBC1 tx 14/2/1974script
PLAY FOR TODAY: SchmoedipusBBC1 tx 20/6/1974script
LATE CALLBBC2 tx 1-22/3/1975 (4 pts)script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Double DareBBC1 tx 6/4/1976script
WHERE ADAM STOODBBC1 tx 21/4/1976script
RUSSELL HARTYITV tx 1/10/1976interviewee
THE ANNO DOMINI INTERVIEW: Dennis PotterBBC1 tx 13/2/1977interviewee
LATE NIGHT LINE-UP: FESTIVAL 77BBC2 tx 1/8/77interviewee
HORIZON: 2002: FESTIVAL 77BBC2 tx 26/8/77interviewee
TONIGHT: Dennis Potter InterviewBBC1 tx 7/11/1977interviewee
The MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGEBBC2 tx 22/1-5/3/1978 (7 pts)script
THE SOUTH BANK SHOW: Dennis Potter: Man of TelevisionITV tx 11/2/1978interviewee
PENNIES FROM HEAVENBBC1 tx 7/3-11/4/1978 (6 pts)script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Blue Remembered HillsBBC1 tx 30/1/1979script
THE LEVIN INTERVIEWS: Dennis PotterBBC2 tx 17/5/1980interviewee
BLADE ON THE FEATHERITV tx 19/10/1980script
RAIN ON THE ROOFITV tx 26/10/1980script
CREAM IN MY COFFEEITV tx 2/11/1980script
OMNIBUSBBC1 tx 16/5/1982interviewee
SHAKESPEARE IN PERSPECTIVE: CymbelineBBC2 tx 9/7/1983presenter
A PLUSITV tx 2/2/1984guest
WHICKER!BBC2 tx 9/3//1984guest
QUESTIONS: Dennis PotterChannel 4 tx 17/6/1984interviewee
TENDER IS THE NIGHTBBC2 tx 23/9-28/10/1985 (6 pts)script
LATE NIGHT LINE-UPBBC2 tx 3/11/1986interviewee
LATE NIGHT LINE-UPBBC2 tx 6/11/1986interviewee
THE SINGING DETECTIVEBBC1 tx 16/11-21/12/1986 (6 pts)script
ARENA: Dennis PotterBBC2 tx 30/1/1987subject of programme
SCREEN TWO: VisitorsBBC2 tx 22/2/1987script
BRIMSTONE & TREACLEBBC1 tx 25/8/1987 (originally scheduled 6/4/1976)script
DID YOU SEE...?BBC2 tx 25/8/1987interviewee
CHRISTABELBBC1 tx 16/11-23/12/1988 (5 pts)script; executive producer
THE MEDIA SHOWChannel 4 tx 16/4/1989on-screen participant
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 23/11/1989on-screen participant
BLACKEYESBBC2 tx 29/11-20/12/1989 (4 pts)director; script
THE TALK SHOW WITH CLIVE JAMESBBC2 tx 21/1/1990interviewee
LIPSTICK ON YOUR COLLARChannel 4 tx 21/2-28/3/1993 (6 pts)producer; script
OPINIONS: BRITAIN 1993: WHAT'S WRONG, WHAT'S RIGHT: Dennis PotterChannel 4 tx 21/3/1993interviewee
CLIVE ANDERSON TALKS BACKChannel 4 tx 25/6/1993interviewee
RIGHT TO REPLY SPECIAL: Dennis Potter in EdinburghChannel 4 tx 30/8/1993interviewee
WITHOUT WALLS SPECIAL: Interview with Dennis PotterChannel 4 tx 5/4/1994interviewee
DENNIS POTTER IN EDINBURGHChannel 4 tx 30/8/1994lecturer
PERFORMANCE: Message for PosterityBBC2 tx 29/10/1994script
SCREEN TWO: Midnight MovieBBC2 tx 26/12/1994producer; script
KARAOKEBBC2 tx 28/4-19/5/1996; Channel 4 tx 29/4-20/5/1996 (4 pts)script
BILLY CONNOLLY'S WORLD TOUR OF TELEVISION IBBC2 tx 27/5/1996on-screen participant
COLD LAZARUSChannel 4 tx 26/5-16/6/1996; BBC2 tx 27/5-17/6/1996 (4 pts)script
CLOSE-UP: Dennis Potter: Under the SkinBBC2 tx 9/9/1998subject of programme
ARENA: Potter on TelevisionBBC Four tx 9/1/2005subject of programme
Film credits
PENNIES FROM HEAVENUS, 1981screenplay; original TV serial
BRIMSTONE & TREACLE1982screenplay; original TV play
GORKY PARKUS, 1983screenplay
DREAMCHILD1985screenplay; executive producer
TRACK 291988screenplay
SECRET FRIENDS1991director; script
MESMERCanada/US/Germany, 1994screenplay
WHITE CLOUDS1995adaptation
THE SINGING DETECTIVE2003screenplay; original TV series