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O'Brien, Rebecca (1957-)


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Although her CV includes films by Stephen Frears, Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen and even Richard Curtis, Rebecca O'Brien's biggest contribution to British film culture has been as producer of the majority of Ken Loach's recent films, in the process helping him to become one of Europe's most prolific filmmakers.

After cutting her teeth in theatre and children's television (she quipped that working with children was ideal training for a film-industry career), she worked as production and location manager on various independent productions, notably My Beautiful Laundrette (d. Stephen Frears, 1985). She met Loach when both were hired for a subsequently cancelled project, after which she co-produced his Hidden Agenda (1990).

The Spanish Civil War drama Land and Freedom (1995) was the first Loach film that O'Brien produced outright, an experience that led to a significant change in the way his films were funded. Before 1995, they had generally been all-British affairs, but their comparative popularity in mainland Europe was hard to ignore - especially Land and Freedom itself, which was an authentic blockbuster in Spain.

Accordingly, Loach and producer Sally Hibbin continued to work with partners Tornasol Films (Spain) and Road Movies Filmproduktion (Germany) on Carla's Song (1996), after which O'Brien (who had co-produced the 1997 blockbuster Bean in the interim) became his regular producer. She built on this framework by making each subsequent Loach film a co-production involving as many as seven separate countries. Each contribution was comparatively small, minimising individual risk, with creative freedom (essential, given Loach's predilection for politically contentious subjects) assured by his status as a widely-recognised auteur.

In 2002, O'Brien, Loach and their regular screenwriter Paul Laverty formed Sixteen Films, named after their then-current project Sweet Sixteen. Primarily intended to produce Loach's films, it has also backed work by Kenny Glenaan, Ian Knox and Brazilian filmmaker Henrique Goldman.

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