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Fox, Edward (1937-)


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The eldest son of agent Robin Fox and brother of James Fox, Edward Fox has quietly racked up a very impressive list of theatre, television and film credits, including nearly 40 of the latter since first seen in bit roles - as a barman in This Sporting Life (d. Lindsay Anderson, 1963), for instance.

Even in bits he was noticeable, and he went on to hone his very English persona so as to suggest with equal conviction generosity, as in his beautiful performance as Trimingham in The Go-Between (d. Joseph Losey, 1971, a BAFTA), sympathetic cynicism, as in his world-battered Krogstad in A Doll's House (UK/France, d. Losey, 1973), or bitterness, as the second-rate actor in The Dresser (d. Peter Yates, 1983). He has perhaps the most courteous smile in films, but it doesn't always mean the same.

Harrow-educated Fox had a major starring role as the cold-blooded assassin in The Day of the Jackal (d. Fred Zinnemann, 1973), was Harold Macmillan to the life on stage in Letter of Resignation (1998), and has done remarkable TV, including the indolent Harthouse in Hard Times (Granada, 1977) and disreputable Uncle Giles in A Dance to the Music of Time (Channel 4, 1997).

Once married to Tracy Reed; his partner of over 30 years is now Joanna David and their daughter is Emilia Fox, both seen in TV's Pride and Prejudice (BBC, 1995). Emilia Fox also had an important role in The Pianist (UK/France/Germany/Poland, d. Roman Polanski, 2002).

Brian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of British Film

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