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Rose, David (1924-)

Film & TV credits

Film Credits
JOURNEY OF HOPE / REISE DER HOFFNUNGSwitzerland / UK, 1990production supervisor (Film Four International)
SOMEONE ELSE'S AMERICAFrance / UK / Germany, 1995producer / English dialogue
FOOD OF LOVEUK / France, 1997executive producer
Television Credits
BLACK FURROWBBC tx 4/3/1958director
MEDICOBBC tx 7/1/1959producer
SCOTLAND YARD: Robbery On The A5BBC tx 24/5/1960producer
SCOTLAND YARD: ProtectionBBC tx 5/7/1960producer
WHO PAYS THE PIPER?BBC tx 13/10/1960producer
THE SUNDAY-NIGHT PLAY: Off CentreBBC tx 22/1/1961producer
WALK A CROOKED MILEBBC tx 20/6/1961producer / director
Z CARSBBC/BBC1 tx 2/1/1962 - 30/11/1965 (176 eps)producer
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Series 1BBC1 tx 5/1 - 29/6/1966 (26 eps)producer
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Series 2BBC1 tx 2/11/1966 - 31/5/1967 (31 eps)producer
THE FIRST LADYBBC1 tx 7/4 - 15/8/1968 (18 eps)producer
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: An Arrow for Little AudreyBBC2 tx 21/2/1972producer
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: That Quiet EarthBBC2 tx 28/2/1972producer
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: Said The PreacherBBC2 tx 6/3/1972producer
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: Under The AgeBBC2 tx 20/3/1972producer
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: BypassBBC2 tx 27/3/1972producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Fishing PartyBBC1 tx 1/6/1972producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Shakespeare - Or BustBBC1 tx 8/1/1973producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Land of Green GingerBBC1 tx 15/1/1973producer
A TOUCH OF EASTERN PROMISEBBC2 tx 8/2/1973producer
AND ALL WHO SAIL IN HERBBC2 tx 15/2/1973producer
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: You and Me and HimBBC2 tx 22/2/1973producer
THE GREAT ACROBILEBBC2 tx 1/3/1973producer
I WANT TO MARRY YOUR SONBBC2 tx 8/3/1973producer
ATROCITYBBC2 tx 15/3/1973producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Steps BackBBC1 tx 14/5/1973producer
THE ROSES OF EYAMBBC2 tx 12/6/1973producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Lonely Man's LoverBBC1 tx 17/1/1974producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Penda's FenBBC1 tx 21/3/1974producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Pidgeon - Hawk or Dove?BBC1 tx 28/3/1974producer
PLAY FO TODAY: Three for the FancyBBC1 tx 11/4/1974producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The After Dinner GameBBC1 tx 16/1/1975producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: BreathBBC1 tx 23/1/1975producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Death of a Young Young ManBBC1 tx 30/1/1975producer
TRINITY TALESBBC2 tx 21/11 - 26/12/1975 (6 pts)producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Other WomanBBC1 tx 6/1/1976producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Nuts in MayBBC1 tx 13/1/1976producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Doran's BoxBBC1 tx 20/1/1976producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Packman's BarnBBC1 tx 27/1/1976producer
THE WITCHES OF PENDLEBBC2 tx 19/6/1976producer
GANGSTERS: Series 1BBC1 tx 9/9 - 21/10/1976 (6 pts)producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Love on a GunboatBBC1 tx 4/1/1977producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Kiss of DeathBBC1 tx 11/1/1977producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Our Flesh and BloodBBC1 tx 18/1/1977producer
MIDDLEMENBBC1 tx 15/6 - 20/7/1977 (6 eps)producer
PLAY OF THE WEEK: Our Day OutBBC2 tx 28/12/1977producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Scully's New Year's EveBBC1 tx 3/1/1978producer
GANGSTERS: Series 2BBC1 tx 6/1 - 10/2/1976 (6 pts)producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Licking HitlerBBC1 tx 10/1/1978producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Red ShiftBBC1 tx 17/1/1978producer
PLAY OF THE WEEK: Stargazy on ZummerdownBBC2 tx 15/3/1978producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Out of Town BoysBBC1 tx 2/1/1979producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Chief MournerBBC1 tx 16/1/1979producer
THE DEEP CONCERNBBC1 tx 7/6 - 12/7/1979 (6 pts)producer
THE BLACK STUFFBBC2 tx 2/1/1980producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Keep SmilingBBC1 tx 10/1/1980producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Dreams of LeavingBBC1 tx 17/1/1980producer
PLAYHOUSE: The EnigmaBBC2 tx 9/2/1980producer
PLAYHOUSE: Hesther For ExampleBBC2 tx 16/2/1980producer
PLAYHOUSE: The DigBBC2 tx 18/4/1980producer
PLAYHOUSE: Electric in the CityBBC2 tx 23/5/1980producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: Number on EndBBC1 tx 25/11/1980producer
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Muscle MarketBBC1 tx 13/1/1981producer
PLAYHOUSE: Days at the BeathBBC2 tx 13/2/1981producer
PLAYHOUSE: DaysBBC2 tx 27/2/1981producer
..ARTEMIS..8..1..BBC2 tx 29/12/1981producer
FILM 88BBC1 tx 8/3/1988interviewee
GANGSTERS, GOSSIP AND GRAINChannel 4 tx 9/9/1990 on-screen participant
DIRECTOR ALAN CLARKEBBC2 tx 12/7/1991interviewee
LUCKY VILLAGEChannel 4 tx 3/7/1993producer