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Bird, Michael J. (1928-2001)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
Television Credits
DANGER MAN: Judgement DayITV tx 11/11/1965script
THE INFORMER: Keep Off The GrassITV tx 22/11/1967script
MR ROSE: The Unlucky DipITV tx 21/6/1968script
JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The New PeopleABC (US) tx 3/10/1968; ITV tx 14/4/1969script
JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Somewhere in a CrowdABC (US) tx 14/11/1968; ITV tx 21/12/1968script
MR ROSE: The Jolly Good FellowITV tx 28/11/1968script
JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Girl of My DreamsABC (US) tx 26/12/1968; ITV tx 9/6/1969script
JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Madison EquationABC (US) tx 30/1/1969; ITV tx 2/6/1969script
HADLEIGH: You Win Some You Lose SomeITV tx 7/10/1969script
SUNDAY NIGHT THEATRE: Murder - The Blood RelationITV tx 25/10/1969script
HADLEIGH: A Memory of Time PastITV tx 11/11/1969script
PAUL TEMPLE: Night TrainBBC1 tx 24/1/1971script
OUT OF THE UNKNOWN: To Lay a GhostBBC2 tx 28/4/1971script
BRETT: A Whole New WorldBBC1 tx 31/5/1971script
BRETT: The Hollow MenBBC1 tx 7/6/1971script
OUT OF THE UNKNOWN: The UninvitedBBC2 tx 23/6/1971script
THE ONEDIN LINE: SalvageBBC1 tx 19/11/1971script
THE ONEDIN LINE: Passage to PernambucoBBC1 tx 26/11/1971script
THE LOTUS EATERS: Season 1BBC2 tx 23/4 - 28/5/1972 (6 eps)script / creator
THE LOTUS EATERS: Season 2BBC2 tx 12/7 - 12/8/1973 (6 eps)script / creator
ARTHUR OF THE BRITONS: In Common CauseITV tx 24/10/1973script
SPECIAL BRANCH: Double ExposureITV tx 14/2/1974script
SPECIAL BRANCH: Stand and DeliverITV tx 7/3/1974script
SPECIAL BRANCH: Something About a SoldierITV tx 14/3/1974script
QUILLER: Price of ViolenceBBC1 tx 29/8/1975script
QUILLER: Safe ConductBBC1 tx 14/11/1975script
WARSHIP: What Are Friends For?BBC1 tx 13/1/1976script
WARSHIP: Quiet Run AshoreBBC1 tx 24/2/1976script
THE EXPERT: A Family AffairBBC2 tx 22/10/1976script
WARSHIP: Girl from the SeaBBC1 tx 1/2/1977script
WARSHIP: A Matter of HistoryBBC1 tx 8/2/1977script
DRAMA 2: Who Pays The Ferryman?BBC2 tx 7/11 - 26/12/1977 (8 eps)script
THE APHRODITE INHERITANCEBBC1 tx 3/1 - 21/2/1979 (8 eps)script
SECRET ARMY: BridgeheadBBC1 tx 8/12/1979script
THE FOURTH ARMBBC1 tx 4/3/1983script
THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUNBBC1 tx 13/9 - 18/10/1983 (6 eps)script
THE OUTSIDERITV tx 30/9 - 4/11/1983 (6 eps)script
MAELSTROMBBC1 tx 5/2 - 12/3/1985 (6 eps)script
THE WINNING STREAK: Local HeroITV tx 16 - 30/9/85 (3 eps)script
HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE: In PossessionITV tx 7/3/1986script
WEST OF PARADISEITV tx 7/9/1986script
ROMANCE: Out of the ShadowsITV tx 2/9/1988script