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Hussein, Waris (1938- )

Film & TV credits

Film Credits  
A TOUCH OF LOVE1969director
S.W.A.L.K. / MELODY1970director
MR NICEUK/Spain, 2009Mohammed Durrani
Television Credits  
CORRIGAN BLAKE: You Can't Win 'Em AllBBC tx 2/2/1962Cholo
A CENTURY OF CHANGE: Britain and the Far EastBBC tx 28/2/1962on-screen participant
DOCTOR WHO: An Unearthly ChildBBC tx 23/11/1963director
DOCTOR WHO: The Cave of SkullsBBC tx 30/11/1963director
DOCTOR WHO: The Forest of FearBBC tx 7/12/1963director
DOCTOR WHO: The FiremakerBBC tx 14/12/1963director
DOCTOR WHO: Marco PoloBBC tx 22/2-4/4/1964 (7 pts)director
KIPLING: The Sending of Dana DaBBC1 tx 6/9/1964director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: A Passage to IndiaBBC1 tx 16/11/1965director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: A Man on Her BackBBC1 tx 12/1/1966director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Macready's GalaBBC1 tx 2/3/1966director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The ConnoisseurBBC1 tx 4/5/1966director
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: EllaBBC2 tx 23/5/1966director
THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE: The Son, le Destin des MalousBBC2 tx 21/8/1966director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Death of a Teddy BearBBC1 tx 15/2/1967director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Days in the TreesBBC1 tx 22/2/1967director; script
PLAY OF THE MONTH: The Cabinet PapersBBC1 tx 14/3/1967director
BOY MEETS GIRL: Flight of the KingfisherBBC1 tx 25/8/1967director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Sleeping DogBBC1 tx 11/10/1967director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Girls in UniformBBC1 tx 15/10/1967director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The Devil a Monk Would BeBBC1 tx 8/11/1967director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: ToggleBBC1 tx 3/1/1968director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: SpoiledBBC1 tx 28/8/1968director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: Saint JoanBBC1 tx 1/9/1968director
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM: A Casual AffairBBC2 tx 3/6/1969director
FILM NIGHT: MelodyBBC2 tx 21/3/1971interviewee
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Hedda GablerBBC1 tx 20/10/1972director
DIVORCE HIS, DIVORCE HERSABC (US) tx 6/2/1973; ITV tx 24 & 25/6/1973 (2 pts)director
BETWEEN THE WARS: Now Lies She ThereITV tx 11/5/1973director
BLACK AND BLUE: Rust - A Highly Moral FarceBBC2 tx 4/9/1973director
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: The PankhurstsBBC2 tx 3/4/1974director
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: Annie KenneyBBC2 tx 10/4/1974director
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: Lady Constance LyttonBBC2 tx 17/4/1974director
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: Sylvia PankhurstBBC2 tx 8/5/1974director
NOTORIOUS WOMANBBC2 tx 3/11-15/12/1974 (7 pts)director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Chips With EverythingBBC1 tx 28/9/1975director
THE GLITTERING PRIZES: An Early LifeBBC2 tx 21/1/1976director
THE GLITTERING PRIZES: A Past LifeBBC2 tx 4/2/1976director
THE GLITTERING PRIZES: A Country LifeBBC2 tx 11/2/1976director
PLAY FOR TODAY: Love Letters on Blue PaperBBC1 tx 2/3/1976director
GLOBE THEATRE: SarahCanada tx 1976director
ROMANCE: MothsITV tx 2/3/1977director
ROMANCE: Three WeeksITV tx 9/3/1977director
PLAYHOUSE: Blind LoveITV tx 26/4/1977director
THE SUNDAY DRAMA: Waiting for SheilaITV tx 19/6/1977director
LAURENCE OLIVIER PRESENTS: Daphne LaureolaITV tx 15/1/1978director
ARMCHAIR THRILLER: Rachel in DangerITV tx 21/2-2/3/1978 (4 pts)director
ARMCHAIR THRILLER: A Dog's RansomITV tx 7-23/3/1978 (6 pts)director (pts 2, 4 & 6 only)
ARMCHAIR THRILLER: The Girl Who Walked QuicklyITV tx 28/3-6/4/1978 (4 pts)director (pts 2 & 4 only)
PLAYHOUSE: Forty WeeksITV tx 23/5/1978director
EDWARD AND MRS SIMPSONITV tx 8/11-20/12/1978 (7 pts)director
AND BABY MAKES SIXUS tx 22/10/1979director
DEATH PENALTYNBC (US) tx 22/1/1980director
THE HENDERSON MONSTERUS tx 27/5/1980director
BABY COMES HOMEUS tx 16/10/1980director
CALLIE & SONUS tx 13/10/1981; Channel 5 tx 27/9/1997director
COMING OUT OF THE ICEUS tx 23/5/1982director
LITTLE GLORIA... HAPPY AT LASTNBC (US) tx 24/10/1982; Channel 4 tx 3/5/1983director
PRINCESS DAISYUS tx 6/11/1983; Sky One tx 19/5/1991director
HALLMARK HALL OF FAME: John Steinbeck's 'The Winter of our Discontent'CBS (US) tx 6/12/1983; BBC2 tx 16/10/1995director
ARCH OF TRIUMPHITV tx 19/12/1984director
SURVIVINGUS tx 10/2/1985; BBC1 tx 22/1/1993director
COPACABANAUS tx 3/12/1985; BBC1 tx 6/10/1989director
MAGGIEUS tx 19/7/1986director
WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKSABC (US) tx 12/10/1986director
INTIMATE CONTACTITV tx 9-30/3/1987 (4 pts)director
DOWNPAYMENT ON MURDERNBC (US) tx 1/12/1987director
ONASSIS - THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLDABC (US) tx 1/5/1988; ITV tx 9/9/1990director
KILLER INSTINCTNBC (US) tx 22/11/1988director
THE SHELL SEEKERSITV tx 21/12/1989director
FORBIDDEN NIGHTSCBS (US) tx 10/4/1990; ITV tx 23/2/1998director
SWITCHED AT BIRTHNBC (US) tx 28/4/1991; ITV tx 13/7/1993director
DOCTOR WHO: An Unearthly Child (pilot version)BBC tx 26/8/1991director
SCREEN TWO: The Clothes in the WardrobeBBC2 tx 17/1/1993director
FOR THE LOVE OF MY CHILD - THE ANISSA AYALA STORYNBC (US) tx 10/5/1993; Sky Movies tx 31/3/1994director
SHE WOKE UPSky Movies tx 4/8/1993; ITV tx 8/9/1999director
MURDER BETWEEN FRIENDSNBC (US) tx 10/1/1994; Sky Movies tx 20/11/1995; ITV tx 15/12/1996director
DEADLY RELATIONSSky Movies tx 5/1994director
FALL FROM GRACEUS tx 2/6/1994; Sky One tx 5/6/1994; BBC1 tx 17/11/1995director
STOLEN IDENTITY / THE FACE ON THE MILK CARTONUS tx 24/5/1995; Sky Movies tx 28/2/1996; BBC2 tx 25/1/1999director
SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Raw RecruitITV tx 1 & 8/9/1998 (2 pts)director
SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Golden GooseITV tx 15 & 22/9/1998director
A FIGHT FOR JUSTICE / A CHILD'S WISHSky Movies tx 2/10/1998; Channel 5 tx 1/6/2001director
LIFE OF THE PARTY - THE PAMELA HARRIMAN STORYLifetime (US) tx 12/10/1998; Sky Movies tx 13/9/1999director
HER BEST FRIEND'S HUSBANDLifetime Television Network (US) tx 11/3/2002; Five tx 21/7/2006director; executive producer
DR WHO CONFIDENTIAL: The Fright StuffBBC3 tx 24/6/2006on-screen participant
VERITY LAMBERT: DRAMA QUEENBBC Four tx 5/4/2008interview