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Cradock, Fanny (1909-1994)

Film & TV credits

Television Credits  
TELEVISION TEA PARTYBBC tx 26/9/1955on-screen participant
FANNY'S KITCHEN: Series 1ITV tx 5/10/1955 - 19/4/1956 (7 edns)presenter
CHEZ BON VIVEURITV tx 30/4 - 12/9/1956 (4 edns)presenter
SUMMER MAGAZINEITV tx 20/7/1956presenter
TALKING ABOUT WINEITV tx 8/11/1956presenter
BON VIVEUR'S TV CHRISTMASITV tx 18/10 - 20/12/1956 (3 edns)presenter
FANNY'S KITCHENITV tx 10 & 31/1/1957 (2 edns)presenter
IT'S THE TOPSITV tx 20/9 - 25/4/1958 (12 edns)presenter
LUCKY DIP: The Junior NewspaperITV tx 10/2/1959 - 29/3/1960 (26 edns)on-screen participant
SUCCESS STORYITV tx 16/3/1959interviewee
THE CRADOCKSITV tx 25/9 & 2/10/1959presenter
CHRISTMAS COOKERY IN THE ROUNDITV tx 30/11 - 7/12/1959 (2 edns)presenter
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Lucky Dip NewspaperITV tx 22/12/1959presenter
LATE EXTRAITV tx 13/4 - 22/6/1960 (11 edns)presenter
PICNICSITV tx 9 & 16/4/1960 (2 edns)presenter
KITCHEN MAGICITV tx 7/12/1960 - 25/7/1961 (4 edns)presenter
FANNY'S KITCHENITV tx 17/2/1961presenter
IT'S THE TOPSITV tx 15/9 - 15/12/1961 (3 edns)presenter
IN MY VIEWITV tx 7 & 21/11/1961 (2 edns)presenter
HOME ENTERTAINMENTITV tx 14/11/1961presenter
SHOPPING FOR YOUITV tx 15/11/1961presenter
AUSTRALIAN PARTYITV tx 1/12/1961presenter
OPEN HOUSEITV tx 4/12/1961presenter
CHRISTMAS IS COMINGITV tx 13/12/1961presenter
HOLIDAYS AHEADITV tx 27/12/1961 - 30/1/1962 (3 edns)presenter
FANNY'S KITCHENITV tx 22/2/1962presenter
IDEAL HOMEITV tx 6/3/1962presenter
THE CRADOCKSITV tx 9 & 16/4/1962 (2 edns)presenter
TUESDAY RENDEZVOUSITV tx 10/4/1962on-screen participant
MONITOR: Julian BreamBBC tx 3/6/1962on-screen participant
TUESDAY RENDEZVOUSITV tx 28/8/1962on-screen participant
ADVENTURES IN EATINGITV tx 29/8/1962presenter
KITCHEN MAGICITV tx 22/2/1963presenter
IDEAL HOME EXHIBITIONITV tx 5/3/1963on-screen participant
TUESDAY RENDEZVOUSITV tx 6/8/1963on-screen participant
HOME COOKINGBBC1 tx 25/4 - 27/6/1965 (10 edns)presenter
WORLD IN ACTION: The Other WorldITV tx 29/6/1965on-screen participant
THE FROST REPORT: Food & DrinkBBC1 tx 2/6/1966on-screen participant
LATE NIGHT LINE-UPBBC2 tx 17/4/1966interviewee
ADVENTUROUS COOKINGBBC1 tx 17/4- 29/6/1966 (7 edns)presenter
THE GREAT FISH MUDDLEBBC tx 24/9/1968interviewee
FANNY CRADOCK INVITES YOU TO...: A Cheese and Wine PartyBBC tx 22/7/1970presenter
HORIZON: Taste of Foods to ComeBBC tx 24/5/1971on-screen participant
PARKINSONBBC1 tx 10/6/1972guest
BRUCE FORSYTH AND THE GENERATION GAMEBBC1 tx 25/12/1973on-screen participant
WHAT'S MY LINE?BBC tx 26/1/1974celebrity guest
FANNY CRADOCK COOKS FOR CHRISTMASBBC1 tx 15 - 19/12/1975 (5 edns)presenter
CELEBRITY SQUARESITV tx 1/2/1976on-screen participant
THE BIG TIME: Gwen Troake's BanquetBBC1 tx 11/11/1976on-screen participant
THOSE WONDERFUL TV TIMESITV tx 13/8/1978on-screen participant
WOGANBBC1 tx 11/8/1986guest
BREAKFAST TIMEBBC1 tx 12/8/1986interviewee
OPEN AIRBBC1 tx 4/11/1986interviewee
TV HEROES: Fanny CradockBBC1 tx 5/5/1993subject of programme
FEAR OF FANNYBBC4 tx 23/10/2006subject of drama
Other Credits