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Withers, Googie (1917-2011)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
The Girl in the Crowd1934Sally
Dark World1935Annie
The Love Test1935Minnie
Her Last Affaire1935Effie
All at Sea1935Daphne Tomkins
Crown v. Stevens / Third Time Unlucky1936Ella Levine
She Knew What She Wanted1936Dora
King of Hearts / Little Gel 1936Elaine
Crime over London1936Miss Dupree
Action for Slander1937Mary
Pearls Bring Tears1937Doreen
If I Were Boss1938Pat
Strange Boarders1938Elsie
Kate Plus Ten1938Lady Moya
Convict 991938Lottie
You're the Doctor1938Helen Firmstone
The Lady Vanishes / Lost Lady1938Blanche
Paid in Error1938Jean Mason
Murder in Soho / Murder in the Night1939Lola Matthews
She Couldn't Say No1939Dora
The Gang's all Here / The Amazing Mr. Forrest1939Alice Forrest
Trouble Brewing1939-03Mary Brown
The Green Cockatoo / Race Gang / Four Dark Hours1940cast (uncredited)
Bulldog Sees it Through1940Toots
Busman's Honeymoon / Haunted Honeymoon11/11/1940Polly
Jeannie / Girl in Distress 1941laundry girl
Back-Room Boy1942Bobbie
"......One of Our Aircraft Is Missing"1942Jo de Vries
The Silver Fleet1943Helène van Leyden
On Approval1944Helen Hale
They Came to a City1944Alice Foster
Pink String and Sealing Wax1945Pearl
Dead of Night1945Joan Cortland
The Loves of Joanna Godden1947Joanna Godden
It Always Rains on Sunday1947Rose Sandigate
Miranda1948Clare Marten
Once upon a Dream1948Carol Gilbert
Traveller's Joy1949Bumble Pelham
Night and the CityUS/UK, 1950Helen Nosseross
White Corridors1951Sophie Dean
Lady Godiva Rides Again / Beauty Queen1951[Susan Forster]
The Magic Box1951sitter in Bath studio
Derby Day / Four against Fate1952Betty Molloy
Devil on Horseback / The Boy Jockey1954Mrs. Jane Cadell
Port of Escape1956Anne Stirling
Nickel QueenAustralia, 1971Meg Blake
Country LifeAustralia, 1994Hannah
ShineAustralia/UK, 1996Katharine Susannah Prichard
Television Credits
Sunday-Night Theatre: The Public ProsecutorBBC tx 4/10/1953Theresia Tallien
The Deep Blue SeaBBC tx 17/1/1954Hester Collier
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents: The Dark LakeITV tx 28/3/1956Laura
Television Playhouse: The Gathering DuskITV tx 22/11/1957Comtesse
This is Your Life: Googie Witherstx 5/5/1971subject of programme
Seasons of the Year: Court Circular Spring 1877ITV tx 28/6/1971Lady Rudge
Sunday Night Theatre: Last Year's ConfettiITV tx 23/7/1972Rosalind Shepherd
Boney: Boney and the Reaper ITV tx 10/8/1972Jane Loftus
Thirty Minute Theatre: KnightsbridgeBBC2 tx 12/6/1972Muriel Stokes
Boney: Boney Hunts a MurderessITV tx 5/3/1973Diana Thompson
Within These Walls (series 1)ITV tx 4/1/1974-29/3/1974 (13 epsFaye Boswell
Within These Walls (series 2)ITV tx 10/1/1975-11/4/1975 (13 eps)Faye Boswell
Within These Walls (series 3)ITV tx 10/1-11/4/1975 (16 eps)Faye Boswell
Within These Walls (series 4)ITV tx 4/9-24/12/1976 (17 eps)Faye Boswell
Within These Walls (series 5)ITV tx 21/1-15/4/1978 (13 eps)Faye Boswell
Russell Harty PlusITV tx 23/2/1974guest
AppealITV tx 11/1/1976on-screen participant
Golden GalaITV tx 9/7/1978on-screen participant
Looks FamiliarITV tx 25/10/1984guest
Screen Two: Time after TimeBBC2 tx 26/1/1986Leda Klein
Screen Two: Hotel Du LacBBC2 tx 2/3/1986Mrs Pusey
Made in Ealing The Story of Ealing Studiostx 2/5/1986interviewee
Screen Two: Northanger Abbeytx 15/2/1987Mrs Allen
MelbaChannel 7 (Australia) tx 22-25/3/1988 (4 pts)Lady Armstrong
Highway: ChichesterITV tx 12/6/1988on-screen participant
Ending UpITV tx 4/1/1990Marigold
Entertainment UKITV tx 18/8/1992interviewee
The Late Show: Britain's Missing Movie HeritageBBC2 tx 30/9/1992on-screen participant
The South Bank Show: George FormbyITV tx 8/11/1992interviewee
Advertising Credits
Close-ups of the Stars: Googie Withers (Lux Soap)1948on-screen participant
An Interview with Googie Withers (Lux Soap)1950on-screen participant