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MacTaggart, James (1928-74)

Film & TV credits

Television Credits
BLACK EYEBBC tx 12/8/1952George Windlestraw
A NEST OF SINGING BIRDSBBC tx 14/12/1954Gideon Duncan
MEETING AT NIGHTBBC tx 2/4/1959director
PARA HANDY - MASTER MARINER: The Prize CanaryBBC tx 8/1/1960director
TWENTIETH CENTURY THEATRE: Mr. GillieBBC tx 12/6/1960producer
THREE RING CIRCUSBBC tx 2/2/1961director
STORYBOARD: The Gentleman from ParisBBC tx 28/7/1961producer
STORYBOARD: The Magic BarrelBBC tx 4/8/1961producer
STORYBOARD: The Middle MenBBC tx 11/8/1961producer
STORYBOARD: The Long SpoonBBC tx 18/8/1961producer
STORYBOARD: I'll Be WaitingBBC tx 25/8/1961producer
STORYBOARD: Tickets to TriesteBBC tx 1/9/1961producer
STUDIO 4: The Cross and the ArrowBBC tx 22/1/1962producer
STUDIO 4: Flight into DangerBBC tx 5/2/1962producer; director
STUDIO 4: The Victorian Chaise LongueBBC tx 19/3/1962producer; director; script
STUDIO 4: North FlightBBC tx 2/4/1962producer
STUDIO 4: The ImbroglioBBC tx 16/4/1962producer
Z CARS: Appearance in CourtBBC tx 10/7/1962director
Z CARS: Friendly RelationsBBC tx 17/10/1962director
THE SUNDAY-NIGHT PLAY: Freya of the Seven IslesBBC tx 20/1/1963producer
MOONSTRIKE: Home by FourBBC tx 21/1/1963director
MOONSTRIKE: Return to DangerBBC tx 21/3/1963director
CORRIGAN BLAKEBBC tx 1/5-5/6/1963 (6 eps)director
TELETALE: The Black MadonnaBBC tx 1/11/1963producer
TELETALE: Dr. Murke's Collection of SilencesBBC tx 15/11/1963producer
TELETALE: Ward Number SixBBC tx 29/11/1963producer
TELETALE: The Camel's BackBBC tx 13/12/1963producer
TELETALE: The BreakBBC tx 10/1/1964producer
TELETALE: CatherineBBC tx 24/1/1964producer
TELETALE: The RoomBBC tx 21/2/1964producer
TELETALE: The Beautiful SummerBBC tx 6/3/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: The Happy OnesBBC tx 7/3/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: Ted's CathedralBBC tx 28/3/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: Goodbye, Gloria, Goodbye...BBC tx 4/4/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: The Second WallBBC tx 11/4/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: How Many AngelsBBC tx 18/4/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: Hunt the ManBBC1 tx 25/4/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: Captain RubianBBC1 tx 2/5/1964producer
FIRST NIGHT: The Improbable Mr PlaybillBBC1 tx 9/5/1964producer
DIARY OF A YOUNG MANBBC1 tx 8/8-12/9/1964 (6 pts)producer
THE BONE YARDBBC1 tx 30/9/1964director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Tap on the ShoulderBBC1 tx 6/1/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Sir Jocelyn, The Minister Would Like a WordBBC1 tx 13/1/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: FableBBC1 tx 27/1/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Dan Dan the Charity ManBBC1 tx 3/2/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Ashes to AshesBBC1 tx 10/2/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Wear a Very Big HatBBC1 tx 17/2/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Confidence CourseBBC1 tx 24/2/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Campaign for OneBBC1 tx 3/3/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Horror of DarknessBBC1 tx 10/3/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: A Little TemptationBBC1 tx 17/3/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Moving OnBBC1 tx 24/3/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Cat's CradleBBC1 tx 31/3/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: 3 Clear SundaysBBC1 tx 7/4/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Interior DecoratorBBC1 tx 14/4/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Auto StopBBC1 tx 21/4/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Good Shoemaker and the Poor Fish PeddlerBBC1 tx 28/4/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: A Knight in Tarnished ArmourBBC1 tx 12/5/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: For the WestBBC1 tx 26/5/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: And Did Those Feet?BBC1 tx 2/6/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Man without PapersBBC1 tx 9/6/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The PistolBBC1 tx 16/6/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Seven O'Clock CrunchBBC1 tx 30/6/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: AliceBBC1 tx 13/10/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Girl Who Loved RobotsBBC1 tx 20/10/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: A Designing WomanBBC1 tx 27/10/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Up the JunctionBBC1 tx 3/11/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Trial and Torture of Sir John RampayneBBC1 tx 10/11/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The End of Arthur's MarriageBBC1 tx 17/11/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Tomorrow, Just You WaitBBC1 tx 24/11/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The BondBBC1 tx 1/12/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Stand Up, Nigel BartonBBC1 tx 8/12/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Vote, Vote, Vote, For Nigel BartonBBC1 tx 15/12/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Coming out PartyBBC1 tx 22/12/1965producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Bone YardBBC1 tx 25/1/1966director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Portsmouth DefenceBBC1 tx 30/3/1966director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Toddler on the RunBBC1 tx 25/5/1966director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Way off BeatBBC1 tx 8/6/1966producer
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Little Master MindBBC1 tx 14/12/1966director
ADAM ADAMANT LIVES!BBC1 tx 18/3/1967script
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer's AssistantBBC1 tx 22/3/1967director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Drums along the AvonBBC1 tx 24/5/1967director
THEATRE 625: Stan's Day OutBBC2 tx 13/8/1967director
THEATRE 625: The Magicians Dr Dee, Kelly and the SpiritsBBC2 tx 15/10/1967director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: An Officer of the CourtBBC1 tx 20/12/1967director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Cyrano De BergeracBBC1 tx 11/2/1968director
THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: It's on You, JohnBBC2 tx 24/4/1968director
DETECTIVE: Dover and the Poison Pen LettersBBC1 tx 24/5/1968script
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Man and SupermanBBC1 tx 7/7/1968director
THE SATURDAY SPECIAL: The Franchise TrailITV tx 10/8/1968director
DETECTIVE: The Murders in the Rue MorgueBBC2 tx 1/9/1968script
FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY: Henry the Incredible BoreITV tx 1/9/1968director
SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE: Pig in a PokeITV tx 15/3/1969director
SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE: Moonlight on the HighwayITV tx 12/4/1969director
DETECTIVE: The Singing SandsBBC2 tx 14/9/1969script
DETECTIVE: Mr Guppy's TaleBBC2 tx 9/11/1969director
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM: The Human ElementBBC2 tx 9/7/1970director
MENACE: Good Morning, Yesterday!BBC2 tx 6/10/1970director
PLAY FOR TODAY: Robin RedbreastBBC1 tx 10/12/1970director
PLAY FOR TODAY: OrkneyBBC1 tx 13/5/1971director
PLAY FOR TODAY: The Man in the SidecarBBC1 tx 27/5/1971director
PLAY FOR TODAY: Still WatersBBC1 tx 13/1/1972director
STAGE 2: The Duchess of MalfiBBC2 tx 10/10/1972director
PLAY FOR TODAY: Man FridayBBC1 tx 30/10/1972director
ADAM SMITHITV tx 26/11/1972script
ADAM SMITHITV tx 3/12/1972script
PLAY OF THE MONTH: CandideBBC1 tx 16/2/1973director; script
ADAM SMITHITV tx 4/3/1973script
ADAM SMITHITV tx 11/3/1973script
SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS11/5-8/6/1973 (5 pts)script
MENACE: Boys and Girls Come out to PlayBBC2 tx 31/5/1973script
PLAY FOR TODAY: Baby BluesBBC1 tx 6/12/1973director
ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASSBBC2 tx 25/12/1973director; script
PLAY OF THE MONTH: The Importance of Being EarnestBBC1 tx 17/2/1974director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Robinson CrusoeBBC1 tx 27/11/1974director; script
CHURCHILL'S PEOPLE: The Saxon DuskBBC1 tx 27/1/1975director; script
Film Credits
ALL THE WAY UP1970director